“One of These Day I’m Gonna Run This Construction Company!”

For those of you old enough, there was a beatnik comedian from the 60s named Brother Dave Gardner. He told a story about going to a construction site where he saw a fellow standing over by the gravel pile with his foot on his shovel, muttering, “One a ‘es days, I’m gonna run this construction company.” Now right over from him was a smaller fellow who acted like he was strapped to a two-stoke engine…flitting from one job to the next, never stopping, eating on the run, forever in motion. Brother Dave said he visited that company again a few years later, and sure enough, that little fellow was now the general foreman. But still, over by the gravel pile, his foot still on that shovel, stood that other fellow, still saying “One a ‘es days, I’m gonna run this construction company.”


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