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Behold the Foole! Was the Biden Speech a Jest or some Other Message?

We saw The Speech.

Now, instead of reaching down deep to exclaim how angry you are, why not reach deeper and consider just what the Bidenistas may be planning. Right now Knowledge, or just the  search for it, is more important, since, unless they do something really drastic, there’s really very little we can do.

You see, they’re up on the horses, and we’re afoot. And that’s out fault. We fell asleep and let them steal 2018 which paved their way to 2020. And they’re going to continue with that until we shut it down hard. But we can only do that from the state level.

As long as they are up on those horses they have the greater choice of triggers. They can call out the troops if need be. And they also have and will use “auxiliaries” in various disguises to carry out various “fear” and public disorder missions; bullying citizens, destroying businesses, even looting and burning, at the same time sending clear messages to citizens to step back and take it. It’s a proven strategy going back to the early Reich days in the 30s.

We all agree, Joe Biden way-was over-the-top in that speech, but what was the point of it? He doesn’t need to fire up his mobs, or his meager number of real voters. Most are for hire anyway…mercenaries, who can come pretty cheap these days when so many come from affluent homes looking more for a thrill sport than a cause, and will work for three-hots-and-a-cot, especially if an opioid cocktail is thrown into the bargain. (Over the years, at VassarBushmills, Dark Alley, I’ve laid out various ground strategies that citizens can use against these mercenaries, but to date, they’ve been restricted to showing off their wares inside politically protected areas, such as found in Portland and Minneapolis, even Charlottesville, where I attended JAG School a half-century ago. But that may change. You may want to look over some of those options to see how they’d fit in should this possible strategy of the Democrats going full-bore authoritarian suddenly starts rearing its ugly head in red states, or in blues that once showed signs of turning red once before, like Wisconsin. Remember, Scott Walker was the first Ron DeSantis, a Tea Party governor, pre-Trump, winning 3 elections there, until 2018, in Wisconsin, including a recall election.)

Biden’s generational base, his Millennials and GenZs, are likely fully on board with The Speech, hitting all the Them vs Us hot buttons. Being the most illiterate in America’s history across the broadest spectrum of just what it means “to be American”, especially if already “rich”, that isn’t really saying a lot.

But not all Lefties are Johnny-come-lately” spoiled. Many of them stand on shoulders that carry seeds and behavior patterns that date back to Nancy Pelosi-as-a-girl (b1940), and were recognized and hailed as a “good Radicals” by some modern historians as early as the 1920s. Though not massive in numbers then, their “type” became psychologically proto-typical when two University of Chicago students, known to history as Leopold and Loeb, IQ’s close to 200, murdered a 14-year old boy just for sport; to prove they could outsmart the police. They were quickly busted, shooting the hell out of that theory, then it required the talents of Clarence Darrow to keep them from being hung. Loeb died in prison anyway because he could never get that arrogant chip off his shoulder, but the psychology of the rich, spoiled kids of America became a topic of study and recruitment, fitting right in with the early “radical” model of the roaring 20’s, who found heroes in the likes of anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti, two immigrant Italian who murdered and robbed a paymaster in Massachusetts. And yes, they became martyrs and heroes to the footloose and free-spending radical youths and Woody Guthrie folk singers…but who, let’s face it, only numbered in the thousands in those days.

Today there are millions. And you know the type, people who, as a class simply didn’t like being perceived as average, but always “special”, only with the sort of appetites that couldn’t be sated by becoming reclusive scientists or music composers, or philosophers. Richard Dreyfuss’ character as the rich self-employed oceanographer-shark expert in “Jaws” (1975) portrayed just such a good person while Mary Shelley portrayed the flip side of that coin, with her rich parvenu, Dr Frankenstein (in 1818) being an archetype of the mad scientist.

If you recall that opening line by Westmorland, to Henry V’s St Crispin’s Day Speech,

O that we now had here
But one ten thousand of those men in England
That do no work to-day!

you knew who Westmorland was talking about. The rich layabouts. (Great speech, you should read or hear it.)

