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Coup Attempt vs Coup Attempt, the Tribunal Trap


Last night, Nov 23, and appearing on my 6 AM morning line-up of news-stories that appears on my MSN “My Feed” page, Chris Hayes (who I’d never really heard of) at MSNBC, commented that “Trump’s silent enablers” such as Marco Rubio (49), Ted Cruz (49), Josh Hawley (40) are complicit in “a coup attempt”. (7 minutes, worth the look). He said they were “cowardly”.

So, let me get this straight, Hayes seems to be rushing to be first to create the meme that “resisting a coup attempt” is itself a “coup attempt”?  

At 41, which is a lot, lot younger than when I first ran into that age group in 2008, Hayes could just be rushing to get ahead in his class, as was the case back then. A full decade younger than Jonah Goldberg, fedgodsakes, Hayes wears glasses to look smart, has an 8PM show called “All in” at MSNBC, which is #4 on MSNBC, which itself is #3 behind CNN and Fox (with Newsmax and OAN coming on strong since Fox’s meltdown on election day.) His show is largely followed by the 25-54 demographic, and from the tone of his voice he sounds like he’s talking down to a younger room (think Jerry Seinfeld to his midnight audience filled with drunks). A little school marmish, still, underneath he is very deep intellectually, being a Brown man.

But Hayes did seem to signal just what might happen to Trump and his real supporters should Joe Biden & Company actually ascend to the White House…and that is a terrible, terrible purge of those deep-in-their-soul “love-America-first” types who follow Donald Trump. (Personally I’ve never considered Marco Rubio to be of that sort, so assume Hayes had some ulterior reason for listing Rubio among real down-for-the-struggle patriots.)

And that in turn put me in mind of what might be a way to speed up the legal process in getting to the bottom the conspiracy to upend Donald Trump.

The crimes as crimes.

Now that “foreign interference” has come center stage in this coup attempt, involving China of course, plus a network of foreign spy agencies, the presence of Venezuela and perhaps even the George Soros group makes a temporary snatch-and-travel to GITMO for interrogation sound at least legally plausible. Yes, like you, I’d love to dream of Lady Nan being forced to sit in a compound without her hair stylist for a week, but I do know that in the past several American citizens who had worked with e.g., jihadi elements, often for money and no particular political agenda, could be threatened with a short vacation to GITMO, and some actually spirited off there without their most prized possessions; their cellphones and access to legal counsel….which in their mind is “cruel and unusual” treatment.

I have the feeling that a few fat and sassy business execs at Dominion, for instance, would provide criminal law enforcement a lot of valuable information very quickly, confirming the criminal acts alleged by Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Rudy Giuliani, indeed did occur, and would be satisfactorily received by the Supreme Court as part of the evidence package they would need to toss of a few million votes in several states…as part of a criminal enterprise instead of plain old politics.

I can think of all sorts of enticements that might cause them to sing.

Prosecution of these crimes may take months or years, but the Supreme Court could quickly announce that crimes had indeed occurred. and just in time, saving the Nation irreparable injury.

All SCOTUS needs to know is that crimes have occurred to reverse any or all the disputed elections. I laid out some of those options last week.

Then today I learned that Sidney Powell has a special status as a Military Tribunal Prosecutor (and I have Chris Hayes and MSNBC to thank for it). “Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!” – THE MARSHALL REPORT (wordpress.com)

Thus, her principal near-term mission would be to gather enough evidence that “a crime”, actually several, actually occurred, and even more helpful, that they were all coordinated.

I mention GITMO here because it is a very quick way to gather evidence, especially from spoon-fed corporate criminals without a cell phone, while looking at a stay that could go on indefinitely. I believe all the “probable cause” the Chief Executive, DOJ-AG, or other designated officer, maybe even Sidney Powell, will need to extract that information can be expedited by using the authority that already exists an was first authorized to George W Bush in 2002, after 911.

Hopefully, the dragnet is already in progress.

Now, wouldn’t that be nice?


2 thoughts on “Coup Attempt vs Coup Attempt, the Tribunal Trap

    1. Why thank you. What we need most quickly is the Court decision, then attend to the rest in due course. As rats, they’ll eat their own to avoid punishment.

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