How Things Work

After spending 20 years learning how things worked on the upper floors of government (military) bureaucracy and Fortune 500 corporate management I spent another 20 years at the other end of the economic and...

Great Resets Through Time, Part II

The purpose in beginning this inquiry with a look at Tolkien's Lord of the Rings set is to understand that the mere existence of oral legends, fables and myths is evidence that Man began...

Is the Red-White-and-Blue Line Dying Out: a Conversation for Veterans

Posted slightly different at our Veterans site,, where I invite you to read and join the conversation.) My father was a WWII veteran, leaving college as a freshman after Pearl Harbor, enlisting, embarking for...

Trump Should Use the Executive Order to End EPA’s First Great Scam, ChemTrails.

Mark the date, September 2000. In the waning days of the Clinton presidency, and against a backdrop of questions from around the country that people were reporting aircraft spraying the skies all across America, and no one...

Judging the “Expert Class” in Times of Crisis, the John Cleese Axiom

A few weeks ago I posted a short 3-minute clip of John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, as he introduced his 2020 comedy tour. I had planned to see him in Richmond this Fall,...

If I could draw from conservative Media members who could fill out real government functions in a new administration, I'd start with Tucker Carlson and Mollie Hemingway. They transcend the media craft.