Understanding this simple psychological premise makes attaching “fascist” or “communist” or “anarchist” a matter of fashion, so that cute Millennials can have something to write about at the The Atlantic of The Hill. The spoiled brats’ needs run much deeper than convincing the workers of the world to simply unite. They had “to be united”…according to Marx, and Lenin, by external third parties, a management class, which “on paper” Marx designed to disappear as soon as the workers were taught how to govern themselves…only time-and-time again, every time, those management institutions, aka The Swamp today, grew and grew until they collapsed back in over the top of the workers’ paradise, destroying it. This process has occurred so often (every time) and in such a predictable period of time, (roughly three generations, roughly 70 years), that even the average hired farm mechanic can assume those operations are beholding to natural laws that their creators do not (or more likely cannot) recognize or control.

That’s why America was designed from the bottom up, to keep our elected and chosen “smarter-than-thous” at a distance and on a leash. Thomas Paine said it one way, Thomas Jefferson still another, causing a worldwide convulsion (although we didn’t know it at the time), and then, finally, after we’d won our independence, the Federalist authors (Madison, Hamilton and Jay) explaining how that new Constitution the Founders had drafted should work.

Note: Today, at least 5, maybe 6, of the justices on the US Supreme Court, still agree.

And that should encourage you about the shoulders you stand on and natural law strength you still possess.

With that in mind you should think about responses to Joe Biden’s speech with that firm footing still in mind, even if they are up in the horses.

Then consider who, in the end always made the big decisions that saved this nation in the past when it came to a major crossroads, since it seems Biden is dragging us toward still another one…where the American people will either take the matter into its own hands. Or maybe, this time, default. (That’s their hope, at least.)

I want to make a strategic and tactical point here, so I’ll only give you the abbreviated answer to how we negotiated that first crossroad, for when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, with few connections to the governing parties in Washington (the Republicans only gaining seats in 1856), the southern slave state immediately seceded en mass and South Carolina attacked Ft Sumpter, before Lincoln even became president.

Surrounded by people who looked down on him, a country rube from Illinois, Abe may as well as had orange hair. He did not apply for that job to become a war general, but it was thrust upon him. The secret weapon Abe had but didn’t know he had were those six million young white men and boys who would rush out of their snug little farmsteads, from Michigan to Ohio and Indiana to New York and Maine, all because for at least two generations of church parsons had told what an evil sin slavery was.

They’d never even seen a Negro.

What happened then had never happened in the history of the world… going back to the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, c2500 BC. In 4500 years of human history, this four-year period, 1860-1865, marked the first time any nation had voluntarily taken up arms to rescue any other large group of people. (Trust me, this is an absolute jaw-dropper, if you ever get to tell this to a roomful of students.)

Note also, this history was written by the bottom 70% of the United States, not its upper 30%…with over half a million laying down their lives in doing so.

With this knowledge firmly fixed in your mind, we can proceed to understand the stockholder’s share we own in this nation…

…but also some hint of just what America’s titty-babies may have in store for us. Based on what we heard from Joe Biden on September 1, 2022 there is also an element of penis-envy involved in their perspective. They are still looking to reclaim the status “ruler-system” lost because of those first shots at Lexington and Concord. Trust me, the management wing at Davos, and the EU capitals have a dog in this fight too.


I repeat, not being the ones on horses, we can only guess who’s fist-pumping in the Democrats camp today, and who’s muttering under their breath “Oh, hell, what have we done?” But we can consider how they are likely structured.

It may take a few days to know, since various groups inside the White House, and the Deep State, and the Congress….remember, they are not the same, and not always on the same page…are still talking among themselves. They are more fractioned than you may realize.

And all we can do is guess.

