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The Caravan; Options

In 2013 when Obama was still president, I offered a piece entitled Ellis Island del Norte, Ellis C0rral deu Sur laying how we could open an orderly, relatively fast portal coming into the United States, much like Ellis Island stationed just off New York City, where millions would pass through, but also many quarantined and returned. Then some distance from this peaceful portal, we could build a giant corral where the accommodations would be less pleasant, and the journey back South less appealing for those who had been captured here while trying to sneak in.

You may have forgotten that another caravan from Central America, about 1500, approached the United States via Mexico in April, and the Media followed them all the way to Tijuana, with the belief was that many would apply for asylum, then be processed and returned. Then the story  evaporated. “Fizzled” is a better word.

What we learned then was that Mexico was at best a feckless partner in keeping these well-funded caravans away from a border show-down.

So, yes, it’s not just Honduras’ fault, but Mexico’s, that these people are once again on the march and nearing our borders.

Mexico is in a pickle, because the current president, Nieto, is scheduled to leave office Dec 1, just 45 days from now, when the new Mexican president Obrador,  will  move in. Nieto, a young, good looking man, is remembered unfavorably for the corruption of his administration, and of the PRI, the ruling party of  Mexico for most of the period since 1934, while Obrador represents a new Party that has never been in power. A blank slate and while they have spoken on the phone, they have never met.

This makes it difficult for President Trump to put his foot down on the toes of a man who won’t be in office long, and if history tells us anything, from a party who could care less.

Options (actually my suggestions):

  1. Trump is correct to shut off the valve to direct aid to the offending central America countries. Besides, they steal 2/3rds of it anyway, just like Puerto Rico has for years, which we only seemed to learn once Trump was in office. Any assistance we give to those people for food or assistance should be through known aid agencies. Our people know the drill.
  2. Trump could try to interdict this caravan en route by “blighting their path”.  I like SKUNK, and Israeli-developed product, which, as shown in this anti-Israeli Al Jazeera article makes life inside one’s own clothes almost unbearable. I’ve promoted SKUNK for year against Occupy and Antifa groups, and knew of some guys on the west coast who worked on miniaturizing the spray into Sinex-sized bottle delivery systems. I’m sure we can come up with other ideas on short notice, but the general idea is to make this caravan’s life inside their own clothes unbearable, and considering their circumstances, 1000 miles in any direction away from a shower and change of clothes…they will lose their enthusiasm, and their desire to share the back end of a large truck with even 10 or 15 passengers who have been inoculated with Skunk. I think they call this a monkey wrench into the entire plan.
  3. Finally, back to my original 2013 post, the government can also erect a giant camp at some chosen port of entry…but ONLY ONE, Brownsville-Matamoras, Laredo, El Paso-Juarez, Nogales…the kind of camp Sheriff Joe built for county prisoners in Maricopa County…then pass them through the Ellis Island process, checking their papers (which Mexico says they presented to them when they crossed their frontier, so that Mexico could then give them a visa) a basic physical examination (since we’re seeing an uptick in diseases long believed to have been eradicated in America). Also check for tattoos. Poor people can’t, or shouldn’t be able to afford them. Finally determine who doesn’t speak Spanish, and isolate for immediate removal, especially Arabic, Russian and Erse. Within 200 miles also erect a center pointing South (del Sur) to repatriate them to the nearest Hell-hole not necessarily of their birth, since we can feel confident that not all these people are Honduran, any more than we can be certain many of these parents are actually real parents, where they will be repatriated into the sweet-unloving arms of people who speak like they do and look like they do, but otherwise could care less if the make their way back to their village in the highlands. In other words, blight their return path, so that will be the story people in their valley will hear.

I’m sure there are other suggestions. I get emails all the time of people who want to form a citizens’ militia. Not a good idea. Trump put the National Guard at the border in April. Remember when California said they wouldn’t send theirs? I have no reason to believe they will be allowed to cross as a mob or invasion force. Rush Limbaugh, who lives in deathly fear of what his extended circle of friends might think, and who do live on the words of the Washington Post and New York Times, believes that if even one child is harmed…as will most definitely happen if they are allowed to get close enough to turn into a mob, for it will someone from their side who will guarantee it, just as the Left has assets there who know the tricks of turning them into a mob….the media will turn this into a disaster for our side.

Rush is wrong. His extended circle of friends might change their vote, but not ordinary Americans of common sense and good conscience. We will blame any injury or death, adult or child, on the people who caused it; beginning with those children’s parents, the caravan organizers, its financiers, the Democrat Party, the worldwide Left, all the usual suspects, and they will still  vote against the Democrat and vote for the Trump manner of governing.

My suggestions are practical, not political. I favor setting loose the dogs of deterrence instead of war.  But they are based on what I do know, and that Donald Trump has this invasion well in hand.

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