2024 election

Democracy or Liberty, Thanks to Nana Mouskouri, (Make Your Choice)

We have a good time here, dealing with the whining of the American Left, who’ve never read a book, begging for “democracy” (i.e. “Democrats) while poking fun of the worshipers of “Liberty”, hence “liberals”). This is sung by a Greek chanteuse from the 60s, and who I worshiped in those days (Please look her up), who sang this song in Italian from a Nabucco opera..


Just give it a listen. And I want to provide you with a photo of these simple minds.

Just copy this song and reply to the sender, and add their names in the reply column. I’m sending my copy to mmpadellen, Damaan, a.k.a. Phiily’s Finest, and others.

Real class acts,


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