Removing the “Cromwell” from the “Cromwell Interregnum”

It's been said about Oliver Cromwell, that regardless of your political or religious stance, for or against, if you look up "Oliver Cromwell" you will find what you are looking for. The "Cromwell Interregnum" is...

Process Republicans, the Bane of the Republic

Will Chamberlain, a millennial I think, late-30s-early 40s, a "modern" not-classical conservative, "Human Events" editor and DC-area attorney, recently Tweeted "Trump is not the guy for 2024: he’ll be 78, he underperformed in 2020, we...

Can a Quickening be Undertaken With Our System of Laws?

Of course, we knew as early as December, that had the Supreme Court agreed to "hear evidence" about claims of election fraud, there might have been, among other things, tens of thousands of Afghans...

Stolen Elections and the Arizona Audit—A Case of First Instance?

The argument has been made, at least in the cryptic legalese of Twitter that there is no constitutional path back to restore the original winner(s) even if there is proof established about Voter fraud...

Notes on the Georgia Voter-ID Reforms and Brian Kemp

I just read WAPO's Apr 5 piece by Phillip Bump, "The Question About Georgia's Election Law has Only One Answer: Why" and have added a few more words.  I've even borrowed WAPO's borrowed photo...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans