If you were ever given four lines to remember to speak in a school play, or had to stand before the church congregation and recite a short Bible verse from memory, then you will know why a 78-year old man raced up an airplane-staircase, then stumbled not once, not twice, but three times, before reaching the top.

He was in a hurry because he was afraid he might not be able to remember what he was supposed to do when he got to the top.

As I said, if you’ve ever had that same fear of forgetting your lines, then you will have some sympathy for the old man who raced up the stairs fearing he might forget his.

Joe Biden is to be pitied…now that he has lost most of his mind but still must be made to play a role in a Kabuki play as if he hadn’t.

Who are to be scorned and reviled are those who have used this demented old man as a tool, no doubt soon to be discarded and flushed.

Joe-Biden-the-Sane was a vile, despicable man, still it is above my paygrade to decide where his soul should reside.

But if Dante Alighieri was correct in describing an Inferno in which there are many rings, I suspect the people who have used him these last several months will find their eternity a bit more venomous and warm than Joe’s final abode.

As might the many who have enjoyed watching him stumble.

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