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Is the Left Trying to Foment a Race War? A Civil War?

Haven’t heard from Jesse Jackson in months. Maybe he has women-problems again. Or just lack of media presence? Or failing street cred?

Now he’s suddenly reappears in Chicago heading a coalition of Chicago ministers attacking Donald Trump, saying he is sending camo-dressed street soldiers to confront, well I actually don’t know what, in Chicago. This story was only released around 4:30 PM on Thursday (6/3), by the Tribune Content Agency, which has been around a long time, but as of 8 AM today, no one else has picked it up.

It stretches our credulity because it says that Trump, not white supremacists by name, not Proud Boys, but Donald Trump, is sending groups of camo-uniformed groups to encounter who?…well I’m not sure since we’ve seen no reports of BLM or Antifa-like activity in Chicago or any other organized street activity. Just the regular week-end report of how many young gang bangers had been killed, usually 5-10, and upwards, and how many others got caught in the crossfire or from drive-by’s, often children.

So why this? Why Trump? And why now?

Yeah, I know summer’s coming on, less than three weeks away, and defending champ LeBron and his Lakers were just benched until next season, which will serve as the justification for several shootings around the country.

What I also don’t know is who among the so-called conservative or patriotic media is even sourcing this? Fox? Newsmax? One America News (AONN)?

Actually, I doubt any since they all seem to be interested in news from reliable-enough sources that will expand their audiences via discussions at roundtables or commentary. You know, TV-audience stuff. Once the balloon goes up that seems to be of secondary importance to people who need information from which they can build ground strategies to combat these street thugs should they ever show up in our city, town or neighborhood.

And Jesse indicates it may already have gone up….again days before we’ll realize it.

What we know from the “January 6 Capitol Riot”, which did $1.5M in damages (we’re told), is that the Left has no problem in dressing up in MAGA attire to fit in with the crowd to change the direction of the blame. The Department of Justice is asking for $2000 for each felony and $500 for each misdemeanor, only no one that I know in conservative media have bothered to enquire and report who those people are (name, rank serial number type stuff), where they are, and whether they have actually made an appearance (video) in front of a judge, been offered counsel if they can’t afford one, and if any have plead “Not Guilty” and demanded a trial by jury? We’re told at least one has agreed to give testimony against the Trumpsters in exchange for a lighter sentence. To what, $200. (I could have raised the $2000) Some intrepid reporter(s) should have this list already in hand, and matched them to the names on the original arrest records to determine how many were simply let go. Had she survived that point blank gunshot by a Capitol Police cop who looked a lot like that doughnut-eating cop who became famous, and got his own TV series after playing a good role in “Die Hard” in 1988, (before most of the news staffs at Newsmax, AONN, TheHill, Politico, Newsweek, (make your own list) were out of grade school, or even born…)

…would Ashli Babbitt have been arrested or let go? Good question.

Five months and sticklers for the facts like me, but with no links and resources to find them out except the media, only there’s no real, purpose in gathering names, addresses, because they won’t fit in with the evening news broadcasts.

So, just what is Jesse up to? Or, if you believe Jesse, what’s Donald Trump up to?

Does anyone believe this? Probably not. But if it’s a deflection or a ruse, why?

For one, is the fuse already lit? It could be. But if it is, it is lit with the assurance that the people with all the guns will react in certain ways. Maybe Jesse’s trying to lure you into a fight on their turf, which is what happened at Charlottesville in August 2017. It was a scripted set-up, and for the price of one girl’s life, and a the loss of any respect for the Charlottesville Police, what they gained was a comment from Donald Trump saying “there were some fine people” on the side of protecting the statues…which was very true, BTW. From that they were able to build in their collective infantile minds the image of a racist.

So don’t go where they want to confront you. Let state and local police control the battle areas on the “common ground” of cities. We now know that in many places they won’t.

If there is to be a civil war of the shooting kind, let it be on your turf. To the extent they (we) were tactically trained, and can actually hit a parked car from over 50 yards, unlike those 19-yr-olds who heard their first shot fired in anger when that bow-ramp of their LCVP Higgins boat dropped and they charged onto Omaha Beach, the modern Left’s hired guns will not come prepared for what will confront them if they come to you neighborhoods.

It’s up to you to prepare yourselves (it’s a neighborhood project, and you should know who you can trust and who you can’t be sure of).

What you need to become proficient in is intelligence gathering and planning in 1) defending your home turf and 2) engaging with others in what I called “dark alley” ops against local city and county officials who allow the sorts of things as we’ve seen in Portland and Minneapolis. Those things have a way of getting out of hand as city fathers of Portland are finding out now. There are “true believers” in every city, county, state office and school system now (Lenin would have called them “imbeds” (without the “r”) and while they use their rank to assist these largely drugged-out street criminals (from some really very nice homes) they actually have no fear of any pain to themselves. This needs to be changed.

Just be sure you’re right, then go ahead (David Crockett). Some legwork, planning and intelligence gathering are required. And it all must be done in the dark.

When I first wrote about Dark Alley tactics in 2013, I recommended only property crimes, like rose bushes and Skunk. If you’ve checked, you’ll notice I’ve taken all the Dark Alley article down from this site, and will re-post them in coming days, condensed into a manual format with some clever name, but having upped the ante from Misdemeanors-to-Property to include Misdemeanors to the Person, e.g. bloody noses, mouthfuls of Ivory Soap, and even the ball bat across the shins of knee caps. In short, pain and bruised egos.

Certain rules apply, for your safety.

But in a city of 100,000 or less two teams of five people on the ground, and research teams thumbing through files, doing the legwork media should be doing, simply by asking all the right questions aimed at indictment rather than ratings or social media clicks.

Feel free to click this to friends. Be sure of your mates, and make sure they are sure of you.

Just look for follow-ups.


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