It seems the Trump appeal strategy is to quickly win Pennsylvania, (20 EV), Michigan (16 EV) and Georgia (16 EV), within two weeks, which will quickly put him over the 270 mark (284), but also ask the Court to void ALL similar ballots (Dominion-Smartmatic and hopefully open-ended mail-in ballots, as invalid per se) and simply order those to be expunged from ALL states’ final counts.

And then correct the Electoral College vote accordingly, before Inauguration Day.

President Trump has stated several times that his principle purpose in these election appeals is to clean up the illicit voting systems that have become universally available to all the states, and correct ALL those votes. His remaining president is but a necessary first step.

First steps, first.

So, a possible outline of things to come:

1) A two-week plan to validate his re-election bid,
2) a month long plan to re-calculate the entire election map, including Senate and House races, (So pack your bags, John James) and                                          3) a 2-year deadline for Congress to re-mantle the entire federal election system (maybe with a Constitutional Amendment) that will prevent such criminality to enter the system again for generations.

That would be nice.

And as you know, I’ve suggested it might be nice if SCOTUS ordered curative legislation, within that 2-year time frame before the 2022 midterms. It can do this.

And I have also suggested the Court lend encouragement to the administration to launch investigations into foreign involvement and corruption in the states and federal government, (China and Venezuela loom large in this lection, as do many political non-profits) and bring those players to justice.

And, should the evidence lean toward conspiratorial involvement by individuals inside the several media corporations, including Big Tech, rip that veil and bring those named individuals to justice as well.

Finally, as also suggested, Criminalizing Gas-lighting (Under Certain circumstances” would set new standards for media’s misuse of language that infers they are the next-to-last arbiter of facts and truth until a subsequent court rules otherwise. Of all the astonishing mathematical laws of probabilities that have been stomped on in this chapter of American history is that every “alleged” fact that the Court will likely determine to true, 98% or more those have been determined by 98% of the American media to be without merit, each including a mocking chastisement of the attorney or Trump official who spoke it. This is inconceivable of a “free press”.

But such is the order of the world when gas-lighting the public is carried out by armies of gas-lit victims themselves.

Laisser les bon temps rouller!



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