If members in our posse did anything to his posse, or to Chuck himself what Charles Schumer loudly suggested that some of his posse do to two Supreme Court justices, our guys would have to take it on the lam and head to the hills to avoid capture and, if Chuck’s party were in control, speedy execution.

But our party’s in charge, Chuck, including among the nation’s police forces, almost everyone below the rank of police commissioner.

So if our guys took to running the ridges, they would never be caught, Chuck, for they will have friends in every state, even in the Adirondacks, even Brooklyn, friends who would hide them, or give them a heads-up, and telling the few members of law enforcement who actually wanted to catch them that “they went thattaway” when in fact they’d gone “thisaway”.

Let that sink in, Chuck.

Maybe your boys need to pay greater heed to this song.

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