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Is it Time to be Like Ike and call in the Troops to Protect Citizens’ Right to Assemble?

A Patriot’s Prayer Rally has been scheduled for Aug 26 in a park near Golden Gate Bridge. (Jonathan Turley discusses the legal side.) Nancy Pelosi has called for the permits to be revoked, calling this a “white supremacist” rally, even though only 1 of the 5 lead organizers and speakers are white. What Nancy is really doing is sounding the dog whistle for West Coast Antifa mobs to descend on the park and break up the prayers, and a few heads too boot.

Of course, expect California police to stand by at a safe distance and watch since that’s all they’ve ever done at other California venues-for-violence.

In 1957 Ike called up the 101st Airborne to escort a little black girl into a school in Little Rock. Governor, Orval Faubus. Senator, Bill Clinton’s mentor, J William Fulbright.

In 1962 and 63, JFK federalized the National Guard to insure James Meredith could enter the University of Mississippi. Governor, Ross Barnet, governor, who even signed an order prohibiting Mississippi State’s basketball team to play in the NCAA tournament against a team with black players, Loyola of Chicago. (They sneaked out and played anyway.)

And JFK sent in troops to cause Governor George Wallace to step away from the doors of the University of Alabama denying two other blacks admission.

Both Ike and JFK predicated their decisions on keeping the peace, protecting the innocent and preventing anarchy. Forced segregation was the subtext.

Oh, James Meredith is a lifelong Republican. And those governors? All Democrats, direct descendants of the pillars of the Democrat Party as founded in 1824, on the Missouri Compromise’s guarantee that slavery would always exist, i.e., that no new free state could be admitted unless a slave state were also added.

Some suggest that this is what the Democrat’s are hoping to bury now, alongside all those confederate statues, that those officers were all original Democrats, which was the party of the Confederacy.

What most southerners don’t know is the while they honor their soldiers and heroes in the Civil War, in the few short years of its existence the Confederate government was a dyed-in-the-wool tyrannical, authoritarian nightmare, suspending civil rights in every state they controlled. And against blacks, Jim Crow carried that control into the 1960s.

Ike and JFK buried it, turning an unrestrained evil into a contained evil, diminished in size, political power and intellectual allure. Today, that doctrine of hate counts only in the few thousands, no longer millions, only barely literate, and unable to breed. Totally contained.

So when someone screams at you that there cannot have been two co-equal evils at Charlottesville, as Donald Trump proclaimed, in a sense, he was wrong, and they are right: Unrestrained Evil is always much worse than Contained Evil. Do the math.

To regain lost power, Democrats have unleashed a new evil on all of America, which goes by many names, Antifa on the street, and at Davos, fascism. So far it has been unrestrained.

So,  should Donald Trump federalize troops in California?

Sounds good to me. We know it works.

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