“It’s Time for Elitists to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses”- per the Media

Yes, that is almost a real title by a real American, Michael Traub, of Foreign Policy Magazine, a wholly owned property of Graham Holdings, formerly called The Washington Post Company, just so you'll know...

Of White Gods and Goddesses

During the civil rights days I hung around its periphery during undergraduate and law school, while a couple of my high school classmates (the year our school desegregated, 1963) actual worked for Dr King as summer hires. They made civil...

Hillary Clinton and Nuclear War by Incompetence and Indifference

(For the next three weeks I can find no profit in writing about anything except what possibly may be the peoples' last opportunity to express their choice for who should manage the affairs of our Nation....

Hillary Makes it Official, This is about Class, not Politics

Recently, Hillary Clinton gave her take on the Bernie Sanders voters, as being wide-eyed naifs still living in their parents' basement. Since conservatives have partaken of these kinds of jests about those kids for years, but for...

Don’t-Give-a-Damn’s as America’s Protected Religious Class

This is a chapter in my unfinished book, The Devil's History of the United States I’ve often lamented the demise of public religious institutions, for that is an important part of the Foundation of the...

Judging Beauty, Goodness and Virtue

"If you judge Beauty or Goodness or Virtue solely based on what you see in the mirror you will likely die a painful death...whether old or young. Just ask Kurt Cobain" from St George Frederick, an old friend returned.