Part II of III parts.

As I laid out in Part I in my general warning to Democrats and the anti-American Left, the wisest choice would be for the Democrat leaders in the several states that are still being contested, to simply get out while the getting is good.

But this invitation will be moot once the Supreme Court brings the gavel down in the coming days or weeks. So time is short.

If SCOTUS rules in favor of Donald Trump (don’t be surprised to see an 8-1 or 7-2 vote) then I don’t need to go into greatdetail as to what will happen next.

There will be an explosion of Antifa and BLM riots around the country, only this time they will be short-lived, for rioters will no longer be under the protection of the local mayor or even the state governor. They will be facing federal authority with entirely different rules of engagement. Then, if the kids draw weapons they may be killed. And if they drag their feet while being told to disperse, they may be herded like sheep into the backs of paddy wagons, only not taken to a local judge who would quickly release them, but rather to a holding facility, for as much as 3-4 days, incommunicado, waiting to meet a federal magistrate. (I’ve previously recommended a GITMO-style detention “for psych observation”, no lawyers, and am preparing a brief amicus curiae justifying a mental exam of many of these poor little rich kids before allowing them to go back home and restart their catechism classes. Three-to-six months should do it. At that time they will forever “be in the system”, just like child molesters.)

With this new reality, I expect the front line troops will evaporate although there will always be the Ted Kaczynski’s (Unabomber) who forget their meds or read too much ism-philosophy and will fade away to carry on their war while camping in the woods.

As for the conspirators in the Grand Fraud, the big cheeses, who state officials never seemed to have much enthusiasm for seeking out in the past, as long as they had a sole black woman in Cleveland who they could send away for 18 months, this time will be different. They will lawyer up as quickly as they are named. In fact, most already have. And once warrants are issued they will begin that long process of looking for deals and ratting out whoever they can to avoid serious penalty. In most of their minds, their sense of power and status will diminish into first trying to save their good name, then their small fortunes, depending on how much they’ve been able to squirrel away after 15 years in politics and “public service”. But the final nail in their defense coffin will be when they confront the actual amount of time they may have to do. (When I was 35 I used to brag, “Hell, I can do 18 months standing on my head.” But once over 55-60, such possibilities sound more like a death sentence, and they decide to turn state’s evidence.) If I were writing the book, this would be the fun chapter, watching born cowards squirm.

It will be a long spectacle, though, and not necessarily a well-publicized one, as I’m not sure how big Media will decide to cover it, especially since the sort of conspiracy charges that emerge may include some prominent media figures and their corporations. Some lawyers say this could really be big, as in breaking-up-Ma Bell big, only as crimes. Not sure America has seen a criminal enterprise this huge.

As much as the People want revenge for what this bunch has tried to do to the United States, because of the slow moving pace and the sheer breadth and magnitude of the crimes, many may become wearied after awhile. For instance, there were over 60 Nazi war-crimes trials associated with the famous Nuremberg trials, running up through 1948, for the most part, but the public only really paid great attention to the first great one in Nuremberg, Nov 1945- thru- Oct 1946, where all the Nazi bigwigs (that hadn’t killed themselves) were tried. And several were hanged. (Just note how speedy the trials were, however, considering the mix of Allies sitting as the prosecutors. Less than year for the big shots. Death camp commandants took a while longer.)

So, I think it won’t be quite the public spectacle as you might imagine, for there will be more than one suicide, and more than a few fail-to-shows, followed by a fail-to-find or two, meaning they’d gone Mengele, and skipped, some with their partners, others leaving them high and dry, changing their names and possibly even a facial makeover.

After awhile most Americans-for-Trump may grow tired of the show biz, which is a Good Thing as we are not a particularly vindictive people. We’ll just check the weekly list of new trials, plea deals and convictions, and as long as we feel each got his or her just desserts, we’ll be happy. But it will always be a matter of concern, quality-control wise, for the people to check in from time to time, and whatever media survives this coming big bang, there will always be some reporter on staff who will keep the people up to date, if only on page 3. (Check OAN or Newsmax first.)  In 1960, when the Israeli’s found Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, then smuggled him back to Israel for trial in 1961 (televised) then hung him in 1962 (pretty swift justice) the American memory of the Nuremburg trails just 15 years earlier were still fresh. It will be that way for Americans now as well.

Besides, America will be back in the pink in 2021, our future will be bright, and the more interesting (sexy) news will be to watch the Democrat Party slowly sink under the waves, since almost no American will want to admit they are a Democrat any more. The new Scarlet letter with be “D”. Or maybe the mark of Cain. And the Republican Party, or whatever name the new “America-first” Republicans choose to call themselves, will have probably thirty years to undo all the bad things done to our social structure, while old un-criminal Democrats, sort of like the old German bureaucrats who only pushed papers and didn’t do anything particularly evil, unable to use that D-name again, and disaffected Republicans will merge to call themselves something different. I don’t recommend Whigs, however. Just know that after 30-40 years, as sure as God made little green apples, and our grandchildren are in charge, the party of Trump from 2020, by 2050 or 2060, will have become just as rotten and self-indulgent as the party of Pelosi and Schumer have become today.

Only it will be different then, for just like the 1830s, the base of what the Founders had created will remain intact despite the passing of the generation. Although little seeds for corruption of the first American Dream were planted as early as 1824, when the Democrat Party was born, those seeds did not bear fruit until 70 years later, so really did not begin whittling away at our basic institutions until then, when the disparities between rich and poor had become such, especially in what we call today “Blue Cities”, that those grievances and guilt took on lives of their own.

What will be different in 2050 is that American political parties will be playing on a completely different playing field by then, one very reminiscent of 1830s, when government was small, and no longer a place where greedy, ambitious people could get rick quick. And both sides of the political spectrum will once again kneel at the same altar of the Individual Liberty and the Constitution, divided by tinier grievances than whether individual freedom is a good thing or a bad thing; a time when either party would accept a sober Eisenhower or a man-of-the-people Truman to be their presidential candidate.

Of course, by 2100 America will once again have to repeat this process. But with the road map laid out by the Founders, 1787-1828, and the new road map laid out by this new generation of America-first Americans, 2020-2050, the transcendent, or regenerative nature of the America that was created by common men and women with the help of some extraordinary men who saw their civilization across class lines, will be reaffirmed.

It will once again be an America that will accept any person, regardless of station in life, but just so long as that person wants “to be American”, and is willing to learn what “being American” means. Those should be the basic rules for immigration.

You can do this.

But if SCOTUS should rule in favor of this Democrat heist, for whatever reason, “we will not go quietly into the night”, (from the speech in “Independence Day”)…..well, that will have to wait for Parts III-IV, in a day or two.


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