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The Natural Law Case for Violence Against AntiFa

In some instances the only thing that will work is some form of violence.

Think about it. America was born because a few Americans planted their swords, not their pens, into a set of ideas, and took up the practice of armed violence, a thing about which most of them knew very little.

Now, I don’t have that level of violence in mind. In the first place, I don’t think it’s necessary, and unless Antifa, Black Lives Matter or any other radical group can hit a watermelon from 150 yards, or can carry out small unit tactics in three different types of terrain, I can’t see it happening. Ever.

I’m not talking about that type of violence. but rather, a moral justification for violence as found in Nature.

Sometimes it is elevated to a moral necessity, when there simply is no other way to accomplish a thing. Preserving freedom is most definitely one of them.

So let’s just say that the threat of violence should always be on the table, and we cannot project that threat if we reject violence out of hand simply because some radicals have already used violence as their own calling card to achieve a political purpose.

I certainly reject riots as a legitimate form of violence, along with several other types.

About AntiFa

One of my favorite television news commentators is Tucker Carlson of Fox News, because he showcases the IYI (Intellectual Yet Idiot- Nassim Nicolas Taleb) wing of Leftism. They are at the center of the Antifa (“anti-fascist”) movement in America.

One the one hand, they are easy to mock, but on the other, as the tail of a venomous snake, something to be very concerned about.

When a kid takes a gig with AntiFa, if only for that first weekend in Portland, at $15/hour, it’s not just for the props and make-up he gets to dress up in, which are cool. It’s also because he gets to rub elbows with other self-proclaimed “intellectuals”; i.e., Taleb’s IYI’s. It’s a kind of validation. So next week, when he meets up with students on campus, and he tells them he’s been baptized “an intellectual”, and they say, “are not”, and he replies “are too”, back and forth until he produces that pic on his cell, wearing that fine, new, bandana, they have to step back in admiration.

Are, too. (Look at that firm crease. Right off the AntiFa  show-room floor.)

Maybe it’s FoxNews policy, or maybe it’s a deeply held belief by Mr Carlson, but Tucker seems to convey that there is no justification for violence even as a counter to the violence of Antifa.

As a tactical matter, I agree, but not because violence would be wrong, but that it would be stupid to confront them at a place of their choosing. Especially when the police are covering their flanks, and securing a safe retreat.

It’s supposed to be the police job to grab a few by the scruff of the neck, crack a few noggins, rip those handkerchiefs off their faces, none too politely, then haul them off to the paddy wagon. But as we’ve seen, when finally met with a police presence that means it, they generally turn and go away, leaving a few of their comrades in police clutches, to face an arrest but still be home in time for Monday classes. Kabuki dance, settles nothing.

Which had been a tried and tested Code Pink practice, their feminist members stashing get-out-of-jail money for a mad-weekend dash to Chicago, St Louis or Washington, ever since George W was president. Trust-fund Antifa babies have similar financial safety nets. Most won’t have to work for a living, so like missionaries, can give their lives over to social justice. So, after a riot, a good time is generally had by all, much like 60s radicals sitting around in a garage, passing around a bottle of Jim Beam, reliving (“with advantages”) the events from earlier in the day. Ask P J O’Rourke.

So, there is something uncomfortably un-deterring with this kind of criminal-police theater. Nothing is deterred, nothing ism resolved. Nor is it supposed to. Although I think AntiFa’s novitiates like the manly derring-do those bandanas infer, the old-timers who came up with Occupy in 2011-2012, and have already changed their uniforms and operational MO’s at least once, will do it again, and morph into yet another iteration of violence and intimidation.

And they are the core….of the tail of the viper.

I believe the AntiFa, and their handlers-sponsors-counselors at the university level represent a far more sinister threat than many GenX and GenY observers  imagine. Although awfully inviting, I don’t believe holding them up to mockery will deter their true objectives.

I see the threat posed by movements such as AntiFa in a more ominous light, carrying with me the generational experience of having grabbed a few bulls by the horns. As my father, who fought in World War II, saw my generation as rather lackadaisical in our response to the international threat of communism, which, believe it or not, was the actual cause for the war in Vietnam, it took me until my mid-to-late 40s to concede that my (less-educated but more experienced) dad was right, and extenuation of a war begun years before I was born.

