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Michael Goodwin Brings Reality and Unreality Full Circle to Russian Hacking

Michael Goodwin’s New York Post Jan 8 article “Democrats Wage anti-Trump Campaign for their Own Gain” is an important read for several reasons. It ties up the real position of Donald Trump, on the one hand, and the Democrat-Media Axis on the role of Russian government involvement in the 2016 election, on the other, into a neat bundle.

Moreover, for voters who may think the Democrats and Media may actually be able to change the new layout of the playing field our election win has drawn, it reaffirms what we’ve been saying here since November 8- that our world is divided into two realities, one real, based 0n observable facts, the other imaginary, based on a potful of psychological images, none of which are based on anything any more difficult to understand than wishful thinking.

Our side represents the reality, but the Democrat’s ability to lure into their web some appointees of the intelligence community, and not a few career bureaucrats, which we’ll have to deal with in due course, tells us how deeply this psychopathy for power really runs.

This is why, no matter how Donald Trump turns out in the end, we should be eternally grateful to him…not because he is up there on that horse instead of Hillary, but because he has placed us up there alongside him, not only because we can ride those whiny cretins afoot down, (figuratively speaking, in a rolled-up-newspaper, justified bloody nose sort of way) but we can finally crawl out from under our beds, where the left and media had more or less frightened us into hiding the past several years. We can view the battlefield now as a general might view his soldiers from a high point, which is how the world looks from a horse. “Yonder is (General) Jackson, like a stone wall.”

I don’t want to go all French nobility on the metaphor of being a cavalryman (chevalier), but you will have to admit, looking back over the past 60 days, since November 9, the world does take on a different aspect once you’re up here, and they’re down there….just inviting us to run them down.

Feels kinda nice, huh?

Don’t lose that, because that is how it is, and there is nothing the Democrats can take from us that will change it.

But we can surrender it, beginning with our elected representatives.

Just remember our elected representatives are also mounted, only, and understand this, we get to define their mounts.

If Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are riding war horses, remind them they do so at the people’s sufferance. Remind them that their natural mount, according to the Constitution, is on Sancho Panza’s burro, plodding alongside their master.

Hold onto this image. They can all be replaced, or made irrelevant by being demoted to riding a jackass. Republicans like Lindsay Graham and John McCain, who want to form their own flying column need to be reminded of this fact as well. The R and D no longer matter, only the ability to tell a fact from a delusion.

For too long Democrats were able to enlist the aid of the media, who, under the theory that they could destroy anyone they could create, had the majority of Republican believing the media, and not the voters, were their real sugar-daddies.

In November we cut that chord, rendering the media irrelevant, and through them, the Democrat power over our elected Republicans. Never let those Republicans forget this.

It’s from this aspect, on horseback, that we can best understand what Michael Goodwin is saying…actually warning…namely that the Left, Democrats, and media will be unrelenting…because of that incessant buzzing in their ears, and that they now seem to have enlisted the support of at least the upper echelons of our intelligence community to support that fantasy about who’s really on top here. Power is an opiate, and coming down off of it the most violent form of psychosis.

In that sense, this entire Russian hack narrative is psychotic, and dangerous, but it does tell us, thanks to Michael Goodwin, to what lengths the Democrats, Left, media, and even purported patriotic intelligence professionals (James Clapper excluded,…sorry, he lied in the Benghazi hearings, so he’s a known political quantity, not an intelligence professional) ,are willing to go, under the political understanding that that has actually been the rule going forward the past 8 years anyway, that there are no foreign threats that actually imperil the political class in the United States anyway.

Trump picking a hard-on-Russia hawk Dan Coats as James Clapper’s successor as Director of National Intelligence destroys the narrative the Media-Democrats Axis want to portray, i.e., that Trump is Putin’s pal and wants to go easy on Russia. And as I have been asking for weeks now, why would Putin prefer Trump over Hillary in the first place?

Trump has been saying there is no evidence that the Russia government hacked the 2016 election, not that they haven’t been trying to propagandize public opinion, as Obama clearly did in the Brexist vote in England and the Israeli elections a couple of years back, even lending staff tlo help Netanyahu’s opponents. (He lost in each venture.)

A host of tech groups have joined the chorus against the idea that real proof exists of Russian hacking,

Critiques of the DHS/FBI’s GRIZZLY STEPPE Report

WordFence; Election Hack Report FAQ: What You Need to Know and

ARS Technica: White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election

(h/t Philip Choire)

Michael Goodwin provides the motives and the inherent dangers when the intelligence community joins one side or the other in this debate…especially the side that has no bases in fact for their position.

So rejoice, dear hearts, because this makes Trump’s position going forward all the more sensible, including his decision to wait until he can get credible leadership inside those agencies before developing a policy…

….and the people’s decision November 8 to move back toward reality, all the more wise.

Not bad for C-students. huh?.

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