In 2013. I wrote “The Difference Between Crony Capitalism and Fascism” and just reread it. It stands up pretty well even though Obama and Holder are gone (sort of) and the relationship between the State and the Corporate in the High Castle is more open to scrutiny. But it is moving apace, as is the growing reach of the “gutter trash” class that seems to bind things together. It will be worth your time to go read it.

The Nazis were largely “risen” gutter trash in German society. Many were no classier that Huck Fin’s pa. But drape them in a snazzy uniform and teach them to click their heels…projecting a kind of power, and a type of female will always turn their head.

Many carried dark perversions, beliefs and other psychopathies. There were a few intellectuals, but most reflected the type of paganism we’ve associated with Conan, and haven’t really known here in America.

It was the Nazi’s propensity for street violence that reeled in millions of street hooligans, but who also struck a get-even nerve with many intellectuals of the 20s-30s, males who lacked the stronger Darwinian markers, while getting A’s in school, but unable to get the girls. These kinds of insecure smart guys also rushed to jump on the Nazi Party wagon as its power grew in the early 30s.

Building these battalions of street soldiers was not unlike the 2011 Occupy Movement, which was a contrived, orchestrated progressive movement project, begun with seminars and training classes aimed at attracting 18-21 years olds, recruited with the same “booze-babes-and-bucks” sales pitch used in the anti-war days of Vietnam. Occupy was designed to appear organic to offset the genuinely organic Tea Party Movement that arose from the Democrats’ sneak attack to get Obamacare through Congress in 2010. (Many of you younger people may have forgotten all this, or maybe even never knew.)

Associated NGO’s, many Soros-type organizations, selected and hired hundreds of the thousands of more noticeable Occupy participants for higher-level training at future engagements. Few of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign appearances avoided run-ins with paid rowdies under the leadership of some of these Occupy graduates.

Many now make up the core of Antifa leadership, which America has been able to watch first thanks to intrepid Portland chronicler such as Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon, plus some volunteer veterans in wheel chairs.

On the whole, Nazis were not very intellectual but they were street smart, as the Sicilian gangs were street smart, and they projected a kind of power that the German national character admired, and which we would recognize today if we saw the world through their lens.

They imputed a kind romance to “bullying”…another key ingredient school drop-out gutter trash in America admires, a kind of reverse-bullying justified by the psychological device of believing they are victims of some invisible crime, (That list is very long.) and which has proven to be transferrable to an interesting menagerie of spoiled little rich kids. (See Parkland shootings.)

Antifa street gangs were modeled after the roving gangs of Nazi street thugs of the early 30s. The Nazi SA began as Antifa began, and as you see today, was interspersed with radical intellectuals, which by 1930 totaled over 3 million.

By now the American version is as organic as the German.

I don’t yet foresee a Night of the Long Knives awaiting this Antifa, though. They have a planned role to play nationally, as they are upgrading their tactical game. So we will see more of them, and probably on a bigger stage. I’m not sure dark-alley tactics can deter their core cadres, anymore, so let the police and 101st Airborne take care of them.

Just consider Antifa, or any future name they may adopt, to be the fascist injection of barbarism into the political stewpot. It is a necessary ingredient for their future play for power. Bolsheviks used it, Nazis used it, and now, the American Left, backed by both legacies, are no longer afraid to use it.

If they should ever regain power, it will become permanent constabulary.


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