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Ellis Island del Norte, Ellis Corral al Sur, Easy-In, Hard-Out

An update from 2013, when we still believed the open borders argument was just about cheap labor for super-national business. Big business has shown itself to be much more Corporate One-World than we knew then, Republican lawmakers as a class (with some notable exceptions) even more craven than we could have imagined then, and Democrats, with almost no exceptions, more totalitarian wannabe socialists then we ever thought they’d admit out loud.

The times have been changin’.

The only real constant in the past 70-80  years has been the general dreams and aspirations that lure people from the South here in the first place; work, better living conditions, and the ability to rise above the low station their native Spanish societies had condemned them into permanently. (Look up “peon” in Wiki. Anthropologists once considered them as a Western hemisphere cultural version of the European feudal serf.  And the American slave, They have their own “n” words down there, and the latino management class still looks upon them this way.)

They want to be their own boss. To be a “Senor”, a “Mister”. Many Latinos are genuinely entrepreneurial, and once they become fully acculturated in 2-3 generations, they become true Americans (ser Americano) of the first order.

This is why I prefer America recruiting from the bottom of the well rather than their more educated top, for they represent a very superiorist, class view of society which fits in with the political aspirations of both the upper business and legal class, taught in American universities as the desired form of national identity. (This is something else we didn’t know for sure in 2013, but do now.)

The original American way to wealth required a three-generation path of affluence, where it was the great grandkids who became the brats, who also supervised the downward spiral of the family name, prestige and wealth.

Pope Frank from Argentina reminds me of the original bargain between the Church and Spanish-Portuguese kings when they first conquered Paradise in the 1500s, and is perhaps why God left them out of the ground floor planning when the United States was formed in the latter quarter of the 18th Century.

They were never on the same page about human liberty. Still aren’t.

As you can tell, then, I’m simpatico to those kinds of dreams found at the bottom of the well. In the end, to be Americans, they turn out better.

But today it seems, from whatever station they began, they now come here politicized, as if they are owed something from us.

I prefer them to come here with work permits instead of chips on their shoulders. I am even less sympathetic when they arrive as part of a mule-train, or caravan, with sponsors waiting on the other side to place them wherever needed for other purposes having nothing to do with their dreams or America.

These days those “other plans” include votes. That secret is now out.

But fulfilled those dreams mean that within 2-3 generations their children will kneel and thank God that He has allowed this blessing for their House. Our country is filled with them already from over 100 years of crossings.

But I have nothing for the dreamers who attend our colleges, universities, even law schools, then perform for their political benefactors, strutting that being here is a birthright, or that by rights California or Texas are rightfully theirs.

In sorting these out, we must first clear the backlog of illegals already in the country.

Easy In (Ellis Isla del Norte):

Tell everyone illegal in this country who wants to live here on a work permit (most don’t want citizenship anyway) that he/she must simply show up at a certain place, prove his work history, get the high-tech equivalent of having his hand stamped, then return to Mexico, where he will then have that stamp counter-marked, then turn around and show up at a special port of entry, Ellis Isla del Norte, papers in hand, where he will be processed, from fingerprints to tongue depressers, to new passbook, then in 48-72 hours, to a waiting bus which will carry him to his destination, where he can be met by family or employers, or even the local Democrat Party crime boss, and go back to work.

Total turnaround time, 10-14 days, in an out, squeaky clean, total cost to the new legal immigrant no more than $2000 Yankee dollars, or about a month’s pay.

This provides an orderly but probing vetting process of people wanting to stay here, whether as permanent immigrants or temporary workers. Ask not “Why do you want to be in America?” but “Why do you want to be an American?’ “Or do you?”

After we have ended our moratorium on arrests, allowing illegals to turn themselves in, and all those are back at their jobs, then this Ellis Isla should change from be a small city to a small processing center, for instead of having to make the long, expensive and dangerous trip north from the tropical south of Central America they could simply apply for a place in line at their American Embassy or consulate, and then move north all together as a legal caravan.

This would shut down the cartel, mule part of the business of moving families to the border. Ellis Isla at the American border will be their last stop, not their first.

