Nearly a 100 years ago GK Chesterton poked fun at readers who only read the opening paragraph of a news story, because without them the press would have gone out of business long ago. That first paragraph was where the editors could twist facts and the meanings of words knowing that the reader would never read past the 500th word of the article where all the lies it alluded to in the first 30 words would be clarified to avoid libel and defamation suits, which in his day were very strict.

The press at least cared about the appearance of being truthful, once upon a time.

Without ever dreaming of a time a century later when reality could be reduced to two-line couplets, GK lamented this for it also meant that men such as himself could never lay out a reasoned counter-argument which required a few hundred words to launch. And in the 1920s he was speaking to readers whose attention spans for critical thinking were a hundred times longer than they are now.

So it is today, having a short history of just ten years, you could see how tiny and insignificant, and even comic, Antifa could be portrayed today if people would only look at them through a 30-year lens; just a single generation for a comparative value of just what we’re seeing today.

Then, rather than some fluke of nature, like a sixth toe (which is actually fairly common), and also not congenital (passed on from generation-to-generation) Antifa could be seen more like laboratory creations, much like the Orcs of “Lord of the Rings” fame, soulless things manufactured with mud and fire. Or just trained seals.

Then, by mocking them, you not only dismiss them as aggravations but you scoff their Handlers (professionals employed to train and lead them), their Appeasers (the Media, who excuse them), their Manipulators (their Creators and strategic planners) and their Profiteers (who invest in their success in expectation of some large return on their investment, usually power). By us not taking their soldiers seriously their entire enterprise becomes more iffy.

With just a 20-year glance over our shoulders Antifa and BLM could be portrayed as little different than those snot-eyed, inbred “ultra-right-wing” militias who the Media despised in the ’90s, but who hid out in the wilds of Idaho, hating “government” by trying to stay away from it. Only during a Democrat presidency, Bill Clinton, his FBI-sniper (we didn’t even know the Bureau had such people on the payroll) shot the wife of Randy Weaver in 1992, then followed with the feds’ “accidental” murder of 75 “religious nuts” in a remote compound near Waco in ’93 on an ATF illegal gun-purchase charge. This in turn led to a federal building in Oklahoma City being blown down in ’95, killing 168 by another wacko named McVeigh, as revenge payback for Ruby Ridge and Waco.

“Ah shucks!”- Bill Clinton.

These were covered wall-to-wall by the media; Google and YouTube full of stories, even with pictures, which even a Twitter kid from Gen Y could more easily learn from.

Only they don’t even know to look.

No one born after 1977 would have ever connected the similarities between 1992 right-wing militias and 2020’s Antifa. The same Media who portrayed Clinton’s government as heroic in executing a woman on the back stoop of a cabin in Idaho, then snuffing 75 weirdo religious worshippers, won’t define Antifa at all, except as “protesters”, defining Black Lives Matter (BLM) only by the name “Black” alone, ignoring every murder and riot carried out in its name along the way.

But that was all over 25 years ago, when 50% of today’s population either wasn’t born or were barely into puberty. And thanks to Twitter and Facebook, today possess the arrested development of children half their age.

In short, it’s easy to make mock of Antifa. And less than two years ago it would have been easy to squish them like bugs. I watched them grow up from pups in the various Occupy venues, 2011-2012, trying to appear organic, as nature’s answer to the Tea Parties, which were natural, in the Popeye “I can’t takes it no more” sense of the term, and who had just tossed the Democrats from House leadership in 2010. Antifa and later BLM were bought and paid for.

But if under 40 you wouldn’t know any of this because I’ve already crossed the 400 word mark, and your eyes are beginning to grow sleepy, and your Twitter-finger itchy. In fact, in 1995 you’d have been too young to join an Occupy event had there been any then. And even in Portland your parents wouldn’t have allowed you put on a bandana and go out and turn over a single veteran in a wheelchair.

