Juan Williams, Baby Butchery and “Good” Liberals’ Code of Silence

Revelations about the crimes against Nature committed by Planned Parenthood (the sellers) and their various buyers are so heinous to make any civilized person stop and consider the kind of society we have become.  And this realization forces the good persons into what is known as a crucible, a test or trial, for they must then decide what to do about it.

I’m sorry, but this not is something we can ignore. This test is not a spectator sport. Civilization hinges on what good people do about it, not think or say about it.

Christians do themselves no good if they share their outrage only with each other. The same goes for conservatives. These killers and their merchants-in-barbarism are very few, and they carry on their business in out-of-the-way places just as drug dealers do, outside the notice of criminal authorities, for they are breaking the law. And they know it, which is obvious from the way they carry on this business, and the new words they’ve invented to describe their “human cargo” as if they were stock-keeping-units in the store room.

We are lucky they were found out, for this has been going on for years, and is likely to have grown in size and scope.. If Obama can put thousands of coal miners out of work with the stroke of a pen, surely we can do the same to a few hundred black-markets dealers in death.

Bottom line, we can assume they are indifferent to the moral aspects of this carnage so we waste our time in trying to shame them. They have no moral center that we would recognize.

But they do have their enablers, their front men, their protectors, and these people should be the objects of our ostracism, for they care very much what we say and think about them. Their public standing relies on their ability to circulate among us, as social equals, even (putative) friends…and they rely on us never putting any of those relationships in jeopardy. They think we need their approval more than they need ours.

It’s time this were changed, and protecting the Dealers of Death, what both Darwin and God would call a “deal breaker”, seem to me the perfect place to draw a line in the sand.

It’s complicated, but for the longest time, the Left, the deep dark Left, resides in the same dark neighborhoods where these baby butcher shops are found. It’s a community of like minds and they all are part of the same grand scheme, to destroy civilized society and replace it with a world of their own making. Figuratively, they all live in the same gated high-rise on the Upper West Side, only in a separate universe, so you can’t find this place on a map. For decades they had lived in the bowels of the earth, but of late, they’ve been able to move uptown and have obtained a great deal of respectability….enough so they can now afford a front line defense of elegant, affluent well-spoken mouthpieces, who, while not initiated into their inner circle, still defend them from any incursions.

As I said, these  relationships are complicated.

Take Juan Williams of Fox News. A nice guy. The resident “Good” liberal. His relationship to the deep dark Left and the Baby Parts, Inc business at Planned Parenthood is purely as a gatekeeper. It’s like being doorman at the ritzy Dakota Apartments at Central Park West.

He’s always been this way, but it was only revealed, quite by happenchance, when the panel he shares with four other Fox panelists on “The Five”, were discussing  the release of the fourth tape about selling these babies, only this time complete, intact corpses, which the buyers called “complete fetuses”.

Going around the table, four, Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Eric Bolling and Kimberley Gillfoyle all made their case of outrage (not all are Christians, and only one a true social conservative, I think) then Juan stepped in to defend Planned Parenthood, and “the good work they do for women’s health”, the standard talking points of the assassins.

For the strangest reason, Dana Perino, who prides herself on her civility, even while in the presence of true Evil (a matter I think she needs to revisit in light of recent revelations about these baby-factories) interrupted, in a sharp “Just wait one minute” tone of voice I’d never heard come out of her before…and then for a long pregnant moment I thought she might just leap out of her chair, hike her skirt up over her knees, and jump onto the table and breathe fire into Juan’s face and scream “From where the sun now stands, Juan Williams, one of us will not be on this TV set tomorrow!”…..(pause)

At least that’s what I would have said, and while searching the Want Ads the next day I would have reflected on the wisdom of my outburst. But imagine for just a moment how the entire world of politics would have  turned over had Dana Perino done just that? …or even have added a few extra questions:

“…..Unless you can answer these few question.”.

1)  Are the things you’ve seen depicted in these four videos evil, or are they not? And if not, what?

2) If Planned Parenthood also does good things, are you suggesting a balancing offset, sort of like when they said ,’Yes, but Hitler also made the trains run on time.”? Are you saying that providing needed medical screening for women…which can be obtained under Obamacare anywhere…is a moral equivalent of chopping up baby parts and selling them? If sold for food, would it only be cannibalism if they were sold for profit?”