As a bulwark to this threat, also like my father, I assumed the state would teach my children America’s essential history in public schools, never believing until it was too late that with every passing graduating class, our history was being diluted until it was eventually redefined, discredited or simply stricken from many schools’ curricula altogether.

Howard Zinn’s Peoples History of the United States (a very leftist view) is taught in public schools all over the country while Schweikart & Allen’s Patriot’s History of the United States, best seller, mind you, must still be purchased from on-line book stores, when the reverse should be true. We’re told that what passes for American History, Civics and Government are taught in public schools, but we know not two in ten students can name any of the three branches of government, or name a single right protected by the First Amendment. As we speak, plans are already being drawn up as to how best to remove the names of Jefferson and Washington from those histories, and Lord only knows how they will rewrite Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War so as not to mention the name of the political party he represented and who first called for the abolition of slavery. It’s only a matter of when., and at which school district first. Rush Limbaugh even crows that this void in public education has boosted the sales of his “Rush Revere” series, more or less conceding the fight lost for the captive American audience. Richard Dreyfus had formed the Civics Initiative, which actually makes our system of government relevant to young students, is wallowing in public neglect while the Left-run state education apparatus owns our childrens’ minds for eight hours a day, nine months out of the year, teaching them irrelevant swill about white privilege and Bambi’s two mommies.

This is what it’s all about. We must take back those institutions.

But in such vital areas of preserving the culture, we cannot rely on a private marketplace to provide what public policy should insist upon. The state has controlled a captive audience of nearly 100% of our children for over 50 years, without the approval of parents. Where are the citizens-in-bandanas storming the gates of Congress, state legislatures, school boards, university administrations, and yes, even the individual academic departments that provide institutional cover for the types of IYI’s showcased by Tucker Carlson? We need an army of grumpy-but-civilized citizens with at least the threat of violence stomping their way into City Hall and other public buildings, demanding action.

Ayn Rand proved to us that university administrators at Berkeley in ’64, respond in predictable way to fear, reinforced as recently as Charlottesville, 2017. We know it works.

Tucker recently introduced us to an interesting creature by the name of Mike Isaacson, who professed to be a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. I looked up his vitae and his published papers. He’s not a professor, but a lecturer, in the same sense I was a “professor” in the early 90’s, teaching American Government to black mothers so they could get an associate degree, get a job and get off AFDC.

His psycho-babble reminded me of Professor Irwin Corey, (a genuine communist, by the way.)

corey - Copy


About that Fa in Anti-Fa

Like other Carlson guests, e.g., the fair Laura Beth Nielson of Northwestern, Isaacson claims to justify Antifa violence on her vast knowledge and hatred of fascism.

Which is largely bogus…both the history and the hatred. For you see, Antifa ain’t. It’s “pro-fa” by every understanding I, going back to FA Hayek, know about fascism. It seems, modern fascism, as an interpretation, didn’t begin until after these millennials were born, late 1990s, and those interpretations were nothing similar to how fascism was described contemporaneously, in the 1920s and 1930s.

Unlike Marxism, there was not a lot of ideological foundation for fascism (Italy 1920s) or Nazism (Germany 1930s). Its founders (Mussolini and Hitler) were lower middle class seekers of political power, IYI’s at best. Mussolini was actually the better-read of the two, and with no deep-seated straw-man hatred as Hitler had for the Jews. Both differentiated their brand of socialism from the Soviet brand based on a xenophobic notion of nationalism, which the open borders, internationalist Soviet communists despised. And being middle class and taken by the trappings of wealth produced by capitalism, fascists found it much better to control the market place and take a healthy cut rather than own the means of production, which the Soviets did with incredible incompetence and catastrophic results, insuring shortages for all.

When the USSR fell in 1992, they were already drifting toward fascism

There was never a unified economic doctrine underlying fascism. By the 1950s the world’s finer economists, like Hayek, tended to agree that rather than being the polar opposite of Marxism (by Stalinist standards, as Marx never knew fascism, only capitalism) communism was deemed to be a condition-precedent to fascism and not the other way around. Fascism is where socialism goes next after it fails. This is consistent with what we have witnessed with first the EU and later, Obama and the rise of “global capitalism”. Hillary was to have been our next step in that direction. Unless we succumb, the EU will be the universal case study for how socialism morphs into fascism.