Why many even good illegals won’t accept this generous offer.

Now, the great unspoken truth about this “making all the illegals legal” is that probably no more than half will ever come out from the shadows and sign up to get their papers legalized.

There are several reasons for this. For one, a sizeable number are on the run already. When they get caught (again) their next stop is jail, not Juarez. But the majority, more than half, maybe, simply don’t believe Americano politicians. Will we keep our word?  After all, just ask the Indians.

And they’d be right. Mark Twain once said that Congress is America’s only native-born criminal class. And what you should consider about what Twain said is that at the time, Republicans had owned both chambers of Congress and the White House for nearly 50 years. A lying class, not just a lying party, it seems.

So, no matter how we cajole and reach out our hand, half of the illegals in the country will reject it, largely because they just don’t trust us. So what will happen to them?

Just as we will continue to find illegals in Kansas because they got drunk and ran over a pedestrian or child or broke into a store, all types of low-level crimes, we will have to set up a dragnet of sorts. 1-2 years at least. And the first place we will go will be to various states’ voter rolls. I’ll guarantee you even Idaho had a few hundred. (Blue States especially have unknowingly opened up a Pandora’s Box by inviting the feds to horn in on their election processes, but on this one point, and as long as our good guys are up on the horses and the Left is still afoot, I’m for cleaning out those poll rosters. Every state has some, a few blue states have over a million.)

Hard Out (Ellis Corral al Sur):

So how we treat the malingerers as well as the criminals who never intended to go back South unless in leg chains anyway is of great importance, for we want to send the message to all those making plans to sneak their way in, now that we BUILT THAT WALL, just wading that creek called the Rio Grande isn’t the only barrier anymore.

We need to make those people know by word of mouth, not radio or television PSA’s, that the chances they can sneak across are far smaller than were, and that once caught, even if just snoozing under a saguaro waiting to catch a ride to I-10, without even so much as a warrant issued, will be much more aggravating than they had ever imagined,

We need to make their sojourn there as unpleasant, as in tedious and boring, as allowable under the Geneva Conventions. If you need ideas, visit Russia’s lockups.

Drag out-processing time out, 20-45 days instead of 2-3 days in-processing at del Norte with a steady diet of baloney sammiches, gruel and warm tea, alongside a diet of Barry Manilow music to meld with the soft hint of lime wafting off the dung heap that is always one day late of being cleaned.

This is the story they will tell their amigos when finally they are released from Ellis Corral al Sur. 

Make it something they will never forget or ever want to revisit, but definitely tell the gangs in Tegucigalpa about.

Unlike Ellis Islas del Norte, which will be downsized over time, once the process becomes predictable, Ellis Corral al Sur will be left open indefinitely until every remaining illegal in hiding in the United States has been gathered up and out-processed.

But what about the Wall?

I won’t belabor this point. It must be built. It is the nuclear option that makes all the other pieces fit.

As long as there are totally corruptible, even criminal countries south of us, and all of them are likely to be that way for many years, or until another Pope from the former Soviet Bloc is invested in Rome, there will be thousands every month wanting to try their luck, willing to hire themselves out as mules in order just to get to the border.

Drug production will not abate because drug producers own virtually every state and federal office down there.

The border will be a war zone for many years to come. It will simply have to be a war we begin winning right away, as I believe this current administration intends to do.

New legislation should also clarify the “natural born” clause of the 14th Amendment, not to include children born to people living in the United States unlawfully, or on work or student permits, just as it is for citizens of other countries who are guests here because of duties in foreign embassies and consulates.

Congress should also establish that guest-workers will not be eligible for federal benefits, and if states wish to provide schooling and other social services for these immigrants, that no federal funds shall be used to reimburse states these costs. Immigrants on work permits should receive only the benefits their taxes pay for; local, state and federal.

And Congress should put a gun to the head, i.e, martial law, at states who allow voting in federal elections by non-citizens.

It will be nearly two years before we can regain control of the Congress, and this time for at least 40 years or until the party that replaces the Democrats can bring forth another Grover Cleveland, who actually loves America.

So think positive. This can be done.









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