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About Neutralizing those Laser Attacks by Antifa

As you know 3 DHS agents may have been permanently blinded by direct hits on their eyes with green laser beams.

My first complaint off the bat is that no one on-the-ground, reporters such as Andy Ngo, aren’t reporting on the technology of these lasers. There are military grade, running around $200, down to the inexpensive $10 types you can find in toy stores, and my son uses to put his bulldog through his paces in the back yard. Both types are available online (just search Google) and note that most are manufactured in China.

Easy for anyone to acquire.

I’m interested here that no one seems to be interested in how these lasers fit into the AntiFa/BLM battle plans. With three casualties, DHS has merely stated that they gone to wearing protective glasses to prevent any further harm. Sort of like gas masks in WWII, expendable extra equipment.

Yeah, well what about the felony assault on those three agents? And are we simply going to get into a laser-race with these villains, until they come up with an even better weapon?

Do DHS have photo recon of these particular “laserites”? Does Andy Ngo? What about the technology? Effective range in yards or feet? What about the tactics? A lead-spotter, with coordination via cells, or just random fire for opportunistic targets? We know they fire in tandem, from different positions? But how many yards?

Can our drones spot them? And then follow them, if need be, all the way home?

Suggested Options:

I like snipers. Oh, they don’t need to be lethal. An arm or leg would be fine, an ankle or kneecap perfect, for it hobbles them. But snipers can also paint-or-scent mark them, so a dog can track them or a blue light can find them in a crowd.

Or we can send in stealth snatch-teams with tranquilizers, so they can carry them out without commotion. Antifa kids are scared to death of being on defense and especially in the dark where things go bump in the night.

I don’t know how many lasers actually lit up our agents, I’ve seen 6 bandied about, but dozens of lasers lit up that night, so snatch them all. Round up every mother-loving one of them who shows a laser beam.

Once in custody charge them all with felony-assault. It’s like 6 armed men go into a bank brandishing their weapons. if only one  person is shot they all are charged with felony-murder. If these Antifa kids refuse to give up their “shooters”, who you know bragged and bragged on the drive back to the bus, let them all take the fall. All kinds of criminal theories will justify their conviction.

You know the technology-options here better than I do. I just got my first real cell phone a few months ago.

Just give fear a chance, for the main purpose is, aside from a little justified retribution for the injuries actually inflicted, they need to become afraid to try it again.

“Hurts, don’t it?”

And their deep pocket sponsors need to know that they’re playing against the A-Team now, and the cost of poker just went up.


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