3)  Finally, Are you saying killing and selling baby parts, and my objections to it is a political or moral act?  Do you teach your children, and your grandchildren, that all morality is subject to politics?”

Of course Juan would have deflected. And he would have used “politics” as his defense, which is a dead giveaway that he is Guardian, albeit unknowingly…maybe. Maybe he can be saved.. But his job description for being a liberal gatekeeper is that he be able to clearly separate the moral, which is closely held only inside the family in side the Left and the political, which is everything else. Including friendships. All of Juan’s Christian, moral, and conservative friends are kept at arms length by this single rule; the political overrules the moral….which has the been the unwritten rule of modern liberalism since the Carter days…and is the reason I quit being a liberal.

Fox would have fired Dana had she done as I suggested. But they also would have lost half their audience for doing so, for they would have had to admit that they too have jettisoned any moral sextant in their political coverage. It is all politics. . Getting along with Evil, not hurting its feelings, being to able to mingle in the right circles, is still be only game in town. And it is a one-way street, all commanded by a com-center in the penthouse suite in the Dakota Apartments on Central Park West.

So wisely, I think, Dana thought better of it, for to do so would have been a major violation of her own rules of civility, which, I might add, as a milestone around our neck, has damn-near destroyed American society, when an honest, brave congressman can’t even call a liar a liar, not a damned lair, just a liar, as poor Joe Wilson did during one of Obama’s State of the Union addresses.. And it’s all about being able to move in the same  circles as those living up in the Dakota Apartments on Central Park West, never knowing that they once denizens of the deep, inhabiting dark cellars, building Molotov cocktails. Politics has trumped (oops, there’s that word again) morality by distorting our vision and critical thinking to blind us of the true criminal intentions of these “liberals” on Central Park West.  Ronald Reagan and George W Bush drank the civility Kool-aid, never able to think the unthinkable about the forces aligned  against them. This was America, not Red China or the USSR, and it was not communism, just politics. It was as easy as politics has blinded Juan Williams about the difference between running babies though a blender-for-buck and a woman’s right to choose. But the Planned Parenthood has proved this has been an illusion.

George Washington wrote a small book on civility, in part because he had a temper and wanted to train himself to refrain from  publicly berating people when angry. (Civility is about how we speak to others in public, in both speech and letters, not private.  Many duels over the years were caused by uncivil public expressions of one sort of another.) But  he did not have any difficulty meting out harsh punishment for insubordination, desertion, or cowardice. I am sure, had he been able to capture Benedict Arnold, one of his generals, would have hung him. But he would also have called him “Sir” as he whipped the horse out from under him

Civility is the greatest idea in the world…but only when everyone is living in the same, sane universe. Like Reagan and Bush, George Washington could never in his life have imagined men and women who lived inside his civil society but who could have entertained the sort of barbarism we have seen with these innocent helpless creatures, or the cold indifference in not even paying them the respect of being cadavers, but rather units of production.   I think Washington would have preferred to hang the outliers rather than have to alter his rules of civility.

I agree.

We are in uncharted waters, but still trying to steer our boats by the same old rules…rules, if you haven’t noticed, the Left, at least since Bill Clinton, has relied on to tie our hands while they attack us with both theirs.

The least we can do is what Dana Perino choose not to do, in our town, in our church, and that is to withdraw the friendly hand of civility from those who cannot or will not see the barbarism they protect.

Things are heating up. Our job is to make them hot

For the More Ambitious

As you know, for the longest time I have preached a far more activist, off-the-couch role in fighting back against the lawlessness of the Left, and it’s times like these that my failure to organize a truly national blight-their-path “dark alley” counteroffensive pains me  the most, for I know, with only a few field operatives, the principals in this un-holy exchange of body parts and money would be afraid, daily, that someone will kill their rose bushes, key their car, or assault their new dress with a spray of fresh diarrhea from an atomizer (at a fashionable restaurant). Every day, every week, it will be something new, and because the guilty mind always assumes a greater threat looming than actually exists, many will decide that Lamborghini isn’t worth the endless sleepless nights and fear of going out in public. It will be a lifetime of Micky-D’s at the drive-thru, or having move to Nebraska, change the name, and get into another line of work.

Give fear a chance.


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