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Coronavirus and Common Sense

(NOTE: This is not a factual accusation, as there is no public proof that it is even so. There is only speculation, measured speculation, based on reasonable inferences and history. So if it should prove out that these speculations are true, just remember how much we should be grateful to God and to each other, that it is our chosen leaders who are up on the horses instead of theirs.)

It was early on I surmised that the corona virus outbreak in China was not an accident arising from the open fish markets in their central city of Wuhan. Rumors quickly flew that the virus had begun much earlier, and grown much larger, and that the actual numbers of those stricken, hospitalized and died were far larger then the numbers made public by the Chinese government.

This of course, is expected by a totalitarian regime. I was in Hong Kong in 1974 where just a few miles away, up the Pearl River estuary, Mao’s Cultural Revolution raged, and thousands were being drug through streets and killed, largely by roving gangs, singing songs and wearing red…while thousands daily from all over the world poured into Hong Kong to buy things and enjoy the scenery.

So it’s not new.

But some things do not fit. For a society that is watched almost every moment, a surprising number of videos slipped out of China city dwellers being drug from their apartments, things the Chinese government would not want made public, as well as videos of health care workers inside the Wuhan hospital, telling whoever it was intended to hear, that the sickness was much broader and more virulent.  We were even shown satellite images of mass burnings. Or so they said.

For our general population to see this, and fuel the fear, without the ability to know how much of this was true, how much choreographed, (a job for our intelligence agencies to assess) would cause many analysts to become a little leery. As we should have been.

The Chinese did not confirm the virus until Dec 30, 2019, two and half months ago. President Trump shut down commercial air travel of Chinese to the US a month later, Jan 30, 2020, amid the hue and cry of “racism”, and the first American to die from the virus.

The first American death, in America, was recorded just 15 days ago. As of March 11, those cases total 938; Total deaths: 29; Worldwide we are 7th on the list of deaths, and 5th on the list of recoveries.

Jurisdictions reporting cases: 39 (38 states and District of Columbia)

Considering America’s interactions with China, especially on the business end, and in Hubei province, where Wuhan is located, compared to Iran and Italy, our corona numbers are still very, very low, thus proving the President’s moves to shut down/limit connections to China have been very beneficial to our health, safety and security.

To the conspiracy theorist it may even have blown the conspiracy’s entire cover.

Now, I’m already on record stating that America should not be sheltering-in-place but that our “imperial middle”, meaning Media, state and local government, the education systems have so ordered. And under the Constitution, 10th Amendment, that is the state’s prerogative to declare a state of emergency, which Blue and Red governors alike have done. There is also the Science community which have engaged in mathematical modeling and projections for years, even turning many into a new branch of Scientific fact-findng. Similar graph-plotters exist in the Medical community, so when we react we don’t always react to real facts.

My wife is a retired member of the Virginia state health system, an RN, and lifelong Christian. Yet when the Virginia Health Department, now under that lying scalawag left-winger Ralph Northem, reports the risks of just going out in public, and she’s in all three of the risk categories, especially over 60, she believes them.

Her church has even asked her group to stay home.

She refuses to believe there are now two sets of truths for virtuallt every scientific situation that has any political context.

But she also represents the vast majority of Americans, both God-fearing citizens who’ve seen a thing or two, and the few million who cannot see any further than their cellphones.

So without further proof we are foolish to do anything without more knowledge. What is, is.

More statistics will accumulate in coming weeks. If my side of history is proven right, there will be hell to pay in several institutions in our “imperial middle”, including several American corporations who have been playing footsy with China business with a larger economic-political world order in mind. China was always meant to be the world’s shop room floor in their eyes, only they never knew that China looks upon every European as a “gweilou” or foreign devil, and any compact they make with foreign devils is made to be broken. I learned that 30 years ago. Now we are here, Gringos.

In this context, consider this:

If we are going to have an “induced” societal breakdown, as this imposed national-sheltering-in-place by the imperial middle seems to lead to by the end of the summer, I want my side to still be firmly in charge, upon that horse,

  1. If China intentionally caused this virus to be exported it was an act of war. And since, of all the nations harmed, we are the only nation China would consider an enemy it was likely directly at us. That we got out in front of it quickly only mitigates the nature of our response, not the nature of their intentions.
  2. And if the Chinese government collaborated with any or all of our “Imperial Middle”, including elements in Congress and the federal government, which resulted in this national shutdown, but also which may lead to a long-term disruption in our economy, than that is an act of Treason.

Of the hanging variety.

How will we see this evolve this summer? President Trump has successful negated Congress ability to rule from the Middle. But they can still take to the streets. That just depends on how big they intended this play to, with an election coming on, and no candidate nor any policy that could be acceptable to more than 30%-40% of the population.

So, Imagine roaming gangs similar to Antifa terrorizing neighborhoods and cities, if by late summer, the working population become restive because there was no sports to watch the past 4 months, no bars to hang out in, and God knows what other punishment Ralph Northem has in store for us.

It could get ugly.

With all our turmoil in the past America has never had this sort of specter arising from our bottom. Just look for signs in your neighborhood. Just do your homework and double check the fatality counts, and mathematical progressions for creative analysis.

And by going-back-to-school time in August-September, don’t let your local government leaders mistake your quietude for surrender.

Keep them on their toes. Just don’t lose your head while all those around you are losing theirs.


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