For the entirety of the Obama years, and once again, now during this Biden Interregnum, the call for stricter gun control has again reached crescendo levels, largely because of the increase of gun deaths caused by none other than persons who have largely been protected from the iron fist of the law, witness weekly gun deaths in Detroit, Chicago and several other urban centers in large part because the criminal-shooters are predominantly black.

Average Second Amendment defenders, or “gun nuts” as they are often called, seem to overlook that there are two factions actually asking for broader gun restrictions today, factions I like to think of as Mensheviks and Bolsheviks in the Marxist sense, even though in the greater scheme of history they are neither. In fact, they aren’t even “communists” anymore. They are communists in the same way the Church-of-What’s-Happening-Now is Christian. A label to get people in the door. It’s all about money and power now, and the accoutrements of power, things which just 30 years ago members of the Central Committee in the USSR had to sneak out to their dachas in the forest to enjoy. Even the CCP feel the need to enjoy their perquisites to out of sight in a nation that historically were more capitalists than Americans. In short, Maoists-in-name-only.

More precisely, they’ve gone Royalist, first in baby steps easing back toward a system that stood the test of time for over 1000 years, while the best a Marxist regime has ever able to pull off is about 70. Everyone knows why Marxism fails, but the brand still sells to 16-year olds turning 30. China may be able to outdo that, but only because they started going Gordon Gekko at the same time Gordon Gekko went Gordon Gekko. They just kept their Aunt Jemima on the label.

So don’t confuse socialism, communism, Marxism. because the granddaddy of them all were the Royals and their Divine Rights of Kings. And that’s what we’re seeing today, the rise of the old gods.


So… if you think the Second Amendment will protect you, try to imagine a government in Washington that will feel totally comfortable flipping our Supreme Court the bird.

That is a serious debate, actually argument, going on inside the halls of power this very day, and the Menshevik-Bolshevik “debate” is the perfect model to discuss it with, for the group-think for years has been that the Left needs to take over America while making it look like all America has done is changed; grown, matured, like Belgium. The post World War II European “democratic socialists” prided themselves that they accomplished socialism while remaining urbane and dressed in pin-stripe suits unlike the boorish, rough neck communists in Moscow, in those silly Lenin caps and plain wool uniforms that buttoned at the neck.

Deng Zhou Peng’s China after Mao gave that same impression, of a new urbanity come to Beijing, and for a time in the 80s, I was hooked. They came to my company and offered to become our factory floor replacing 60,000 employees here. That was when I became interested.

Obama was to have been the Menshevik’s Left’s guy, only they blew it because he was destined to blow it. He didn’t actually have the right stuff in the first place, self-idolatry being a sure sign of failure, and although they had the power to actually seize power in 2009-2010 through process, that window closed one chamber at a time, in 2010, 2012, and 2016.

All Obama managed to do was wake several million people up, and those several million people had several million more guns.

Today those guns are a front-burner issue and define the door going forward for both the American Mensheviks, who are mature, wealthy, and accustomed to comfort and the orderly perambulations of Office, and the Bolsheviks, who, by their nature and education are reactionary and as much in the business of getting even, punishing people and types of people simply because “teacher said” when they were young, as they are envisioning a brave new world of their design. The psychopathy of Obama would probably reveal he was astraddle to both worlds.

Two different world views, “sky determines”. Never forget, Stalin rose after Lenin had burned the old Russia down. His “sky” was not the same as Lenin’s. And who, in 1924, would have guessed that Lenin’s secretary was a megalomaniac?

So today, a generational third of the Democrat Party has been begging the party to just go take those guns. “Let’s get on with in. To hell with the Supreme Court. Just do it. We’d planned on redrawing the Constitution anyway…certainly without the ‘right to bear arms’ thing.”


Now while a lot of the big mouths of the Left have no idea how to pull such a constitutional coup off, deep inside they have people seriously planning several strategies. Make book on it. And begin with removing the threat of those guns, which, if you’ll note, the Chinese people still don’t have after 50 years, and don’t look for a sizeable gun smuggling business in Australia.

Still, I weekly have the conversation with guys who have bunches of guns at home, many or most of them registered. We sort of wargame how the government might actually try and take those guns.

I’ve cautioned that it really isn’t that hard, if the government has its jaw set a certain Bolshevik way.

If they come up to your door with a list of all the guns you have registered, and ask you to produce them, and you say, well I gave that one to my son, and that one I sold to a friend, and that other one I lost on a trip to Montana…do know what they’ll do next?

They’ll round you up and say, “Take him in, boys.”

“Go to Gulag”.

For you see, they want you out of commission more than they want your guns.

People are still digging up stashes of weapons in Denmark dating back to the Vikings that some rebel named Sven had planned to use if Olaf Forkbeard the Red ever came back to his town.

They don’t care where you buried your guns, as long as they have you. And gulags can be for a very long time. Not everyone goes there just to be re-educated.

The fight you’re not paying attention to today is between those Obama-Mensheviks who want power, but never wanted to have to turn the country into a basket case by tearing everything down, unlike the True Believer Lenin did, then tried to rebuild a new Utopian society from an ash heap. Obama never wanted that for one moment. Nor did Hillary. They both wanted to be able to swim in a 75-foot pool filled with silver dollars. In fact, they almost all want that.

What they want most is to be able to lord it over the little people, to strut in front of them, and belittle them and throw salt-shakers at them if their eggs are overcooked.

What ALL want is to be in charge and to be part of a “group” just like them, who are in charge.

Trust me, these younger Bolsheviks have been brainwashed to hate ordinary Americans with a white-hot hatred I never saw in Hillary’s day.

Under Obama they were up on the horses, only feared they would not look urbane and sophisticated by riding you down. Under Donald Trump we were back up on the horses, and Trump even knew what to do, only he had 80% of the government against him, as well as 50% of his own party, who also wanted to maintain that urban and sophisticated look. You, the people, put the Left back on the horse in 2018 (Yeah, it was stolen, as I warned, but you didn’t kick up a fuss, assuming we’d fix it back in 2020. In doing so we signaled to the Enemy that whatever they did, our response would always be from the sitting position, proving their investment in Twitter and Facebook was worthwhile, and that Marshall McLuhan was a prophet for saying “the medium is the message” in 1964. By giving ourselves over to “the medium” the Left  knew they could send 30 million non-existent people to the polls to defeat the largest show of voter force in American history.

So they pretty know what we’re going to do if we ever get back on those horses.

So yeah, my guess is they’ll feel like going Full Monty once they can sort things out behind closed doors.

Big Picture: If you want to get back up on the horses, you’ll have to take it back.

Small Picture: If you want to stay out of Gulag and to at least live at home with the family, be like the Aussies and give them your guns.

As a protective law, the Second Amendment cannot stand up to these New Totalitarians, only the steady hands holding the guns themselves. You have to decide when and if you are going to drop the Mr and Ms Nice Guy, because if they come for your guns, they will really be coming for you.

Better Picture: If you have 12 guns and only three of them are registered, and they come to your door to collect them, give them the three guns.

Then go dark.

More to follow.




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