In 1995 the only place in America where you could find “children” under the age of 15 who would, at the drop of a hat, rush off to break store windows to steal things were in America’s blue cities (governed by Democrats since Republicans ceded their care and welfare over to them in the late 60s). Those 15-and-unders were black, and all were tied to larger staged political events; especially made-to-order riots. Riots were all the rage during the 60s; the Vietnam War which exploited black men not in college, the murder of Dr King and Bobby Kennedy and the race riots of ’67-’68.

Then there was a lull, through Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Bush I. The Rodney King-LA race riots were the first of any significance in the next 25 years (in 1992), and then it would be another 22 years (a mini-generation) before Ferguson, where Black Lives Matter was born in 2014. (BLM is a “joint venture” by the Democrats and the Globalists.)

But don’t sell the “White kid”-Manipulators short, for they were making great strides in advancing middle class sexual promiscuity even back into the 80s. I knew high school kids drank even when I was in high school in the 60s (all I did was sneak a smoke), and tried to have “promiscuous” sex (freebies), only the girls were never obliging. There always had to be a contract, a long-term promise, involved. It had been that way probably for hundreds of years in respectable Christian homes and communities.

Then I woke up in the 80s to find those social rules were no longer in force, and with my own kids becoming teenagers I found the manipulative popular culture had been doing a number on those kids, for those respectable homes had been cut nearly in half. I had never seen a Valley Girl film from the 80s until Christine Blaisey Ford took the stand against against Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 (Comet Network) and it would be another year before I would connect Blaisey-Ford’s generation to the parents of the generation of screechers and stealers of little boys’ MAGA caps and that the “respectable home” formula had been totally altered at the top of the economic spectrum.

Some things have to be relearned every generation. The Left knows this, apparently we do not. A lot of people still believe that kids learn Virtue by osmosis or at school. It’s not in the genes, dammit! So many children are no longer taught virtue at home, and even if they are taught, they’re contradicted at school by another branch of the Manipulator Class; Education.

The Left knows, within any generation of a 30-year cycle it can rewrite any history on the likelihood that the people they teach will never go on to read a whole article over 1000 words that contradicts what they’ve been taught.

Finally, Pain, spanking, finishing this profile of the Antifa and BLM rank-and-file. The average recruit was never spanked by either parent. (Prov 13:24) The “learned pain” in a whipping also is not passed on hereditarily.  So when a child is spanked for some misdeed, more likely “he” does not know that the person who is administering that pain was at one time, 30 years earlier, the recipient of the same type of whomping.

The English of GK Chesterton’s time had institutionalized this, even among the “gentle class”, in the Victorian era.


So Antifa recruits have largely been denied any context to their social history, so almost all are born into a brave new world with each generation. This should scare you! But this suits the Profiteers and Manipulators, for once their gain their objectives, again, because their recruits have never read a true history of their “class”, Antifa can simply be disposed of as Herr Hitler did the uniformed street gangs that helped him seize power in 1933, ironically, to the cheers from the same people he’d sicced those street gangs on for several years leading up to the official kick off of the Third Reich.

That won’t happen in America.

I’m not in a position to go after the Manipulators of Antifa and BLM. But as long as our government is in the hands of good people, they should be gone after. But should the government switch hands back over to bad people….which we only rescued ourselves from 4 years ago…the Manipulators will simply meld into the new Left Leadership, requiring force to remove.

I’ve changed course a little in watching not so much Antifa and BLM as their Manipulators grow in power, and feel only our government, while our side is on the horses, should go after them.

Not the American citizenry.

But we have to act like free-floating militia, working with people we know, to defend our turf, beginning with neighborhoods. Leave the public buildings and common areas to Police and the National Guard, should the President feel necessary.

We can still go after street thuggery, burning and looting, as well as the local governments, schools and universities that facilitate and encourage them, but using stealth, as I’ve pointed out in the past.

But as for Millennials especially, I’ve found mockery has a triggering effect, which in turn invites a backhand to the chops, which in turn invites a hasty retreat and a rethink about coming back for more…thus robbing the Profiteers and Manipulators of their cannon fodder…and perhaps even saving their lives.

So this week we’ll begin a little fun fest chiding the childishness of these pretend soldiers of Antifa.

Keep watching.


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