All the News That’s Fit to Print

 The answer to every question begins with a unified theory, and the question today is just what are the forces arrayed against the American people today, and what role does the mainstream media play in it?

You see, we’d been wrong the past several years.

In 2012 we didn’t know about the extent of the GOP’s mutual relationship with the Democrats (what we call the Establishment). So, we doubled down in the midterms, handing the GOP everything it asked for, only to watch them cement their relationship with the Dems even stronger. But it has only been in the past twelve months, forced by the rise of Donald Trump (again, love him or hate him, he causes people to reveal their true selves) that the depth of that mutual relationship has been made crystal clear. The GOP-Democrat love-fest is so deep and intertwined that we can no longer consider this to be a simple fight between Right and the Left, considering that “the American left” now seems to be to the right of Mussolini.

With propagandists like Dr Goebbels at WAPO, New York Times and Wall Street Journal, (even old-generation liberal Michael Goodwin, of the New York Post, has slammed the journalism of this modern media) and swine-like stand-up comedians at CNN, NBC and CBS, leading the charge, there is very little of the classical left in this new-and-improved world wide product. Joined by “conservative” Quislings, Saul Alinsky must be rolling over in his grave. Bernie Sanders tried to warn them.

Where is “the left” in the Left now that everyone knows that the cement that binds them all together is global capitalism?

With the unveiling of this corporate capitalism to anchor this relationship, the potential for another type of totalitarianism has been exposed, where party bosses and apparatchiks no longer have to pretend to share in the misery of the proletariat, having to live in 1000 sq foot apartments in three story walk-ups five days a week, then sneak off to dacha-retreats squirreled away in the woods, where they can finally settle down for a decent sirloin and instead of eating kielbasa and  corn soup on a coffee table in the living room. They can stretch their muscles, letting the media redefine just who the rich and famous really are.

The American left were always closet fascists, as were the Euro-technocrats since the Pax Americana settled over Europe in 1946 after we dispatched the cartoon fascists. Only they could never let themselves use that “f” word. It took 50 years for the delusion to become reality. (To better understand this, just conduct a deeper than usual study into the life of George Soros, a Hungarian Nazi from the old days, but also one of those rare “capitalists” who made billions of dollars without ever creating any new money, i.e., jobs, which had always sort of defined American capitalism. Soros’ is that rare strain of “capitalism” that is known by that singular characteristic of never actually building or creating anything other then more money.)

The opposite of George Soros is Donald Trump, a man who’s built things. This is why, in the Latin world, he is known as “Mr Trump”, an honorific Americans understand less and less nowadays, and fascist Europeans like Soros, instinctively despise. No matter how much wealth they accumulate, they will always be “small businessmen” to fascists. They go together like oil and water, making this campaign almost cosmic.

This also answers the one question that has never been asked; Why is Donald Trump not one of “them” instead of leading the peoples’ army against “them”? Now you know.

All the News That’s Fit to Print

Now you can see the role the media plays, and is expected to play, in a war that can better be defined as People versus the Global State than Right vs Left.

The media aren’t just the ministers of propaganda, they were co-creators of Olympus.

One of those gods shown here represents the Sulzbergers, Time-Warner, and other corporate media giants. They are very powerful, and no, they don’t hang out with Dan Rather. But they are human and can be stung. Collectively the people have cost them money, but rarely their standing in their own circles.. Just by buying less newspapers, we’ve hurt the Sulzbergers immensely. Many Sulzberger heirs, who once could live well (read lavishly) on the dividends from their stock ownership in the company, now have had to go back to work. Were they English, they could lose their peerage, demoted from Sir of Dame to a mere Mister, (see my note on Trump, above.) I’m sure there are things they could do down at the polo club that could harm their good name among their circles of friends, but I doubt lying about Bush or Trump would be among them.

The principal product of propaganda is fear, not news.

And the targets of that fear, as mention in Part I, are 1) the members of Congress who we used to think were Republicans, only now are something else. And 2) by extension, the citizens who feel helpless while watching their elected representatives roll over for the media.

Again, love him or hate him, Donald Trump has provided the electorate with a model of a representative who can say “no” both to and about the media, proving it can be done successfully. The media is amassing all its forces to undo this, for they know the stakes. Trump has proved that the media cannot destroy what it did not create, for in truth, Donald Trump has not lost a single thing, except sleep, in the 14 months he has been campaigning. Nothing.

Circles of Friends

In 2013 I wrote an article about the way the various circles of friends at A&E colored the way its corporate and production people had to deal with the defiance of Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty”. You may recall the confrontation, and may still be cheered by the way Phil defeated a liberal network simply by saying “no”. I suggest you re-acquaint yourself with how these circles work.

I started out by relating the Japanese proverb that every person is made up of four persons: First is the person who is known to the public-at-large; Second, the person who is known in his professional and social world (friends and colleagues), Third; the person who is known to his closest friends and family, his inner circle, and Fourth; the person who is known only unto himself.

