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Donald Trump Knows

One of the most read articles at my VassarBushmills.com website wasn’t written by me. (Figures.) Even though it was first published at “American Spectator” in July, and Dov Fisher is a well-known rabbinical thinker and lawyer, every morning I get out of bed to see that several people have been by just to read his essay.“Everyone is Smart Except Donald Trump”. Read it. It has a Leo Rosten, “Education of H*Y*M*A*N* K*A*P*L*A*N* lilt to it, very clever and astute.

One does not have to be a Donald Trump zealot to like what Rabbi Dov writes, for he is ever so sardonically poking fun at all those people who make fun of Donald Trump, and with great wit proves the obvious, that in order to make fun of Donald Trump everyone has to make things up about him that aren’t true.

I think there’s a clinical definition of people who do that.

Moreover, there are more than one kind of lie involved in those accusations, which we’ll have to discuss some other time.

For our purposes here it should suffice that Donald Trump is a very smart guy.

In fact, he’s probably gifted, in the same way Mozart or Einstein were gifted; a natural ability to see sheet music or chalkboards full of equations in their minds without ever having to put those things down on paper.

These are not things people learn by studying hard. It’s a gift. A photographic memory is such a gift, so is the ability to speed read, to digest an entire book in a very short period of time.

Now, Donald Trump’s father gave him a million dollars and turned that into several billion. Most all the people who are smarter than Donald Trump (according to Dov Fisher) can’t really think in such huge terms anymore than they can conceive of “time” as Einstein defined it mathematically. But Trump turning a million into fifteen billion is the equivalent of a guy starting out with $1000, and turning it into $15 million.

These days Harry Reid or Dick Gephardt are more likely to be able to that than Bill Gates.

And that is the threat Donald Trump (and his kind) poses, for the government class thought they had sufficiently attached strings to all the other great creative minds.

Donald Trump left a paper trail of his skills. He was a builder, and building involves not only raising money, dealing with bankers and contracts, but also with blueprints, architects and engineers. Apparently he mastered them all, and rarher effortlessly, considering his gift.

I worked inside a billion dollar manufacturing company and we built several factories in my ten years. We had a senior VP who was in charge, but that was only part of his duties. He had a team who took care of all the logistics. And there were three levels of “readers” and “lawyers” who dealt with contracts and site analyses. The VP sat in on meetings, read executive summaries, and then signed off.

He never signed a contract and no one in the company knew every aspect of that factory that was being built.

I think Donald Trump did.

Again, that gift. Trump was recognized as the best contracts-reader in the business, going back many years.

What this means, and I’m sure very few have stopped to consider it, or Rabbi Dov would never have had to bother with his essay, is that simply by being able to read and comprehend architects’ plans and contracts himself, Trump could shave hours, days, weeks and months off the time it took to bring a project on line, not to mention not needing a staff of readers to first read, then give the boss a summarized version of what they read. Less red tape, in government-speak.

There are other dimensions to this gift.

For you see, both the pro-Trump and anti-Trump world, not to mention the pro-Truth world, are all agog about the current political/investigations investigations (plural) going on, for they all seem to be goijng off in various directions, and if you believe the media, on contradictory tracks.

For instance, there are reports of evidence now pretty well established among the general public, that are just one short indictment-and-trial away from convicting several high and mid-level members of the government, including Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama, themselves.

Pro-Trumpers are pawing at the ground and stamping their feet, wanting to know if Trump is aware of all these revelations, but more, does he understand the importance of these facts?  And why hasn’t he acted? Where are the indictments, dammit? Who’s keeping Trump in the dark? Who’s tying his hands?

At the same time, really weird theories are being floated for annulling the Trump presidency entirely, Constitution be damned, from what were at one time considered to be some of the brightest stars in the Left’s constellation.

Well, Lady Penguin, a founder, writer and editor at UnifiedPatriots.com is a “reader”, too. A very keen reader. And she reads every Donald Trump tweet.

And she had developed a unified theory about Donald Trump a long time ago, which dovetails (sic) with Dov Fisher’s suggestions about how stupid Donald Trump really is.

A unified theory is one in which one must examine every component of a theory, and subject those components to constant reexamination, to insure the general theory is still valid. Let one component fail, or change, say Trump’s relationship with Jeff Sessions, which seems to change daily if you read his Tweets one way, and the entire theory fails. So far Penguin has refused to cave into the call for Sessions’ head.

I concur.

Oh, it may eventually come to pass, but I agree that Trump and Sessions have not yet reached that crucible, nor should they feel a false sense of urgency to do so when there are still things to learn, and new names and events to be made public.

For you see, as Lady Penguin has learned, Donald Trump knows far more than most of his fans think he knows. And she believes he is using Tweets as bread crumbs, to let the really discerning readers to know that he knows. Each Tweet lets out a new acorn, to be eaten and digested by discerning readers. Clues.

To wit: after Bruce Ohr’s closed-door testimony to Congress this past week, Trump tweeted (my paraphrase) that Nellie Ohr was “well paid.”

What this indicates, among other things, is that Donald Trump does not read mere intelligence summaries provided by the agencies and staff, but in all likelihood reads the entire reports, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, and retains it all.

And then assesses it.

The gift.

My unified theory of Donald Trump consists broadly of a belief that he is 100% sincere in his allegiance to his voters, the people who elected him. (I’ll save the why’s of that for another time, except to say, for many of America’s political and intellectual elites, right and left, this is a kind of political treason to actually prefer the common folk over the political class.),

My unified theory also includes a list of known crimes, triable crimes, the sorts that require no unnamed sources to gain an indictment, the sorts for which there is already hard evidence that Trump voters know to exist and expect to be used in court to gain convictions; crimes ranging from perjury, to statutory violations, to lending aid to enemies of the United States, the sorts of crimes where we can actually throw the book at a few.

This is where almost all of Trump’s base want these investigations to go.

My best guess, as I have stated before is that Jeff Sessions, and others, know full well what would happen to them if they attempted to detour Trump from this compact with his voters.

It would be no contest as to who he would choose.

That crossroads has not been reached yet, no matter how school-yard impatient some conservative television personalities are that he has not.

Lady Penguin in right, Trump is not in the dark. Trump knows.





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