We need to briefly outline how wahrs were fought even though we will likely never see them fought this way again.

Don’t look for open engagements with lines of troops shooting at one another, or charging into one another…unless, like our Civil War, our military’s officer class  splits up and goes to their respective chosen side. If that were to happen most states will produce their own militias, much as the several colonies did during the Revolution.

The Left especially won’t want this to happen since all they will get are senior desk-bound officers like Gen Mark Milley and officers from Logistics and Administration (think: corporate front offices) who only know how to handle a phone, and read organization charts while our side will get 50 years’ worth of active and retired soldiers and Marines who know how to handle weapons…and can lead on the ground because they’ve been on the ground. Their troops will largely consist of shock troops such as we’ve seen 2015, Antifa and BLM types, many little more than drugged-out spoiled bratlings who wouldn’t even been doing this has state and local governments and local police haven’t adopted a hands-off policy, in part because of their parents’ social and political standing.

A few bloody noses, fines and 90 days in the slammer, and maybe a forced drug rehab program, and we wouldn’t even be talking about these “troops”.

So the Left will want to avoid a “shooting wahr” scenario, and stick to the plan to seizing control of information, with enough police power to pull of what we witnessed, and continue to witness arising from the phony Jan6 “insurrection”, to the major institutions in education, media, and now, corporate business.

Look at the territory they now control (blue) and think of these blue areas as potential launching pads:

Think of these as occupied territories, for flag-waving Americans are not in the majority there, just as all that red also has blue minorities of blues.

America’s own history of occupations:

It was that way during our Revolution, for in that Wahr, the British occupied only four (4) cities; Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Savannah, all ports, protecting their shipping. And while there was spying and intrigues, there was no mistreatment of citizens to speak of.

All our Revolution’s battles took place elsewhere, and if you trace Washington’s miraculous escape from New York (Brooklyn Heights in 1776), then chased south, crossing the Delaware at Trenton, then staying hidden until his regular army was war-ready, where they would end up for the final showdown in Yorktown in 1781, there were other battles and campaigns in the north and south; from Lake Champlain and Saratoga (New York) to Cowpens, Kings Mountain (Carolinas), many of which were supported by militia, who were part-time soldiers who had to be back home during planting season.

So, while these battles were fought over the course of six years, life went on fairly routinely for colonial citizens in most of the colonies.

But the English officers in the field, mostly mounted, had a penchant for reprisals if the locals angered them. You need to pay attention to that term “reprisals”. Our Revolution-era reprisals were nothing like the scale of German reprisals against Belgians in 1914, or the Nazis in Europe 1938-1945, or the USSR in general, but still, small farmers with rifles were no match for trained troops on horseback.

So, militias against modern government-in-charge are not a good idea either. For years “right-wing” zealots have holed up in the mountains of the West, Idaho a favorite area because of the vastness of the territory, teeming with fish and game, gathering a reputation for ultra-right wing conspiracies. In bunches of less then a hundred they rarely sallied forth with guns. But even in the GHWBush era (Ruby Ridge) they were considered to be major domestic threats to national security…justifying the sniper-killing by the FBI of Randy Weaver’s wife. That was in 1992, and by 2008 and the arrival of Barack Obama, the department of Justice and FBI, at least their top floors, had taken on a kind of paranoia, naming right-wing types by far the greater threat to national security than say, Antifa or BLM and the kind of lawlessness we’ve seen around the country since Trump was elected.

A giant national teat fit.

Historically, only tribal territories such as the mountainous Balkans and Waziristan, (the tribal territory between India and Afghanistan), have woven guerilla warfare into the fabric of their histories, covering centuries. The featured image is from a portfolio of prints I acquired in Bulgaria celebrating the guerrillas who took to the mountains to fight against kings, as often as not, but also against tribes with different religions. (It’s for sale.)

Another heroic communist print I acquired over there:

The Balkan wars largely arose from the fall of the Ottoman Empire after 1918, as it was the Turk’s practice to rule by conquer-and-divide; to keep the tribes at each others’ throats so they wouldn’t band together to turn on them. And with the ancient division between Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, and often with the support of local priests, those animosities persisted well into the mid-20th century, since their new overlords, the Soviets, also ruled with that same magic wand of managing lands. Yugoslavia, a kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, created at the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI was the best example, hence the name “Balkans”. There were several “Balkan Wars” but the war-within-the-war of World War II was the best described by Rebecca West’s classic Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (1941) from the pre-war Yugoslavia, a literary masterpiece of culture, politics and religion. Good to have on your shelf.

And the Kosovo War in 1998 proved “Balkanization” hadn’t improved a lot.

My suggestion:—Forget this type of guerilla warfare.

Modern technology makes taking groups of fighters to the hills more difficult, especially with the growing practical and ethical, even “moral” decline in the thinking of the modern Left, and their rising justification for reprisals. Theirs is very much like the Germans of both world wars I and II, and in many ways, German World War I thinking was the more egregious, inasmuch as it was less ideological and more “superiorist”. (See my Bonhoeffer piece at War, What to Look for… and my update about “reprisals -updated” piece at “When Atrocities Go Unpunished”.

Our modern leftists are superiorists first.

So, in many key areas of society, America is already “occupied” in many of our major cities as the red-blue map, above, shows. Of course the East Coast metropolitan areas have been taken for granted for three generations now; from Boston south to Washington DC. Major West Coast cities as well. Only this now includes their suburbs where the wealthier middle classes have chosen to live, many of the government sector. And in light of public school teaching of CRT and Gender Awareness to students all the way down to 3rd Grade, often by young teachers with orange and lime green hair, and far too many observable tattoos and nose jewelry…all without parental notice, and most parents never know, it’s clear something needs to be done.

Virtually every American city and associated suburbs where their government workers live have several various departments under the Left’s control. High among these would be the central seat of government (mayor’s office), city-county attorneys, school boards, and top management in police departments. The bureaucracies.

This disease can trickle down to county seats of less then 20,000 people.

We learned, when Scott Walker won the governorship in Wisconsin in 2010-2011, on the heels of the early Tea Party uprising, then won re-election in 2014 when Wisconsin’s people’s “hidden army” showed up en masse to re-elect him, throwing down the Left’s stranglehold on the state-wide teachers’ unions,

…we’ve since learned the power the Left had amassed in getting it all back as part of the Great Steal of 2020. The Left had spent millions and worked for four years leading up to that day.

What we didn’t know then is what needs to be done by the citizenry; getting out the vote only one of the cures, since people in some states still never know if their votes will be counted. (In Chicago, that’s been going on over 60 years.) The Left’s get-even events of 2020-2021, the January 6th outrage especially, tells us they don’t intend to stop until they can erase the opposition, and by hook or by crook if need be.

Their demographic belief is that we’re getting older and they’re getting younger with every election cycle, and owning public school curricula, are still pumping our millions of new voters who will see this “new world order” as a good thing. For them it’s just a matter of time…in my view 10-20 years.

And since we have all those millions of guns but have not been disposed to use these past six years, despite every invitation and provocation to do so, they’re beginning to believe that our guns may not be quite the threat they’d been made out to be. But that young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two men who were assaulting him before the 2020 election and the jury that acquitted him, proved to the Left that a jury of peers cannot be relied upon to back their abuse of the criminal law system…hence the 15 months-and counting  detention-without-trial of the January 6 “violators”. But still, Washington DC is under virtual martial law for fear of an uprising.

What to do, what to do.

Consider Resistance

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