You all recognize this young lady…

…in response to what else?


Sweetie Pie has always been my poster girl for a generational mindset of psychological imbalance gained almost exclusively at home and in schools the parent(s) had selected for them. 18 or so then, she would be 21 or 22.

And on Mom-Daughter Day in Washington the day after Trump was inaugurated,

…we got an insight into just how these “bratlings” have been raised…for three generations now…since Ayn Rand first identified the type in 1965 at Berkeley…and a UCLA historian, Robert Cohen, When the Old Left Was Young, (1993) honored radical student activity as being the only true justification for going to college, taking mass student movements back as far as 1929, long before Berkeley.

Of note about that Cohen book, which I had to read in between races to the bathroom to stick my head in the toilet (and you think I don’t care about you), although Cohen didn’t come right out and say it, but while most middle-class kids went to college to get better paying jobs, i.e. white collar-front office jobs, (which, after 50 years, has turned out to be a bust, the modern college diploma worth about as much as an Arab’s left hand, while knowing how to use a wrench can get you $35/hr or $1400/wk) Cohen was intimating the only legitimate purpose for college is to become radicalized!…meaning…

(This is important)…his model college student would be one which never needed to work a day in their lives anyway! So going to college is for another purpose…and that purpose is political activism. The glitch in his theory is that from Ayn Rand’s Berkeley crowd in ’65 to today, 57 years, millionaires have grown exponentially, from 20,000 in 1929 to 1.5 million in 1988 to 5.3 million now, which can be expected to spit out into the world, or about 13.5 million children, of which the vast majority will become self-gratifying political bratlings like our poster babe, with no greater resume than they are members of a ravenous pride of lions who’ve suddenly outgrown the food Nature can provide, and the whole eco-system is at risk.

All because of a lot of screeches, bicycle chains, and trips to therapists since 12 involving first prescription meds, then recreational drugs, and finally skin bling (tattoos) that no amount of clothes can hide.

A sizeable number look like our photo above, and the photo below, in case you thought I’d forgotten the guy wing of this mob. There are guys just like our Sweetie Pie, from David Hogg, who could be her twin, to an entire phalanx of young men who get a special thrill at inflicting pain with a bicycle lock & chain, sneaking up from behind, as bespeaks their general character.

But for now I’m only interested in the disturbing amount of complaining coming from our patriotic wing found on social media that someone else, somewhere else, isn’t doing something about it.

There’s a missing logic here. I could use the CS Lewis lede and suggest you go to your closet, or Pascal and suggest you sit down and analyze your role in this analytically, like a mathematics equation. Or you could to do a simpler, more pragmatic Robert E Lee battlefield plan, or George Marshall strategic analysis by first considering about which side, the Good or the Evil, benefits most by a sizeable number of “our army” entertaining itself at home, in the comfort of computer or mobile device, snuggled around a cuppa and cushiony chair, (as I am now) and then engage in a little self-reflection as to how this situation fixes itself while all our talent sit at home secure only in the righteousness of our cause.

I’m 75 and unable to go sneaking about in the dark killing my enemies’ rose bushes but I can still teach and preach dark alley thinking about moving in one, and only one, direction, and that is to meet the Enemy wherever found, then leave a mark. Anywhere between wounded pride to a broken nose.

I don’t do Facebook except to chat with old high school mates, none of whom ever heard of Vassar Bushmills, while I visit Twitter to see what the mates I’ve made since 2008 are doing and thinking, none of whom have ever heard of that hillbilly named Pedro on Facebook.

I allot only about an hour a day to Twitter, most of it involved in only reading/assessing (i.e, learning the thinking of the Enemy), plus a few attaboys (Likes) and Well-spakes (ReTweets), but also a few cautions aimed at people who say they are on our side but who seem to be spreading the “we-gonna-lose” sort of surrender which, on Twitter at least, could be made by plants, or trolls.

Robert E Lee took ground to gain strategic advantage better than any man who ever lived, while George Marshall went outside the box to find men like Ike who could add the dimension of totally breaking the enemy’s spirit…to cause them to be unable to sleep at night worrying about every thing that went bump in the night.

I come to Twitter to study the Enemy, understanding that Twitter’s ground is owned by that Enemy. And that many of the people who claim to be my ally may well be of the Enemy.

To understand the Enemy I need to understand his basic building blocks; Hate, vanity, greed, gluttony, lust, wrath, envy, pride. What I can’t do is defeat them…on Twitter. I have to go to other places to do that, and if I do my job well, as we keep saying on our Dark Alley analyses, no one other than the target will ever know about it.

As an asset to the Enemy, Twitter’s greatest strength may be in the number of patriotic Americans it can keep glued to their seats at home by simple outraging them. Because I know a few personally, I can tell you that many people proclaiming to be on our side are clearly nourished by this outrage, allowing them to go to bed at night telling themselves that they have done God’s work by telling all their followers how outraged they are, thus sleeping the sleep of the pure of heart.,

I’m only going to tell you that if you want to win this war, you will have to fight it closer to home. The worm has turned, and Washington will yield to the power and fear, of the people based on what you have done where you live.

it will be a trickle-up affair starting about now.




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