...but the GOP is still sitting on its hands!

In the greatest political “Oops” of the past century, on June 1 thirteen members of the Democratic Party leadership, in Emancipation Hall in the Capitol Building, took an 8 minute, 46 second knee to show solidarity with the mostly Black Lives Matter-sponsored protests over the police-caused death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Only Gerald Nadler stood, for it was understood that had he gone to one knee he would likely not have been able to get back up on his own (Lady Nan even needed assistance) and that the other 12 combined might not have been able to set him aright.

On its face, it was comic opera at its best. Monty Python, with Graham Chapman-in-drag playing the perfect Lady Nan.

But in the far darker “everything-that-goes-around-comes-around history” of the Democratic Party it brought back to light in an unintended comic sort of a way, a history it had thought had gone away. For, boom, in Shakespeare’s word from “Henry V”, it all came rushing back, “freshly remember-ed”, about just how ugly the Democratic Party has always been.

Entirely an unforced error.

The Party was born in 1824 on the cynical notion of keeping America divided on the issue of slavery because it could be politically profitable if America should remain more or less split evenly between free states and slave states. Slavery was merely a tool. It was about the cynical pragmatism of making a few bucks along the way that drove the Democrats. Then, after the Republican Party was created in 1854, putting slavery on the national agenda, the Democrats became the Party of Slavery into the Civil War, then, the Party of Jim Crow and Segregation (Apartheid) until the 1960s, when finally the party got to erase its past sins by rescuing those poor black souls by giving them a monthly check and locking them up in ghettos, by being able to shift their share of the blame for those four generations of poverty and bad times to the Republicans… who were the ones who had given 350 thousands of their own sons to free those slaves in the first place.

Makes no sense, huh? But since then they’ve been locked into a “paper civil war” with a very definite statist, authoritarian bent, that has suddenly turned violent and ugly.

Their true hand has just been exposed their because some low-level popinjay in the office found a large supply of colorful Kenta shawls on Amazon at $29,99 with free shipping…and probably never paused to think that maybe some of the African tribes had been working on the supply side of slavery.  No matter, he or she didn’t know any history anyway, nor how to research a simple piece of fabric, so picked out a set of scarfs that were…wait for it…

….the royal tartan of the Ashanti Empire, who were one of the principal slave trading tribes in West Africa during the 17th and 18th Centuries!

Who knew?

The Ashanti ventured deep into the tribal forests to burn villages, kill any resistance, plus old folks for the helluvit, then march the healthy males back to their port on the Gulf of Guinea where European slavers would buy them with trade goods and guns to take to the Americas for resale. Business.

With their gained wealth the Ashanti became an empire, not unlike modern day Boko Haram, Muslim militants who range over northeastern Nigeria today, killing people with western educations, especially preachers, and covering their costs by taking young girls to be sold to Muslims in central and east Africa, a profitable black-on-black business line that has been in existence for 1500 years.

If you will recall the genesis of Black Lives Matter, it arose from a false narrative aided by the media from thejustified cop-shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. There’s no way to judge from the millions who have marched under the BLM banner how many are honest protesters of a wrongful death, and how many are more like Boko Haram, or just looters. But they almost always show up together, but only the honest protesters walk away without an extra pocketful of money.

You may recall when in 2015 Boko Haram kidnapped 276 school girls in Nigeria, Michelle Obama (in)famously tried to bring the world together in bringing them back through Twitter.

What a hoot that was. Those girls still haven’t been found or accounted for. But the thought was nice.

But when Lady Nan and the Temptations took a knee for George Floyd they committed one of the greatest political errors in history. There was something positively karmic how the real racists of the past 150 years in America could have dipped into a barrel full of fake symbols to pull out an absolute “gilded turd” to signify its solidarity not with the aspirations of the American black community, which they had denied for the past 60 years of self-adulation for being such good people, but instead the “idiocracy” of its own woke white base, and associated black street criminals and Marxists, by using as it team colors the signature banner of the African slave trade empire.

(These drawings were made by Frederic Remington when he traveled to Africa in the 1880s after the slaves were emancipated in America, but was still going strong to Arab buyers instead of the Europeans.)

Catching such naked hypocrisy is like God hand-writing the scene, as He no doubt did in 1974 when he sent the luscious Fanne Fox, the famous stripper, into the Tidal Basin underneath the Jefferson Memorial, trying to escape from the paws of the most powerful congressman in Washington, Wilbur Mills. He’d tried one paw too many. Overnight Mills was a national laughing stock and was finished.

But just 10 years later, in 1985, Teddy Kennedy and Chris Dodd, (both northeast Democrat senators, for you born after 1970) went to a favorite watering hole in DC, La Brassierie, got drunk and tried to make a “sandwich” out of a waitress there. On the floor! Last week Chris Dodd had just been added to Joe Biden’s VP list. Tell me this party can know shame.

In both instances the  Democrats ran Congress..

So why haven’t the Democrats been run out of town by now?

Simpatico with the mainstream media? Partly, I’d say.

But I’d say a lot of it sits in the lap of the Republican Party. The nice days are over folks. As are the sweet under-the-table inducements.

As of today, the Democrats are rubbing your noses it in.

So a warning, GOP. One way or the other, we are going to put this Democratic Party out of business, then take advantage of the next 30 years while another more pro-American party is being raised, and all the little socialist-fascist AOC-Ilhan wings wither and die on the vine, looking for some plant food that won’t come.



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