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One Ring to Rule Them All

When a political end trumps personal destruction of the innocent, we know we are among evil people, from Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, to DiFi, to CNN and dozens more.

The cynical indifference to the infliction of pain and suffering on innocent people is the greatest sin…

…cold blooded murder or rape not even close seconds…for it is a judgment against the greater society.

It’s not that there is still not a scintilla of evidence that supports the assault claim by Ms Christine Blasey-Ford, for that only points the finger of guilt at her. A single soul lost to burn. Happens every day.

But when men and women, feigning conscience and good faith can hide behind their high offices in the fortress of an institution seen by the People as the fountain of law and justice and honor, and are not only willing but attempting to destroy good men and their entire families for a shallow political end, or perhaps only for mere spite and malice of a personal nature, they are betraying everything that is holy to this Republic.

I know what you’re thinking, I’d like to be building the scaffold right now, but we really need to diagram these people so as to better understand their Game:

Ayn Rand, in her 1971 essay, “The Age of Envy” and which I referred to as “Children of the Damned” in my 2013 essay, diagrammed these players.

Haters: Miss Rand portrayed the school culture of Christine Blasey as that of privileged spoiled children, only in high school, as Christine was a few years away from being taught the hate part in college, only the self-indulgence part, K-12. The appetizer before the entrée.

Still, in the end “They hated the Good…for being Good.”

Appeasers: People like Jeff Flake (there are many others in the political class like him) who are cynical about goodness and love, and who measure everything in terms of some profit to their self-interests. A friend suggested I throw John Kasich in there, too. And, as I mentioned recently, they have absolutely no concern about the destruction of innocent lives and families, just so long as there is no blood and no fingerprints. A destroyed life is a mere statistic, with no stated COD by a coroner.

“The cynical indifference to the infliction of pain and suffering on innocent people is the greatest sin…”

The roll-out of the Kavanaugh hearings provide all you’ll need to diagram a who’s-who for yourself.

Profiteers: In these days it’s easy to confuse to the two, Appeaser and Profiteers, for day-to-day they appear to be on the same team, but on deeper inspection they are not.

Unlike Appeasers, who are largely craven Republicans, Diane Feinstein and Charles Schumer and other like them have a higher calling than Self. Shall we call it a Corporate Team? They too are making lots of money and wielding lots of power in their endeavors, only for the objectives of the Team. So they are satisfied with role-playing, and never becoming chief executive.

They are statists, but they are not ideologues who believe in some new cosmic construct of the human universe. Therefore, they believe the Game in which they’re playing can be played on forever.

And they believe the Haters are their armies, their useful idiots, and as long as the Game remains never-ending there is a mutual bond among them, Haters, Appeasers and Profiteers.

They never even consider connecting the last dot, that this may not be so. Cognitive dissonance.

Manipulators: These are the true ideologues, the true believers, and even today no one can be sure, for instance, whether Barack Obama is of this class, or a mere Profiteer, for no one really knows if he is genuinely smart, or deep and perceptive enough to be a true Manipulator or not. But he was raised as a Hater, albeit cum laude, the best of his class, and probably the first of his class in politics.

A Poseur?

Miss Rand never foresaw a class of Poseurs in her day. But in her day she may also never have been able to envision the god-awful power of the Manipulators in the universities, or the putty-like malleability of their subjects.

Christine Blasey is but one of millions of Haters the Manipulators have produced since the 1960s, their production growing annually since those days.

And Manipulators believe they control the final outcome. They believe they are the holders of the One Ring that Rules them all.

Because Manipulators are the principle designers and constructors of the institutions who can spit out Haters like Saruman spit out the Uruk-Hai in the fires beneath Isengard, Manipulators believe, come show-time, they hold the hole card, the Haters, and that the Appeasers and Profiteers, simply because they never had any higher cause than themselves, will hedge their bets and ally with Manipulators, simply on the likelihood they will be on the winning side.

Meaning Appeasers and Profiteers will be the ones the alligator eats last.

It’s not for me to say they sense a quickening, or simply wish for one at this point in history.

But the cause of this rush to a quickening is Donald Trump, and I say, better now than later, for their affairs are not in as good order as they think.

And Christine Blasey-Ford has proved it.


(I’m being political here, but we have a non-political site at VeteransTales.org, where we would appreciate if you’d drop by and make a small donation of $10-$20 to help keep that project alive. You might even be enlightened. There is a link between what we’re watching in Washington and veterans reaching out to young people about several things they’ve been taught to hate the last several years.

(We’d do a GoFundMe page, but Blasey-Ford and Soros have sucked the life out of that medium.)



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