My Response to the National Review Attack on Donald Trump

Published on Friday, the 69th comment to he NR article, found here; http://www.nationalreview.com/article/430137/donald-trump-conservative-movement-menace
My answer, a little slow due to the blizzard:
For a moment there, I thought you were speaking of Andrew Jackson. A reader of NR since the 70s, I believe WFB would have demurred, using his “First 100 names in the Boston Telephone Directory” dicta as a basis for his decision. Most of what you have said about Trump is true (I especially liked “unmoored”) but that fact remains, conservatism, intellectual conservatism, has quickly descended in the past two decades into total ignorance about those first 100 names, or, that they are the sole justification for conservatism, as you are their ONLY protectors of their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness…”without permission of state” – a little USSR law professor lingo. Logic dictates that the Constitution “infers” conservatism’s existence in this role, for the Founders knew that the elected class could (or would) never fill that role. (I wrote about this only a month ago, and invite you to compare notes. “American Theology Simply Stated, The Transcendence of Liberty” I think WFB would approve. http://www.vassarbushmills.com/2015/12/26/1314/)
In recent years intellectual conservatism has failed its prime directive and the people miserably, in part, because of new priorities, centered around, I think, your own personal rice bowls and professional status. It also seems like a generational thing, so you’re doing a piss poor job of passing the torch. If WFB is rolling over in his grave, I suspect it’s on this account and not Donald Trump.
Conservatives cannot become a priesthood, enjoying cognac from snifters at social gatherings, or sending down epistles from high atop Mt Ida and still remain viable protectors. There is real work to be done on behalf of a people you spend much of your Twitter time mocking. Trump has done what most of you have long ago surrendered, and that is dirtying your hands with their care or protection . You have become as indifferent to their mean condition as Obama has to the plight of Christians-as-targets worldwide. I know I am speaking to a new generation of “The Editors” here and am just letting you know we old timers, a few of us, at least, still know the reason for the season, that hoi polloi, and can still remember that Bill Buckley always kept them high in his purpose and snuggled away in his heart.
Since Trump is doing the dirty work you’ve decided to blight his path with chastisements, while your better option, albeit a sweatier one, will be to provide his bulldozer with the necessary clarity while he plows a row you’ve left unattended for a really long time.
Just a suggestion.
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