  1. Will they invoke the 25th Amendment, and escort Joe out? With Kamala waiting in the wings? If so this will take awhile, for Joe will have to go into seclusion, while Kamala has to be prepped, “read-in”, if you know what I mean, that she isn’t really in charge of anything. The rules for leading her around by the nose will be entirely different from leading Joe around, still my bet is she’d be glad to accept any arrangement that would get her name as the first female president in America, probably one of American history’s greatest indignities.
  2. Then Jill could step forward as the Grand Dame of the Republic, aka the Queen Mother. (You’re too young to remember Queen Elizabeth II’s mother who lived to be 101, dying in 2002, but all she had to do to become a national treasure was to hang around and be Elizabeth’s mum.) I think Jill would like that position.
  3. This might insure historical continuity, nothing messy like JFK, only never forget there are others who would like to be the “power behind the throne”. So behind-the-curtain infighting would possibly accelerate, especially among the Deep State-Swamp agencies who worked so hard against Trump. The Federal Bureaucracy may be greatest threat in that they are not elected. Reducing them will likely require a two-step process, for it will require a broader house-cleaning in Congress than most imagine, since they appropriate the money, taking two-three election cycles to get there. I think Trump sensed this from Ben Carson and Rick Perry, both with considerable experience with bureaucracies. So, I’m thinking more in terms of pruning shears than buzz-saws here. Still, it is Job One. When Democrats are in charge the Swamp thinks in terms of their power, but when vocal Republicans or MAGA’s are in charge, the Swamp thinks in terms of their survival. (Work that out in your mind and consider the options.)
  4. Obviously, Congressional Democrats will play every card in the deck to hold onto power in these midterms. And Joe Biden will not be a part of the 2024 cycle. People such as Dan Schultz, Scott Pressler and the @PrecinctProject have made great strides demanding the people’s palm print be put on this November election. Personally, I think SCOTUS will be more receptive to getting more involved and I assume there are paid attorneys attending to this approach already. It could be a game-breaker, since SCOTUS can literally throw Democrats off the horse, and put the citizens back up on the horse virtually overnight. But sending a clear signal at the state/local level that the People are (back) in charge is the best way to cause “fear to trickle up”.
  5. And when the time comes for there to be an accounting for the January 6 farce, the People will need to play a bigger role, for every, EVERY, indecency those innocent of crimes suffered at the hands of this conspiracy, will have to be rectified. And yes, there is a murder to consider as well. I know people at Twitter, competent people, who could do a 100-page bill of particulars in their sleep. All they need is some inspiration and a venue.
  6. Also, you might look for the Democrats to unload Antifa and other auxiliaries once they believe their vote-stealing plans are unassailable. They can (maybe already in the process) turn the FBI into a police force instead of an investigative agency. In such a case, prepare yourselves for another “Night of the Long Knives” (when Hitler ordered the killing of 1500 principals in the brown-shirt SA’s in 1934, once he felt Nazi power had been secured. Not needing his thug-auxiliaries, he could then turn to take a bow to worried Germans about “rogue Nazis”. Trust me, Antifa soldiers don’t know, but their handlers and manipulators do.) Changes such as these are not unthinkable when dealing with these sorts of space cadets who believe the earth orbits around them.

Bottom line, go local and stay there. Liberty is the most infectious disease known to humanity and it is spread from the bottom. With a mean look in your eye, if need be, remind your mayors, school boards, and city/county bureaucrats who’s the boss and make sure that every elected body has a majority of members who came from the private sector. Since private schools for working and religious people are going to become “a thing” very soon, don’t be too quick to damn “private schools”. Just rate them, and not just in their use of pronouns.

Make freedom and people-power trickle-up.

All these said, we really do need to suppress the whine-button. Turning MAGAs toward local govt is the only answer.

So, just titty your cards until November 9th. Wash the taste for “minding-other-peoples-business in other states” out of your mouths.

Everything the Democrats and Left have tried has failed. I don’t know how many back-up plans they have but they must be down at least to Plan G.

More to follow.




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