In the case of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, that first group is about as large as a group can get. And at first glimpse, they are almost equal in size. But they are very different in scope. Few of Hillary’s public-at-large are personally loyal to her, even those who self-identify with one of her sub-groups, such as Democrats and feminism. Trump’s loyalists are smoking hot in their enthusiasm, yet almost none have any personal connection to him, his wealth, flamboyance, or dress, although I think his stand-your-ground, take-no-prisoners approach to politics has a much broader appeal that many understand.

What differentiates the two groups is the nature of the bridge that connects them, Hillary’s being self-interest, special status, even elitism, while Trump’s bridge is America  itself, wrapped up in the slogan “Make America great again.”. In short, two entirely different world views.

Among what the Media like to call “quality-voters”, people who have been paying attention to the campaign rhetoric and politics for a longer while, way ahead of the post-Labor day curve, members of neither group is likely to jump the fence to the other side. The paying-attention vote is solid, well almost, for a lot of anti-Trump conservatives, in part because of what’s going on in their own second and third circles, (negative mail by ex-fans, fewer party invitations, cat-calls from the back of the line at the Will Call window at Turner Field) away from the eyes and ears of the media (these acts are often as private as prayer) are finding themselves drifting toward toning down the Trump rhetoric and coming out more vigorosly Hillary. You see more and more of that.

But beneath the quality voters, who are relatively few, are the rank and file who historically never awaken to the fat-in-the-fire aspects of the campaign until late October. They are the ones mass media campaigns are supposed to capture. Here, it becomes more problematic for HRC, since every Democrat operative can recall 1980 when rank-and-fire union members still had those little red buttons; religion, patriotism, family, national security, that Ronald Reagan was able to push, and they quietly crossed over in droves, giving the Party even a bigger surprise than Truman gave to Dewey in ’48.

With that nightmare in mind, For over 30 years, Democrats and union leadership have years bundling those kinds of patriots off into sub-groups who would redirect those loyalties, or just out and out erase them via public schools. After all, first graders in the Reagan administration would be in their 40s now, and (at least the theory goes) should be entirely rewired today; no more Old Glory, God and other symbols of patriotism.

At least that’s the theory. The depth of enthusiasm for Trump has Democrats for none of their intermediate goals are materializing. Hillary’s spending millions, Trump appears to be spending nothing, putting the entire corporatist cabal system at risk, of which the political establishment is but one element. No one, pollsters nor media (who are often the same) knows how large this second-quality vote might be or how many of them may also be Democrats. In 1980 the media only had a rumor of a notion that they even existed. Today, after 36 years, they still don’t where or who they are, or how many there are.

In politics you can’t defeat what you can’t find and can’t count, and to date, the media has come up with nothing by way of lies and distortions that will diminish Donald Trump in the eyes of the common folk. And they’ve pretty well tried everything.

As you now, know, the Mainstream Media belong to that Second Circle, which is where the majority of “quality voters” reside. I’ve spoken to dozens of professional people, mostly retired, mostly Fortune 500 corporate (people who don’t listen to daily talk radio, and probably only watch Fox in the evening). The only place it seems the media is gaining traction, sadly, even from my own conservative radio morning talk program, is with this group, by making Trump appear to be a buffoon, almost as if he won his $10 billion in a crap game instead of building skyscapers. I have a few points I can make which might cause them to pause and reflect, for I stress how the term “Mister” tat is used frequently by Latinos to describe him, is held in such high honor, whereas in America today, corporate professionals, 2-3 generations beyond the original builders of their own companies, are taught to look down on people like that. I have to guide my canoe through that whitewater very carefully, for they are friends. But it is true…building a company from scratch is considered de class by the modern MBA, not to mention way too long on the hours, and way too short on near-term returns.  (I hope Trump knows he’s holding this card with Hispanics.)

But not to encourage Hillary or the Media, after the laugh-of-the-day at Trump’s expense, they get serious, and speak as if they can’t decide, only probably have, as they can’t find a good thing to say about her, or her Party. And most believe she should be on trial. Professional good sense tells them they shouldn’t vote for Trump, but honor tells them they can’t for Hillary. This is why men possess that Fourth Circle, to sort this out privately. And as often as not they never reveal it, even in the most intimate of Circle Two, pillow talk.

This is a variation of the “Wilder effect” which I believe is rampant in America today, for almost no one can speak too highly of a man who everyone in the room, probably exactly like him, think is a clown.

This is not good news for Hillary or the Media, for in all likelihood good and honorable men will hold their own counsel and vote honor by a wide margin. Unless they’re lesbians.

It’s difficult to deal with the media individually, but Trump seems to dealing pretty well with them collectively, in that, under that law (above) that they cannot destroy what they did not create, they cannot destroy Donald Trump.

With only 20% of the people even considering them relevant, including the entire political establishment, their greatest fear is that Trump will blaze a path whereby all the old markers of money, celebrity, a fear of political correctness, will begin fading among the political class. And Olympus will fall.

As well it should.






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