(Turns out I had to make this in three parts.)

The worst thing any Government can do is turn itself into the Enemy of the People, and by “People” I mean the 80% who are governed or ruled, and by “Government” I mean the 20% who do the ruling.

I agree, almost all despotic governments start out thinking they are bettering the People, but very quickly they change their minds (or hearts) and turn their ambitions and desires inward, toward their own power. With privileges. And wealth. And status. And they bring along just enough people to maintain that power by force, if need be. That’s why a new government, almost always revolutionary, first throws off the Old Order, and begins with just a few, or maybe even one, a Conqueror (later renamed King), at the top. Then ends up taking in an added 20% of the population over a relatively short span of time, just to provide a protective barrier. These are mostly an army or police force, originally built around a subsidiary cadet-class of nobility already subservient to the king, (think of them like plant managers in Ohio, while the corporate HQ is in Delaware), mainly to maintain peace. Then finally another army of factotums has to be created to write and broadcast the rules of the King, since in the beginning, the King could neither read and write, his only skill, killing and conquering, a  process which predated the current farce of the vote by at least 3000 years. These paper-pushers did all the boring stuff, but they also bred like rabbits, which ultimately became the cancer that rots Government from the inside out, making the old Government easy prey to new invaders, from outside-in. These factotums were often the only survivors of the next conquest that replaced the old Government for they were the  only ones who knew the intricate filing system that made the system work. They had made themselves indispensable by the 16th Century. (Probably earlier in China.)

Now, certain laws do apply. And here’s the rub for those of you who are thinking that all you have to do is pull off a  big election heist like this one in 2020, and it will be smooth sailing in years to come.


     If you are lucky enough for Donald Trump to be able to prove to the Supreme Court’s satisfaction that a (global) conspiracy did exist to steal this 2020 election, only a few of you, numbered in the 100’s, will go to prison. The rest will be allowed to resign their positions…not just in Government at several levels, but in University and Media management. The more-wealth-situated, like Mrs Pelosi, may even able to retreat behind the four walls of her walled properties to live out the rest of her days tending to her rose bushes. 

If they are wise.

Moreover the clean-up of the streets where teat-fittery reigns will continue until a heavier hand is called in to abate it, will be with far less loss of life than were the situations reversed. 

History will record these busted heads but saved lives as a disaster avoided.

The Natural Law Rule as to why this is so:

This type of Government always fails and has always failed from the beginning of time. Most of History gives us a timeline of how these systems fail and are then replaced, but the only thing that almost never changed is the level of peonage the People were kept in. It would be a fun history if Mark Twain wrote this history, taking the tongue-in-cheek point of view of the Devil, and a more solemn history if CS Lewis wrote it taking the point of view of God.

But both would likely neglect the Natural Law reason (without Satan or God) as to why every time this system is tried, it fails, usually in short order. In modern history, the Era of the Isms, 75 years is the current record.

                 That failure is because the People, shorn of every right and power they might have had…always…always…retain one power to themselves, and that is to deny the Government what it wants to achieve.

I’ll leave the Pharaohs and Kings of Europe and Emperors of China out of this, and simply focus on this Era of the Isms; Communism, Socialism and Fascism, whose philosophies arose in the 19th Century on the wide-ranging philosophies of the Enlightenment of the 17th-18th Century, where any idea, no matter how nonsensical, if it could be written in decent prose, could still be accepted in some academic circles in the following century, and fine tuned by men such as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. By the 20th Century all sorts of Isms arose, as history bears out, all based on a single premise of “building a better new world”.

What the fine-print of this social contract never mentioned was the People, who never had a signature line at the bottom of the contract, and there have been dozens since 1918, beginning with Lenin. Each in their time failed. It took Russia 75 years to fail, its colonies, just under 50, Castro’s Cuba, at 70 a beggar state. Mao’s China may yet exceed Lenin’s Russia by a few years but only because Deng Zhao Peng, true to the ancient nature of the Chinese, had a pinch of free-market blood flowing through his veins.

But the People have to pay a heavy price in denying their self-appointed lords their ambitions, for in the process they lose every guiding star in the Heavens they ever possessed. Russia, after 30 years, proves that road back to rediscovering those fixed stars, such a God and common reciprocity can take generations.

So this is just a warning to the men and women who would attempt to impose such a government on the American People, first by fraud and then by sheer force….your Government will never be feared, only hated. It would take any new Government with such ambitions as rendering the American people serfs 2-3 generations for that system to take root.

From where the sun now stands, Liberty’s life-span, which also measured by a generation yardstick, will not easily pass away within three, no matter stridently you might try to impose it. You will be denied.

So, you would be wise to get out now, while the getting is still good, for your own life-spans may well only be counted in months or years. You may not be alive to celebrate your next birthday.

In Part II I’ll describe how you will be denied.


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