Planned Parenthood is only in the middle of its Jump the Shark moment, as this story will keep getting bigger and bigger, thanks to hundreds of Americans like our JadedbyPolitics and .LadyImpactOhio, who won’t stop.

The opportunity is ours, as the Left’s abortion coalition is at risk of losing much of its key constituency, namely the Pro-Choice crowd who are not in on the Pro-Abortion narrative that the Left has used to compromise a lot of genuinely good people who are not pro-abortion and actually believed in people’s right to choose.

They have been scammed and are on the verge of finding out in the ugliest possible way just who their scammers really are.

So quit congratulating yourselves that you are not like them. Stop boasting how you hate Evil and actually start fighting it. There’s work to be done, for an opening has arisen thanks to the hard work and dedication of those people who put together those “power lunch” videos of professional women getting tipsy talking about dollars-for-organs from second and third trimester infants as if they were buying scrap steel from a Russian scrapyard in Brooklyn. Biznez.

For thirty years the Left has duped many fine moral people, particularly in the Eastern corridor and west coast, and other select urban areas, that the anti-abortion (Pro-Choice) crowd are largely (putting it mildly) unsophisticated and that they are this way because they are so religious, which everyone on the Left knows is a bad thing. Religion is so uncool, or so many believe. Just ask Hillary…unless she’s wearing black face that day.

Many people in those regions, were it not for this religious equation about abortion, would make very fine moderate to conservative Republicans, only can’t because of all these social entanglements that come with being religious, such as not getting invited to the better parties.

If you want to understand the current virtual news blackout in the several Left Power Pockets; New York, Boston, LA, San Francisco, the universities, it is the simple fact that the New York Times, WAPO, ABC, CBS, NBC, et al, don’t want this part of their constituency (which is considerable), i.e.,  the good people of the Pro-Choice coalition, to know 1) that there actually is a Pro-Abortion group inside their Movement (or, politically, is it the other way around?), and that 2) the abortionists really are cynically and gruesomely killing babies just for the $$$$ of it. …and have been for years.

The media needs to suppress this news at all costs. But can they? Much of it depends on you (us). And maybe Donald Trump.

The Left doesn’t care that Fox News blares this story out, for Pro-Choicers have been conditioned for 20 years not to believe a thing Fox says anyway. Who watches Fox in the Power Pockets of NYC? Who links to Drudge, or right wing blogs? Way too much critical thinking for their tastes.

This story has nothing to do with us, or what we feel, even our justified rage, for the only people who can do Planned Parenthood any lasting harm are these Pro-Choice victims, largely from blue states and blue districts. Their calls to Congress, their anger, matters more than ours.

Today, the Left’s power over the Pro-Choice crowd is as weak as it has ever been, since one of their own, Donald Trump, is getting more news coverage than Hillary. The last thing the Left wants is for those people to run into a moral crossroads on abortion, then see what it has become…abortion harvestings for dollars. What Planned Parenthood is doing to those babies is butchery, and you don’t have to be a starry-eyed Catholic novitiate to understand this.

And there stands Donald Trump, who can reach into homes in the urban Power Pockets as no other non-Leftist can, and all he has to do is say, “This isn’t abortion. It’s butchery.”

Case closed.

So, don’t be quiet, but don’t tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Don’t tell them that you’re coming to get them, but that The Donald is. The angry Pro-Choicers are. Use their tactics, fear-in-the-Twittersphere. Split that coalition asunder, the same way Planned Parenthood’s surgical teams split those unborn babies apart.


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