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If It Sneaks in the Night like a Raid, and Targets Like a Raid

It’s a raid. Dammit.

And not a war.

A raid is designed to achieve a limited objective. Raids are not impetuous, born of anger or moral indignation…so no, Ivanka seeing children dead from gas did not prompt this raid.

Entebbe was a raid. The Israelis didn’t invade Uganda, just snatched some hostages and killed some bad guys then took the hostages home. In and out in a few hours. Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25 attack on Tokyo in 1942 was also a raid. Just a message that we’re coming, and what’s coming with us when we finally could invade. Hell showed up two short years later.

The Dirty Dozen went on a raid. They didn’t invade Germany. Just a big hotel for horny generals. Richard Burton carried out a raid on Rommel. In fact, every he-man Hollywood actor carried out raids on Rommel. Or at Navarone. Or Heartbreak Ridge. Clint Eastwood in Grenada reminds me that Reagan’s incursion there was also a raid, not a takeover, not even a war, even though Cuba lost a bunch of soldiers. The UN condemned us and Canada disapproved. Even England (Margaret Thatcher) which proves that even great minds can disagree and stay friends.

Laying one across an enemy’s bow is a raid. One and done. John Calipari, call your office, you’ve been plagiarized.

In the past 15 years how many raids have been carried out by Israel alone against Syria and Iran? How many wars have resulted? How many nuclear holocausts have been deterred? Delayed? How many UN or Democrat Party condemnations resulted by Israel doing the same thing as Donald Trump has just done?

Raids are usually good. Some say that America’s first raid was in 1804 when American Marines went aboard the hijacked USS Philadelphia in Tripoli harbor and scuttled her to deny the Barbary pirates use of its guns. Same crap, just different century.

Wars are usually bad unless they’re to the finish, with only a last man standing. And America’s that last man. I keep trying to point this out to front-office Republicans.

Getting the peoples of the world’s panties in a bunch because there might be a war is bad. Getting the media and Trump haters’ panties in a wad that there might be a war is dishonest.

Which a number of jilted Trump supporters have undertaken to do anyway, only not against this raid mind you, but for starting World War III…on purpose. The Syrian gas attack was a false flag we’re told. It didn’t really happen. Even the Syrians and Russians admit there was gas at that town, only not Syria’s, but stolen gas buried by rebels (ISIS, AQ, MB, who knows?). This is plausible, but I’m not clairvoyant and DoD has on-the-ground knowledge I can’t possibly know. Still, the jiltees say the purpose of this raid was to justify putting 150,000 boots on the ground, and restart, or finish, what Bush had begun in 2003.

How do we know this?

Well, the usual suspect; clairvoyance. I won’t name names, but am a little surprised, for as a criminal trial lawyer for many years, I can tell the difference between evidence and wishful thinking, probative proof and folderol. Trial judges will break your knuckles if you try the latter.

But apparently, the internet is more forgiving. All I know is that God trembles when men and women claim greater insight into the heart of Donald Trump than even He can discern.

But with anger, not respect.


It was just a raid, folks. One and done.




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