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Is Government too Big to Go to Jail?


In 2012 I asked that question right here. What a difference ten years had made.

Barack Obama promised to fundamentally change America, and by God, he almost pulled it off. That process has accelerated lately. They are now in a hurry.

But what Obama also did was re-light a fire that had been fading for over a century.

We cannot afford a president or party system that can undo our history. And our meaning. Our national soul needs to be walked back at least a century, when that flame on that mountain first began to flicker.

Fixing what ails us requires rat eradication and delousing in Washington as well as a re-baptizing in the river of exceptionalism, self-reliance and reciprocity.

Those things require vision, and the boldness to try the big things, then the steadfastness to see them through. In 2012 we had Rick Perry and Herman Cain to offer . Perry suggested Congress should be put on half time…and half pay…not just to save money, mind you (which it would) but because the entire Washington political culture has become so corrupt.

Now that lights my fire. That’s vision.

The other was Herman Cain, who was the first to suggest tearing-up of the entire Tax code and replacing it with a tax form that would fit on the back of a napkin. Whether you like 9-9-9 or not, that was a giant visionary step. And Newt Gingrich, Perry and Michelle Bachmann favored a Flat Tax/Fair Tax, which likewise does away with the current 986 million-word tax code in favor of simplicity and fairness. (I lied about the 986 million part, but the word count is way up there).

Just 10 years and note how the to-do list has gone from better management to search-and-rescue.

If we’re going to distinguish between candidates, this is how it should be done, for clearly some of the GOP candidates can’t even ante up in a poker game if the chips are counted in vision.

The media favored malleable non-risk taker(s) in 2012, who, while pollsters said were more likely to beat Obama, were actually more likely to be like Obama. And Mitt Romney won the nomination. Then collapsed after during the debates afraid to show him up.

So Obama won a second term and the Democrats’ criminality grew exponentially, and was supposed to move into a third term, under the un-steady hand of Hillary Clinton, who let men die in Benghazi. But our Republic’s hidden army awoke, and overcame all polling-expectations by electing the most “un-government” man in our history, Donald Trump. He was even more un-government than Herman Cain.

And Trump did such a good job of un-doing Big Government (with limited help), that the Democrats had to double-down in 2022 on what they believed to have been perfectly good steal-system in 2016, 2012 and 2008. Bet you didn’t know the steals had been going on that long, did you?, but FDR’s Big Government blueprint had been chipping away at the private sector for over a decade, and had turned a majority of voters into a more dependent and lazy group dependent on government, as well as offering a quarter of them jobs inside government, mostly white collar.

In 2018 they they thought they’d gotten their Steal-Mojo totally back, sweeping Congress, with a lot of help of Republicans who didn’t like an un-suave private businessman, small business at that, sitting in the White House, connecting with black preachers and bearded motorcyclists.

So, since 2012 Big Government had become something of a sure-thing in elections…both parties are for it. With financing from Washington the states have signed on as clerical stooges for Washington, where it now takes a roomful of white collared clerks to implement and publish a simple rule by the local school board. Even courts and law enforcement have become paper mills, where an indictment and trial can take months for a simple shooting, assuming the shooter hasn’t been granted bail and skipped the state.


So, in 2022, if government is too Big to work well, is to too big to put into Jail?

If we are really going to send the rats packing, does it serve true justice, to send them packing to an offshore residence, where the host socialist government refuses to hand them back?

Just think if GW Bush had brought Hillary Clinton in 2001? How many people would still be alive?

If there is to be a big vision among these candidates, let’s insure Justice is a part of that vision.

Watch this top “Midterm Election” frame VassarBushmills.com for running commentary about the 2022 ground game that lays before us. An old friend of 13+ years, from the old days at RedState.com, JadedbyPolitics, is back, and fresh off a stunning reversal of vote-stealing in Virginia this past November, shutting down the infamous northern Virginia-Loudon County operattion, simply by citizens going door to door, and making it so hot for the vote-fraud-crooks, the people of Virginia flipped the gubernatorial races as well as the General Assembly.

We know the Left will be back in force in 2022 and 2024, only they now know they’ll not be able to get an un-watched moment of peace.

A great model for every voting district in America, and you will have the “how to” and “why do” laid out right here.


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