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The “Politics” of Global Cooling…

…which according to Nature and Natural Law, has begun.


This guy’s name is Peter Temple, and there is a 2015 and 2019 version, only mildly edited.

Mr Temple is speaking of an era which, even if you are only 21-22 years old, you are familiar with. Little Greta Thunberg would only have been about 10 or 11 in 2015 and even as the world’s smartest teenager today, I doubt she would have seen, or understood the meaning of what Mr Temple is saying here…which I might add, the average 5th grader in a public school in a coal camp in Kentucky in 1957 would have understood…even a kid like Luther Brock, who I went thru school with in that very same coal town, in the 1950s.

For you see, Luther could take apart and reassemble a ’55 Chevy engine blindfolded by the time he was 12. He knew the natural laws of mechanics and the internal combustion engine, not to mention moon-caps, and he learned them all hands-on from his father. I doubt he ever read a manual until he was past 18.

Luther also had the luxury of never hearing the squeaky voice of an out-of-tune harp, or the scolding face of a down-the-nose know-it-all shrew,

…either on the radio or television.

He knew natural law as real law, not as politics, especially the kind of politics which states that all natural law can be either abrogated or re-shaped so as to fit into a man-made image of Nature…which the past century plus has proved can destroy almost any human institution, but especially the millions of people who either fall under its spell, or far worse, for people like Luther, and who fall under its control.

Human history has been dominated by kings, dynasties and empires, all predictably collapsing under the generational cycles of rotting from the inside out, eaten up by their own appetites and vanities. Natural Law always overrules man-made conventions such as governments, especially those built of vast bureaucracies.

Even Europeans understand this, only, at any given point on the cycle they find themselves to be occupying, they fall prey to it anyway. So whereas humans can adjust to climate cycles, (by inventing better ways to produce that heat…stoves, even vehicles so they can skip off to the Mediterranean every winter) humans still never found a way to manage those appetites and vanities, especially as they passed from one generation to the next.

Then came religion, well, actually only one, which did have a regenerative element, only it took 300 years before it also found a human management tool that would turn that religion into a spitting image of those ancient king-systems, and thus very vulnerable. In fact, they even hooked up with the kings to create a “system” that withstood hundreds of failed kings while the system remained intact for over a thousand years.

Now, the event that finally brought down that king system, after a a mighty “world war” which actually only involved only the civilized world as those nations had seen it, also brought two new actors onto the world stage; the first a nation born of religious refugees who had discovered a form of government in which all people could participate, (and here’s the kicker) and also could manage from the bottom up. (I recommend this book to describe that process.) By the time of “that” great world war (to end all wars, their then best-and-brightest proclaimed) this from-the-bottom-up nation (a “republic”, actually) had quietly become the largest industrial (and boorish, some said) nation in the world, which was acquired, according to the Europeans, entirely by blind luck, inasmuch as its entire history had been populated by men from the lower 75% of European detritus, what the Europeans called “commoners”.

That second nation was created entirely by human agency, a philosophy which, since its inception in 1847, and then on the ground in 1918, has swept over all the remaining tribal and feudal countries, where the lower 75% were not merely commoners, but poor illiterate serfs (or “peons” in the New World). This new political philosophy did not improve their natural standing one iota.

Like Peter Temple depicting climate cycles, the life-cycle of Marxist regimes are also very predictable, usually 70 give-or-take years, three-generations, which seems to be all that is required to turn a hymn-singing, Lenin-worshiping Marxist into a blue-suit feudal baron, only leaving that same 75% without any fixed stars in their heavens to guide them, since, for three generations every moral principle, every law of nature and society, basic right-and-wrong, simple reciprocity in just getting along with neighbors, had been lost, only, no one in these latter generations even know they are lost.

Thus, no one seems to be seeking to be found or even finding an old trail to where that sort of enlightenment can be found.

In America, we have only seen this lost world among our top 25%, the richest or highest ranking of children, who never had to acquire any of the attributes of reciprocity with strangers. They are most vulnerable, but also the most gullible. Deep into their souls they see themselves as entitled feudal lords and ladies of the manor, and will move heaven and earth to be able to attain that, indifferent to any of nature’s laws that will cause their collapse.

Thus it is, that little 5-minute pieces such as Peter Temple above, which is a common sense review of history that even Luther Brock could have understood, is presented as scary to their purposes for it is a class the manipulators do not want to leave their fold.

So Snopes has decided it is bad science, even causing a 20-something brainy, Asian-with-an-Aussie accent kid to try to explain why grown-ups don’t know what they’re talking about.

What we do know is who he is talking to.

Natural Law is a fixed milepost through life.

You can find more insights at, Search “Natural Law”and “How Things Work”for over a decade of insights.



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