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Unfollowable; Hidden Power of the People Over the Media, Part II

See Part I, and keep in mind this national 2016 election map
and “319 Square Miles” synopsis of how Hillary nearly stole the other 3,796, 681 square miles of America had it not been for the Electoral College.
There is much to be pondered.
Beginning with where Part I left off, being lied to by the media: Let’s get this first principle clear. Just because they’ve been lied to doesn’t necessarily mean people will turn ABC, CBS, NBC off or cancel their subscriptions to the print news organ of their states, or even the New York Times or WAPO. I’d wager that nearly half of the visits (clicks) to their political news and commentary, much of which misleading if not out and out lies, for years, actually are from people from our side, because most of those people in the red areas now know that it is in our interests to know what their enemies are doing. Curiosity, even opposition research, but certainly not edification. E.g., I no longer pat attention to “National Review” but do follow several of their writers. Click-counters there may think I’m a fan. I’m not.
This is the dilemma of the media in general.
The biggest mistake by the Left and the Media is in still clinging to the notion that the great unwashed out here, while not stinking up Walmart (per Peter Strzok). We are really quite well-read and informed.
And ancient rules still apply as to how we pass around our information to each other. It’s a complete mystery to the Left. They are mystified how a PhD mathematician named Dr Logic and Ma and Pa Kettle just outside of Joplin can agree, line item by line item, about a news event. Surely they don’t both read the same commentaries and go thru the same analytical dot-connecting steps to reason it out.
The Media will never ask Dr Logic, or the Kettles, to walk them through how they work things out, man-in-the-street style, for they personally assume the lesser must be parroting the greater. (That’s how they see their own tiny universe.) Besides, the last thing they want to advertise is that Ma and Pa might actually be able connect several dots…something virtually no liberal arts graduate can any longer do.
In the Media’s network, they have all sorts of outreach aimed at select education levels, and a supportive social media who plays their music. From my early life dalliance with liberalism, I knew its best selling point was in its exclusivity; a tasty fruit higher in a tree, but which could only be reached and tasted by climbing a ladder provided only by special people, in those days in the English Department, later law school. If they’d had membership cards they would have been bannered, “We are lot like those other guys!”
Today, in their minds, they wonder, “How can the lesser minds in Ma and Pa Kettle Land ever connect with the greater minds if they don’t share at least one common denominator?” No one on the Left, their bastard Libertarian brethren, and even many putative “conservatives” can picture Ma and Pa holding martini glasses, talking to the Van Stuyvesants at a gallery opening, and neither can they picture Dr Logic beer-belching at a Tony’s Bar with the Kettle kinfolk.
What connects these folk?
It’s a very old American practice (but probably unheard of the more class-conscious parts of the world since at least Westeros) but common in most of those red areas on the map, from their first settling. English gentlemen in Virginia, and quaffed ale with farmers since the 1600s. Even New York. The setting aside of a gated, exclusive society in urban America was a product of the late 19th and 20th centuries, and then, only in certain places, Again consult the map.
Bottom line, Anderson Cooper did not share the same walkabout to maturity as did David Brinkley.
Even the smallest towns have their elites, most often found in the professional community, doctors, lawyers. The education and local government communities are usually heavier in red, as some of the most insidious deeds by leftist education come about in red states. I think those events are even highlighted by the media based on that fact alone.
But enough about Austin. They are not all red. In fact, as the map shows, many doctors and lawyers actually go to church, and maybe even teach adult Sunday School. I’ve known both.
Everyone in town knows who they are, and grade them. Many wear their class on their sleeves; a haughty look, a condescending tone. But others are outgoing, and tries to know everyone by first name. Barbara Bush, a true patrician, knew the White House servant staff on a first name basis, for instance., and sent them cards until she passed away. Donald Trump knew an inordinate number of kitchen staff in his hotels and construction foremen on work projects over the years.
Since regular folks also come in all shapes, sizes, colors and accents, each of these elites are reported out to the community with every encounter, and they pass it on by word of mouth, at one time by across the back fence, or, more often, these days, by social media.
I just know that opinions about things, whether a cheating neighbor, a rude receptionist at a business office, or an indifferent bedside manner from a doctor, when passed around in the manner shown above, often has very limited range or staying power. You can be sure these girls are not talking about Maxine Water’s hair stylist.
And most of their opinions and gossip ever work their way into the local newspaper, the Thunderstorm, so local media rarely if ever has a say in what people in the town think about the bigger issues of the day.
It’s by reputation. But Donald Trump is the first to communicate directly to the people since FDR during the war, and the absolute first, with it being scripted.
Since Donald Trump only uses friendly media to send out his message to people who follow that friendly, but rather tells the people straight, without benefit
No one knew what the size of his listenership was in 2016, and no one knows today, for virtually everything that Donald Trump ends at that fence, or in a pub over beer, and political science has not yet figured out a way to count them.
I have belonged to a local YMCA for close to 20 years now. My shift, I arrive around 10 and stay til noon is comprised largely of retirees, like me, and their wives. Many of them are retired factory workers, black and white, and old farmers.
We have a few younger people on our shift, especially during the summer months, who are a bit more rowdy in their talk, as on a couple of occasions I’ve had to ask them if they knew what that “C” stood for in YMCA.  Interestingly, I never got any backsass. “Oh sorry”.
But no one talks politics. Trump’s name almost never comes up, and in the Obama years neither did his. But to listen to the black men speak of church, work, family, morality in general, I never had to inquire about what their political leanings were, come election day.
People who enjoy the respect of others can pass on their approving opinions with a smile, a glint in the eye, or disapproving with a shrug, or a harrumph, and others will pick up on it. It’s a kind of authority, which Dr Math knows that Ma and Pa Kettle, four stations of the cross removed from where he stands and will still be able to connect the dots.
Regular Americans can connect several more dots that the average college student, or Twitter follower, or reader of any media outlet. And it’s all because of those ancient rules.
We only know that the power of the major media, the media that is followed by the elites in the smaller cities, those same people in the education, local government and professional community, has ben unable to reach into the community at large.
Even Ma and Pa Kettle know there are two Americas now, and since they are still imbued with a common sense growing more evident of being absent in the blue araes of town, they generally keep their opinions to themselves.
They aren’t vocal, at a time when the Media doesn’t know they exist unless you are vocal
So why then are Facebook and Twitter trying to suppress the voices of the little people when by all their calculations they own 70% or more of their political viewership? Why?
Is it because they don’t really know squat about how many people still fall for their lies, or, how mnay people are even listening?
Since they can’t find them, since you only know they’re there when in a Walmart, because you can smell them (according to Peter Strzok), or count them, but can’t take the chance that they may show up in even larger numbers in 2020, (as we likely will) the Left-Democrats have to find a way to invalidate this voting bloc’s hidden strength. And the way to do this, which I have asked voter integrity groups to begin over two years ago, is to be able to not just increase the popular vote marging from the 2m-3m (likely illegals in California) from 2016, to closer to 10m or more.
My own view is that this Electoral College scam may only be a diversion, while the Democrats may be laying in “illegal: stores to flip a few red precincts and districts, where only as few as a few hundred or thousand.
That requires very intricate scheming and planning. And in the ability to have us looking in another direction.
America is the only nation on earth not built on a lie. much less a collection of them.

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