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How Democrats Plan to Steal Georgia in 2022…Permanently

While trying to get my FM classical music station this morning, I accidently picked up a morning call-in show one click over, and it was featuring a host I don’t know who was interviewing a gubernatorial candidate in the upcoming Georgia primaries. I think it was Sonny Perdue, who was the Georgia US Senator who had his office stolen in 2022 and handed to John Ossoff.

So I searched the Georgia primaries, scheduled for 24 May, a little more than 5 weeks away.

I’m only guessing the guest was Sonny Perdue, but he is one of three Republicans who are hoping to unseat sitting governor, Brian Kemp, who has signed up for a second term.

I don’t think that’s supposed to happen.

Kemp, along with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, both Republicans, are disliked by most Republican voters because of their unwillingness to help the Georgia legislature undo the giant steal that took place in Fulton County and Atlanta in 2020, which allowed not only Joe Biden to win the state’s electoral votes, but allowed two Democrats, Rafael Warnock and John Ossoff, to defeat incumbent Sonny Perdue and appointed-incumbent Kelly Loeffler, both in the November general and the January 5, 2021 special elections.

In this cycle, since Ossoff is not up for re-election until 2026, so Senator Perdue has decided to challenge Brian Kemp and then, if he can win, go after Madame Butterfly, Stacey Abrams.

On this radio show, Perdue’s charges against Kemp are severe.

Most of you watched the story unfold on the several news networks that would allow the stories to be televised, including the state legislative hearings which followed. I watched several. The evidence was damning as to the Trump-portion of the 2020 steal, which you can see here, hours and hours, a steal that was so blatant that, as a former trial attorney, I believe could have been over-turned easily had it been allowed to be placed in front of a court by a statutory agency, only no one in state government was able to do that, the secretary of state and governor’s office apparently in on the scam.

Now, when we saw those revelations unfold we initially assumed that this was about stealing the Georgia electoral votes for Biden, but since neither Warnock nor Ossoff could get 50% of the votes, a run-off had to be scheduled. And people like me assumed that at least by 5 January, two months later, whatever was broken would be fixed. Only it wasn’t, telling us that something bigger was at play, for as you know…that single January 5 election flipped the US Senate to the Democrats…and I don’t think I heard a single squawk from Mitch McConnell or other key GOP leaders after the second steal.

So it’s obvious all the machinery that stole the November 2020 election was left in place to do it again two months later.

And now, if Sonny Perdue is right, the apparatus-to-steal is still there.

On today’s radio show, Perdue as much as said that most Georgia Republican voters  outside of Atlanta-Fulton County, being overwhelmingly MAGA, simply will not vote for Kemp in a general election against Stacey Abrams, who will be the Democrat nominee. They’ll stay home.

So why does Kemp think otherwise?

It appears election reform to undo that apparatus will never be allowed to happen so that “the people” in Georgia can regain control of their state without a reform legislature that is large enough to overcome any veto from the next governor, Stacy Abrams.

The entire will be controlled from Atlanta, which, Perdue went on to mention….has become crime-central, there now being more illegals in Atlanta than all of Arizona. And with them, the drug and sex-trafficking and crime syndicates that have settled over much of the northern urban megalopolises, with no particular need to stamp[ them out. And they will dictate the terms of Kemp’s safe exit from politics.

This will render Georgia just yet another feudal estate of a criminal syndicate, all the red counties surrounding Atlanta subservient to the warlords  and their queen bee with no legal apparatus short of federal intervention (SCOTUS?) to stop them.

I think you see the pitfalls that lie ahead of this scheme, and why a real “wahr” is coming. Citizens are no longer willing to allow this, and if they can’t elect the people they want to restore true government through the ballot box, they’ll take it to the next level.

Just pay close attention these next 30 days not just to the get-out-the-vote door-to-door process, but the counting process. Look for an attempt to steal the election from Perdue so that Kemp can be on the November ballot.

You know where to go from here.

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