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Mika and Donald Trump, a Tempest in a Teapot

I’ve always said Trump needs a Ben Franklin in his board room and Newt Gingrich once again has proved that he’s the one, explaining Donald Trump exactly right…especially since he agrees with me in defining Donald Trump’s basic instincts.

About President Trump’s now-famous tweet about Mika and Joe, particularly Mika’s facelift, Newt commented to Tucker Carlson that President Trump is 80%-90% correct with his tweets, so should continue with them. But he messes up once in a while.

Four steps forward, then maybe one step back.

Considering his evisceration of the national media, without help from almost anyone, I’ll take that.

Examining his steps backwards, it should be noted that when he shoots himself in the foot, those wounds heal quickly. This latest reminds me of Winston Churchill’s ongoing war of words with Lady Astor, who, if you don’t know, was an American citizen who moved to England, married wealth and became the first female member of Parliament, and strident, snooty political enemy of Churchill.

No one ever accused Sir Winston of being a boorish philistine, still…

At a function both attended Churchill had had too much to drink, and during a caustic exchange with Lady Astor, she said, “Winston, you’re drunk”, to which he replied “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”

Trump has said essentially the same thing to Ms Brzezinski (and Megyn Kelly, once upon a time) so we know the impact of this comment will have staying power only among the coven wing of the Democrat and media Left, and that portion of the chattering classes who are offended by Donald Trump anyway.

Mika Brzezinski is suddenly the media’s new Kardashian girl, her mug in every tabloid. Now she can be picked out of a lineup standing next to Meryl Streep. But in view of the downward spiral in popularity and visibility taken by Megyn Kelly in less than two years, and who can now go to Walmart without her Foster Grants, one wonders if the same fate awaits Mika once the her celebrity wears off, as Trump moves off to offend the world’s obese by fat-shaming Kim Jong-un, the unindicted extortionist and murderer from North Korea.

If you are a Trump supporter and was embarrassed by his tweet about Mika, you’re correct to feel that way, but don’t self-reflect too deeply. Charles Krauthammer said Trump shamed America, when he really meant to say “Trump shamed his America”. He said “the world” was embarrassed, but really only the world’s chattering classes are embarrassed, made up largely of government and corporate bureaucrats who read the German, French, or British versions of the New York Times.

Donald Trump is the “ex officio” leader of the world’s huddled masses yearning to be free of the yoke of those same bureaucrats. Once upon a time, before Obama and a few others, that was a permanent position of the American president. Dr Krauthammer should know that, but he’s to let his thirst for “style” get in his way.

So while Trump poked at Mika’s vanity, she and boyfriend Joe had been on an unrelenting attack on Trump for “destroying the country” only in a more sophisticated tone that seemed civilized compared to Trump’s coarseness in pointing out her difficulties with her personal appearance.

To the extent this was ever a real story to the Americans who actually follow cable news, it broke generally the same as the national vote did in November. For Trump voters it will soon fade. Three-four days. For Trump haters, the Left, the Media, feminists, Never Trumpsters, it will linger on, perhaps for years. I’m sure there is some old-goat feminist on Park Avenue  who’s still steaming about what the sexist Winston said to Lady Astor, “The very idea.?”



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