Even if you understand what drives drugged-out spoiled brats to take over city streets, and burn and loot, have you considered that Twitter, while all this continues, has been directed to keeping us glued to our seats, instead of encouraging us to get up and do anything about it…or at least bothering to learn “how their plan works”?

This general lethargy was a result of the election of Barack Obama in 2008, and the not-coincidental abdication of any duty by the national press to report honest news, especially the sorts that would work to the disadvantage of this monumentally historic occasion; America’s first African-American president…and in order of importance, (which still seethes inside millions of American brassieres) followed by America’s (planned) first female president, which didn’t happen in 2016, as it was suppose to have happened.

It was all faux, as history will eventually tell, but as movie scripts go, it was well-laid out, with plot lines covering the stars and co-stars, their choreography, and even off-stage melodramas and noise carried out by a fully-onboard press. With little else to do three-quarters of America, as measured by working-class people and their general inclinations towards God and the American Flag, simply settled back to watch this drama play out.

Remarkably, it only took two years for vast swaths of “the People” to let it be known what they wanted done about what the Obama regime really meant to do to them. For those born before 1965, from steel-worker to corporate manager, Obama’s first two years were an eye-opening reminder of recent history elsewhere in the world.

It took awhile for our better-read, more media-savvy organization men-and-women, but it was pretty damned clear to the “hog-butchers of the world”, (“Chicago”- Carl Sandburg, 1916, mandatory reading by students in my hillbilly school in the early 1960s, which was where the coal we mined was sent to be smelted to make steel), but after only two years they had snuck out of the briar patch and tossed Obama’s Democrats from power in the House of Representatives.

Without a real leader, or any direct plans about where they wanted to go, they knew only what they didn’t like and considered to be a threat. They called themselves the “Tea Party” and all over the country, just like that, under the radar, small groups would meet in mom-and-pop restaurants and social clubs to discuss these things.

There was an expanding internet by that time, but short-message-service (SMS) such as Twitter was still in its growing stage, and it was not a part of these original tea parties’ pipelines. T may have been a blessing, for by 2016, the “brightest-of-the-bright” in Democrat planning may have forgotten they were even there.

For, sure enough, right on cue, well-funded “conservative” national tea parties arose, and when you read about Tea Parties today they’re always speaking of the these national TP’s, very corporate and very predictable, just as the RNC has been predictable since Michael Steele and Reince Priebus sealed the RNC’s fate, 2009-2017. My favorite was the Tea Party Patriots, co-founded by Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler, then later headed by only Jenny Beth when Meckler moved forward with his Convention of States pitch, which had always seemed like nothing more than a dodgy money-grab to me. (CofS went silent during the Trump years, but is back now that the Democrats once again are in charge, and with the same money-pitch. I may have to resurrect my old “Nullification” arguments. ) For years they’d refused to answer what-if questions which can easily be inferred from Art V of the Constitution, and regularly barred their biggest antagonist, Publius Huldah,from appearing at “open” events. This was a strategy employed by Marxists in England in the 19th Century…to never, ever debate face-to-face where hard questions could be asked, and truthful answers to those questions would be fatal. All the classical marks of a dodge.

But thanks to this stolen limelight, bottom-line, mom and pop tea parties were unnoticed by the media as well as Democrat election-fixers in prepping for 2010 midterms. So no one saw them coming and Nancy lost her gavel. Later, in 2014, Harry Reid lost his gavel in the Senate in the same way, when the mom-and-pops handed the Senate over to the GOP as well.

Sadly, neither chamber was what you would call “revolutionary” in the Tea Party sense of it the term. The new GOP leadership saw the Obama regime less a threat to their vested interests on the management floor, and much like the Whigs saw slavery in the 1850s, saw America’s “factory floor” as a commodity that could be swapped around, much like the Wall Street GOP had envisioned itself back in 1900.

(FYI Mitch McConnell graduated from my law school the year before I entered it and I interned for one of his classmates in a state strip-mining regulation agency.)

So, apparently by 2016 the Democrats had “corrected” the “mechanical flaws” (avoiding hanging chads), enough so that the mom-and-pop tea parties were forgotten by the national media, and even more so the brand-name pollsters, e.g., Prof Larry Sabato who’s all but disappeared from the national stage, all because no one, no-one guessed that Donald Trump would win in 2016. Every angle had been covered…but one, that same hidden army of Tea Party voters that the national media quite believed no longer matter and the Democrat “engineers” sent out the “all-clear”. (Like Democrats in 1860, they didn’t want to throw out the baby with the wash, so they had to make it look close. The white man in the woodpile that year was Abraham Lincoln.) What Democrat-engineers had to do in those swings states, was simply expand the cushion of error.

You know the rest, Trump’s “hidden army” came out of the stillness of the night just like the wrathful armies Tolkien conjured up in Return of the King.

You may have forgotten, but there was also a four-hour dead-time delay in certifying that 2016 count as well. The problem was, there were no added votes to be found OFA (Obama’s Organizing for America) thought they’d acquired enough votes in all the key states.

This would be major correction #1 in 2020.

How many of you (as well as myself) had any idea how deeply the engineered vote steal ran in 2016?… for we were totally asleep when the Democrats came back with a whole new-and-improved plan in 2018, which took back the House…again, without a whimper, killing many of the things Donald Trump would have liked to accomplish those last two years.

So, assuming it was just a “standard” midterm shift, and maybe leaning back and resting a little too easy, we never knew how much better the Democrats had managed high-tech robbery, often using the power of money over key Republican state officials (AZ, GA, NV, VA, PA, MI, WI) to make direct access to the courts almost impossible.

The 2020 steal was extremely complicated, and sophisticated, and yes, so much so that regular citizens may never be able to feel comfortable that their votes will see the light of day…unless the federal election system is revised and made uniform. (It can be done, but first, a lot of people have to be locked up, awaiting trial).

I’ll finis this introductory note with this thought:

There is no place for a Democrat Party brand in America, anymore. With a lot of Republicans, they’ll be better off starting up a new Whig Party, just for the holier-than-thou upper 20% who aren’t awaiting sentencing.

We are the eagles, so keep this boat afloat until national leaders emerge with a plan. Just stop the impatient toe-tapping. The Hand of Nature is on this process, so turn your attentions to possible shows of force in your own local governments and schools. Let this news trickle up for those new leaders to assess, using their brand new copies of some very old books.


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