Every country of the Soviet East European bloc hated Russians. And every one of them, with the possible exception of East Germany, hated the Communists.

Within the old Soviet bloc; the Balkans, Bulgaria and much of the former Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, there remain still, after 30 years after Soviet communism was thrown down, a sentiment for keeping the memory of Marx alive, in part because someday it may return, but mostly because of the heroic statuary they left behind. Every city had a Heroes of the Revolution Park.

One of the largest, across the street from the Ministry of War, was the Park for the Monument of the Soviet Army. I went there several times. There was one tall monument that could not be touched, but artists, by night waylaid the others.

You can see them here.

The contest between the artists-citizens and the bureaucracy has been going on since 2011.

Nassem Nicholas Taleb, essayist, scholar, mathematical statistician and all-round intellectual gadfly said that the best way to get under an idiot’s skin is to call him an idiot. Then wait for his response, so you can then prove him right.

A central component of the internal wiring of the standard off-the-assembly-line Antifa member is the admiration of himself as also shared by his trainers and manipulator-handlers. It is the tie that binds.

And it is well-placed mockery that rubs that tie raw.

As we look deeper into the psychology of Antifa we also know they hate to be mocked, as do their handlers.

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