Got a Grudge with Black Lives Matter?

Then consider “A Conspiracy to Commit Misdemeanors”, a possible strategy for victims:

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters blocked the southbound lanes of I-95 just north of Richmond, VA recently. They blocked traffic just at the beginning of rush hour, backing up traffic, four lanes, for several miles. Thousands were effected. At this printing it’s unknown how many were late for work, couldn’t make a doctor’s appointment, radiators overheated (it was 93 degrees) and had to call for a tow, or an ambulance was unable to get through (we know at least one patient died earlier in the year).

This has been going on for several months now, an d it has long since passed being a remembrance e for Michael Brown who was justifiably shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri almost two years ago. It was not a spark, it was an excuse.

What we do know here in Richmond is that thirteen were arrested and taken downtown, to be booked, photographed, have bond set and then be released; the standard procedure. With luck, they spent one night in jail.

If you were one of those thousands, their names and drivers-license homes of record are listed here:

as there may be some things you can do about them if you actually suffered a loss from that highway stall, or are just angry enough to finally yell out your window, “I’ve had about of this I can stand, and I won’t stand no more.”


First, you can sue them, individually, or as a group, also called a class action suit. You can see from their names they are likely substantial citizens, with homes, and sources of income.

Since most of these people seem to be professional protesters, independently wealthy or moonlighting from nearby university jobs (most here seem to hail from the University of Virginia area) they could meet states’ legal definition of qualifying for a class action lawsuit.

Why this is important is that these kinds of people are already backed by thousands of dollars of private left-wing money (let’s just call it “Soros money”, although many more donors are involved, including some grafted federal dollars). When they do something like this, they know in advance their expenses, i.e, bonds, fines, and their logistical costs (getting there and getting back home). Most have very little personally at risk. To some these kinds of capers are as much fun as making any political point.

What binds them is that they are totally indifferent to any and all suffering they may cause.

Suing them can change that. A class action lawsuit may even more.

The problem you, the victim, face, is in finding a lawyer who will take your case for free. A few conservative firms may provide free legal representation, but most will charge you their regular hourly rate, estimate $5000 just to get you into court. This is why a class action suit is better, for if you can prove a kind of conspiracy, the dollar damages can be much higher, justifying a law firm to take your case on a contingency basis, rather than billing by the hour. (I’m betting university-departmental fingerprints are all over this caper, for instance.)

And of course, the  advantage BLM perps have is there are all sorts of (free) legal assistance groups who represent every left wing cause under the sun.

There is another way, the second way,  which, in my humble view is more fun and far more satisfying, and that is to track these people down, one by one

and kill their favorite rose bush.

As the police report shows, once they’ve been once, it’s easy to find out where they live, even when they still use  out-of-state drivers license, as one Pennysylvania perp did, who only lives juts outside of Charlottesville. You can build an entire dossier on each of the perps in a matter of days; where they live, work, hang out, which is the first thing you have to do, thru easy internet access.

If you want to know how these mobs work, you need to consult arrest records, court appearances, bond paid, fines, and how their logistics worked, e.g, did they all come to the events together, and from where? Were there drivers (accomplices) who dropped them off and picked them up?. Unindicted co-conspirators.

This is just basic intelligence gathering and it’s necessary in every types of operations, stuff you need to know to kill their rose bushes. (Over the years we’ve designed similar programs targeting other groups; campus political correctness, local schools and government who go rogue, and go unpunished, a very important criteria. Currently we’re involved in designing a national plan to reverse institutional political correctness on college campuses using some of the tactics I’m suggesting to you here.

They are all variations on the same theme:

punishing public officials and (in this case) public criminals who believe they are immune from any kind of punishment that actually hurts. 

For them arrest and quick release, as witnessed in this Richmond case, are part of a professional radical’s resume, and a rite of passage for younger radicals, a history which can be told and retold, with embellishments, over booze and pot every time there’s a gathering, which in the political season, is often.

Study this.  1) You can find a general outline here, as to very specific rules you must adhere to protect your anonymity, even though you are only committing misdemeanors, such as defiling or destroying property (never physical harm to human or animal). More than you may know rests on your ability to follow these rules. 2) Since you also have to convey to the perp why their prize-winning Cherokee Rose was found laying out there by the sidewalk on Wednesday morning, by telling them they are true criminals and you know it, it’s imperative they never find a single fingerprint…for they know people who will be far less forgiving should ever know who you are or where you are. So read the protocols outlined closely.

(As you can guess, I use “killing rose bushes” as a euphemism for committing minor, but aggravating, crimes against these peoples’ property. The idea is to issue a “fine” equal to the pain they have caused you or others. I have my own favorite, as we’ve found Skunk (an Israeli chemical) or homemade fecal-smelling sprays can cause a person to need to disrobe even in freezing weather just to get away from it. (Outdoor tested at OccupyWallStreet and Oakland.) A persistent odor, resistant to cleaning, you can destroy a $500 suit, a $700 Louis Vuitton handbag, leather upholstery in a Porsche, or just the door handle. The option are limitless. And police generally look upon these as vandalism, such as keying cars or tagging garage doors. Manure in the yard still works, especially if you only intend to do it once. OK, twice, three-times if the creep keeps going to protests. But in short, your imagination is your only limitlation once you ID your target and his/her haunts.)

So the plan is simple: Find him, kill his rose bush, then send him a letter telling him why. Leave no fingerprints, don’t get caught.

Just have them looking over their shoulders, thinking someone is always watching. Over time, it has an effect that can kill many key cogs in the entire movement .

But you have to be careful.

Leftism is a multi-tiered platform, with its management strategic upper berth, operational tactical middle berths, and cannon fodder berth, mostly rent-a-mobs and rent-a-thugs, sleeping on cots in tents thrown up on a mission-by-mission basis.

The Black Lives Matter mobs you see on television, sometimes marching in such a way to stop traffic, as we saw in Richmond, trying to bust up meetings, and the occasional head at Trump events, (they rarely hang out together, are handled my different middle managers but agree entirely with what the others are doing), and are always looking for someone willing to shoot cops in exchange for money or settling some personal or psychological score.

Some of these people you want to avoid, although it is highly unlikely you would run into one of their names on a police blotter from a highway bust as in Richmond. As a general rule avoid those people who don’t have rose bushes or permanent residences to keep them in.

Bottom line: The Left has gotten so cavalier about their immunity to punishment it’s time they felt a little sting. Actually a lot of sting. They are behaving like the citizens of Washington in 1861 who loaded up the kids and picnic baskets to go out to a place called Manassas to watch the First Battle of Bull Run, only in the end having to scurry home in fear for their lives. We need to end the sense of “excursion” out of these protesters who expect nothing  painful to occur to them in return

It’s time for society-in-general to “get even”.

(Have Rolled Up Newspaper, Will Travel, and train, vbushmills@yahoo.com)

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