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If the Supreme Court Certifies the Real Fiction of this Election

The greatest fiction of this 2020 election is not that the election was stolen. That’s happened before. If the Supreme Court refuses to hear arguments about voting fraud now it will always be debated, as historians and political polemicists are paid to do, that no fraud or other crime was ever proved. The set-up for that is already in process.

But speaking of that “last-known” steal, now that we are nearing the time when almost every person who can remember where he or she was on November 22, 1963 has passed on, and all those thousands of personal JFK momentos sold at auction for millions of dollars will soon begin being sold for $25 on eBay, it’s time to consider how long this election fraud meme will live in memory once the Left’s historians get hold of it.

A more recent example of gaslight memory is a school in San Francisco who just decided to drop its name “Abraham Lincoln High School” (Abra-damn-ham Lincoln, who freed the slaves…all black!) because “he didn’t show black lives mattered¬† to him”. !!!!

Gaslighting is the oldest game in town and fascists and socialists have turned it into a science.

Craven, noodle-spined Republicans I can understand. Mitch McConnell. Thankfully they are merely mortal, and can and often are replaced and quickly forgotten. But the Supreme Court is another institution altogether.

So what happens to that institution when it becomes so self-conscious and fearful as to be unwilling to address a monumental fraud of historic proportions, as the Bolshevik Revolution was historic, all because it is so puerile to see the far larger fiction of this election…

…and that is that a man not in charge of his faculties was allowed to be nominated and elected as if he were even competent to run his own bathwater, in the first place.

Ignoring, or far worse, not actually seeing that naked truth will blemish the memory of all those members forever…not because they decided wrongly but that they decided not to decide at all, for whatever reason, and in doing so, placing the greatest blemish of all upon the Constitution, that it can so easily be sidestepped that a fictional majority of American voters could elect a fictionally-competent man president, putting itself in the position of then having to send forth its Chief Justice to stand before him and swear him in.

Game, set, match.

That damage may never be repaired without a total soul cleansing.

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