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An Anti- Antifa Training Exercise

Look over this little 1 minute film from Andy Ngo dated 13 August, of rioters attempting to stop cars leaving a parking garage in Portland.

This is a questionnaire just to get you to start looking at events with a more counter-aggressive pair of eyes. Just for kicks, of course.



Now, this is not a test, just a series of images for you to think about, and maybe even watch again and talk about with some friends. Consider it a training tool.

First, if you have any unit military experience, if only in boot camp, notice how people are milling around, and only act when someone barks out an order. How many in this picture actually have an assignment?

Note that this is not how an infantry platoon would block any exit. First of all, they would protect themselves, both from inside the parking garage, and out, behind them or up and down the street.

—I don’t see any police, do you? How close do you think they might be?

—How many do you count? 20? 30? Guessing, how many are trained Antifa, how many are real Press, and how many are just midnight camp followers and go-fers? (This is just a guess, of course, but just include the “certainty” that if anything exciting does happen, it will come from these people who are largely in solidarity with one another. It’s because of this solidarity that they are feel pretty secure about their own personal safety, which any Army grunt private will tell you is just plain stupid.)

Scenario: Now, at any time in this one-minute piece, imagine that three shots ring out in quick succession, and just as quickly, three of the Antifa troops scream “I’m hit”, or something like that, (and certainly “Oh, drat!”, maybe even “Mama!”), then each goes down.

Now imagine what your first thoughts would be in those first 30 seconds. And yes, people with military training would have the advantage over you, but still, most normal people would rush to the wounded, quickly survey the wound, then try to move them to safety.

—But In the first 30 seconds what will these Antifa troops do? Scatter and run for cover? Hunker down?

—Will anyone rush to the aid of their fallen comrades? If so, how many?

—Will pandemonium break out, or will they stay in control of themselves? Will the wailing-in-pain be so loud others can’t think? I’ve been “wounded” both before and after military training so know there’s a distinct difference in how one reacts to a sudden vicious wound coming out of nowhere, both at 11 and 22, much of it depending on how one was taught as a child. Rules of the road. (We’ve discussed the bloody lip  and bloody nose, in previous issues.) It’s like knowing, if you fall off a bridge into a river, you know to hold onto your breath rather than screaming as you hit the water. There are certain circumstances where people won’t get a do-over.

    —Will anyone actually survey the situation then point in what direction(s) the shots came from up? Will they recognize the sound of a 5.56 NATO round, a Remington 223? Or how about a .22 long rifle? Will any one in the Antifa troop know the difference?

—If from three different directions, will anyone recognize the added danger of possibly being surrounded?

—Or, How long will it take for them to realize the threat is likely over and that the sniper(s) have gone (escaped)? How long would it take for snipers to take one shot then pack up and leave?

—How long will it take Antifa to realize the wounds are not serious, lower leg or knee-to-ankle? How long will it take for any of them to call 911 or send a runner to find the closest police officer? How long will it take Brunhilde, above, to “run” a quarter-mile thinking there may be sniper behind every trash dumpster along the way? (Scratch sending a runner.)

—Will any of the Antifa produce their own weapon? If they even have one?

Now, the big question: How many of those assembled there both at the parking garage in the early morning hours of August 13, but also elsewhere in Portland, after they either witnessed this event first hand, or, like the brave David Hogg, only heard about it from fellow travelers (usually ‘with advantages’) will show up for duty on the next duty day?

—How will Antifa leadership change their ground tactics? And how quickly…while still not knowing the skill level of the snipers (were they poor shots or extra-good marksmen?), or how many there are of them?

—Will their Intel sources tell them whether these are 1) rogue police, or secret police squads, 2) secret federal squads, or 3) a new specter to contend with, stealth teams of private, but well trained private citizens?

—Finally, will they fold their tents or up the ante? That may depend on how many Antifa troops are genuinely willing to be martyrs for the cause? (Again, see David Hogg and Brunhilde.)

Interesting questions all. For your own discussion group, which has been my desire to see developed now for close to a decade, Dark Alley Counter-Revolution, which lists almost every thing I’d written on the subject, with one note: if you can develop a way to dispense Skunk, or reasonable facsimile, to the size of nose-spray dispenser, you won’t even need .22 snipers.

You can reply here, or directly to me at, or at my simultaneous posting at, where commenting is much more easy.



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