So while it is very feel-good to mock people like Pencil-neck Isaacson and the Fair Laura Beth, we must consider their foundational structure a bit more seriously. While a bunch of trust-babies beating up other trust-babies in kumite-dances in the streets of Berkeley may have a comical overtone, they are the Left’s real street terror wing in the university, and may someday become their armed-confrontation wing.

This begs the larger question about the threat of violence, however gentle it might be applied,

What are citizens supposed to do when the police won’t stop it, the courts won’t punish it, and the educational institutions won’t prevent it, in fact, actively sponsor and proliferate it?

And our elected officials, almost uniformly, are afraid to change the systems?

The Justified Bloody Nose speaks to certain natural laws involved with violence, namely that when one crosses a certain legal or moral line, everything after that becomes a crap-shoot. There are no certainties, no immunities, no guaranteed protections.

When the Left breaks the law, they know they are breaking the law, but that it is nonetheless morally justified. Their first problem of argument is that they don’t have a higher Authority to justify it, so feel immune from only earth-bound types of sanctions. That’s their security blanket, they think they have that under control, then all of a sudden, out of nowhere comes a forearm shiver to the chops.

Because of this one oversight in logic, regardless of where found, from AntiFa Apprentice 3rd Grade to the current occupant of the Bill Clinton Chair of Feminist Studies at Amherst, they are vulnerable. That they fight like girls, and have never known the pain of a rolled up newspaper to the nose, at the one end, to the stench of fresh shite on the pant-leg of their brand new Giorgio Armani Pindot Plaid Wool Two-Piece Suit that they just purchased from Neiman Marcus for $2950 at the other, nothing else will matter once they learn they cannot know who did it, and worse, upon opening the afternonn mail, they then learn why.

Depending on the sin, sometimes one dead rosebush is enough, but often more than one will be required to make them stop.

But the university system represented by Prof Irwin Cory (above), both in the classroom and on the street, poses special problems.  Sometimes we have to make them leave the field altogether.

Blight their path

Our mission, should you agree to accept it, is to blight their path, to make each day like a morning toothache or a hangover, a dread to get out of bed and having to face it the coming day.

Like most petty bureaucrats in government, AntiFa students are likely one-and-done, one bloody nose and they’re outta here. Not very committed in the first place, once caught and knowing someone out there knows who there are and where they live, they will likely no longer be players in the Left’s great game.

But with college professor-teachers, their crimes are like vagrancy, a crime of status. They will go back be the same vagrant missionaries of the dark until they are relentlessly driven from the game.

With hundreds of them on most campuses, by just little things, forcing them to drive ’97 Toyota’s to work to keep their BMW’s keyed, or egged, taking alternate routes, changing all sorts of habits, all the while slowly descending into a paranoid hell of fearing to open any door, to frequent any old haunt, and to hear things go bump in the night when there isn’t anything there, such a relentless assault will take its toll…for they were never potty-trained to withstand such a mental assault..

These we should drive to despair, to quit their jobs and go somewhere else, maybe to Best Buy, or perhaps a private university that has not yet been caught up in new pro-American wave of rectitude. Show them no pity.

It’s a target rich environment if you’ll only stop to consider what a few little misdemeanors can do to thwart this invasion. And yes, it can get violent, but just a little, if you’re so disposed. I have no moral problem with killing a rosebush, or skunking an arrogant SOB’s tailored jacket, or a beyotch’s Gucci purse, if I can make them afraid of what lurks out there in the night.

There are rules for your safety, but also things you need to know about intelligence gathering, anonymity, keeping your mouth shut, and personal security, which I’ve been outlining for years.

But in the university system, AntiFa is just the tail of the snake. And those teaching “professors’ such as the Fair Beth and Irwin Cory are the bowel section of the snake, working up the colon to full professors.

To defeat them requires a two-front war, one from the bottom, blighting their path, the other, by citizens in bandanas, forcing the issue from the top down, where legislature and administrations meet.

This is a must-do if we are to restore our country.

Give fear a chance.

(If you need more information, drop me a note. Have Rolled -up Newspaper, Will Travel.


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