It’s Not That Revolution May Be Coming, But That It Has to Come

And the People have to cause it.

Here’s how we can make it happen.

At the time it happened, Admiral Yamamoto’s brilliant sneak attack on Pearl Harbor was hailed as a masterstroke of military planning and execution. But within hours of the attack, after being informed that his aircraft had not destroyed America’s entire Pacific fleet, Yamamoto lamented that all the Japanese had done was  awaken a sleeping giant.

The war was lost almost before it was begun. And that sleeping giant consumed Japan.

So save your lamentations, for like Pearl Harbor, SCOTUS has awakened a slow-to-anger sleeping giant. and set it in a direction that cannot be reversed. All we have to do is what nature has ordained free people to do.

Our roadmap was even drawn for us. In 1776.

Compare the circumstances.

The Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776) is composed of 1453 words. Almost everyone knows by heart some portion of the first two paragraphs, such as “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”…”pursuit of life, liberty and happiness”.  But those 350 or so words were only Jefferson’s  statement of man’s natural right to be free. In the context of the Declaration, they were his “why we’re here” statement.

Annually, on the 4th, it’s with those words Americans usually puff their chests, and take a sentimental pause, just before flipping the burgers and popping another icy cold Coors. Very few Americans have actually read the rest of the Declaration of Independence, which Jefferson began with “Let facts be submitted to a candid world….”.

Then, for almost 1100 more words, he and other contributors made a long list of “abuses and usurpations” heaped upon the American people by the King. True, not as long as we could compile against Obama today, but SCOTUS has sped the process of turning them from a grievance into an indictment. You see, on July 4, 1776, those were no longer complaints. Those weren’t talking points for a new round of negotiations (in which John Kerry would no doubt represent the King.) Those were a full-throated indictment against the King, a bill of particulars of all the things he had foisted upon good British citizens for many years.

And more than a declaration of independence, those words were a declaration of war, to be settled by force of arms. SCOTUS has set the American people on the same course.

(Of course, I suppose we could surrender.)

So, consider the enormity what those 56 men did, in pledging “their lives, fortunes and sacred honor” and the silent witnesses across the colonies whose promise of support encouraged them to make that momentous leap. If you will take the time to read those other 1100 words you will notice more similarities than you should be comfortable with, and still do nothing. We are at about the same place, vis a vis our rulers today as the colonists were vis a vis their King in 1776.

Conditions Precedent

There were conditions precedent to that Declaration of Independence which are also occurring in America today. Primary among them was that they had the complicity and full approval by the people. This element is largely ignored by historians, but the Continental Congress would never have declared a war without knowing in advance it had the support of the people, and knowing they would help in a variety of ways as the war progressed. Non-combatants all, they would serve as spies, messengers, providers of safe-houses, some stealth operations, but most of all, a daily, relentless and irritating reminder to the British occupiers just how unwelcome they were, even during the most ordinary exchange of pleasantries on a public street (proving confrontation does not have to be violent to be effective.)

Hold that thought, for this is the same job that is before us today; to plow the row, and make such a noise that our unnamed  leaders, wherever situated, will know we will be behind them once they decide to plant their own swords in the ground. To instill fear, guilt and shame into the hearts of the agents of the modern Crown is our mission going forward, beginning last week, 26 June, 20015.

Understand the Continental Congress on July 3, 1776 were all outlaws. They were not an official congress with any authority. The colonial legislatures and King-appointed governors were still the law in all the colonies. They lived dual lives, so had to be careful what they said, and in front of whom they said it, for they were speaking treason, not independence in the eyes of colonial officialdom

Still, those 56 men represented the vast majority of ordinary citizens in America; farmers, tradesmen and shop clerks, as proved when over half of Boston showed up to spur on the Sons of Liberty as they tossed all that tea overboard in December 1773. Everyone was in on it.

Like today, colonial legislatures were divided between 1) the ordinary citizenry (the heavy majority) and 2) the Tories, the Tories themselves divided between a) hard-core loyalists to the King (unrepentant Obama and Big Government loyalists) and b) soft Tories, who sided with Tea Party colonists on many issues about taxes and rights, but just couldn’t bring themselves to break faith with friends and social status and risk that sweet life they enjoyed in the higher echelons of respectable society. You know the type, and when the crossroad rose to meet them that glorious day, most choose status over principle. Wars of liberation are always about class, status and circles of friends, so don’t be surprised, when things turn ugly, the number of fair-weather conservatives who choose their friends. Jefferson was considered a traitor to his class simply because he came down on the side of ordinary farmers, but he never looked back..

And had Karl Rove been polling in those days, he would have been polling almost exclusively among Toriesd and Tory-Lites, probably representing no more than 30% of colonial society, mostly from the government sector, universities presidents and their staffs, but also holding 70% of the political power. The lace cuff set. (Google “Famous American Tories”, the highest of American society then, and you won’t recognize a name. All of them faded into obscurity simply because they chose poorly, a choice based entirely on class.) It’s no different today, and explains why revolutions are often inevitable.

Lesson: the People were in on the Revolution from the beginning.

That is now our job today, to convey to our unnamed outlaw leaders that we have their back. Trust me, there are many who are conspiring now, at the federal and state level. We don’t know, or shouldn’t know, who these outlaws are by name. Those will be revealed in due course. Some will be in government, others in the private sector. I hope a few are military who can still lead and command something larger than a presentation pointer. By the time the Continental Congress signed the Declaration, Washington had signaled that he was as ready as he ever would, even though he had only a handful of militias to command. He faced five long years of miraculous escapes (called “victories” in our history books), buying time so that he could train a real army, then wait for God to teach the French Navy, if for only a day, how to win a naval engagement, and force Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown. (In all their history France only won one, so tell me God didn’t have a dog in that fight.)

Our battles in the coming revolution won’t be nearly so grand, or (thankfully) as deadly, but they will be just as romantic, and will be remembered and retold in the hundreds of cities and towns in which they occurred. Like the civil rights movement, folk history will outweigh both national media and historical chroniclers in telling this story.

We aren’t quite there yet, but the demonstrated mood of the people was always the key element of moving a cause from talk to action, and thanks to 1) SCOTUS’ Obamacare decision, which will likely implode on its own in 2016 once all the delayed pain kicks in, impacting millions more Americans than it does today, and 2) its gay-marriage decision is driven to predictable pathological excess by people who just can’t help it, by their sheer vanity and hubris (this is how Satan always blows it…never knowing when to leave well-enough alone), driving churches, but more importantly, their parishioners, into the streets, refusing to abide by its ruling or the administrative punishments many states and communities will try to impose. An awful lot of Crown Agents are going to find bottles of Scope in their mailboxes, or wake one day to find their rose bushes dead or mangled.

It will become a war which, if we fight it, we can’t lose. Our cue cards are being drawn up now, by Obama, the LGBT, even Mitch McConnell and Boehner. All our outlaw leaders are waiting for is our signal.

Turning Over Tables in the Temple

There is a Part II to this analysis, which details what you can do in your home town to aggravate the Agents of the Crown, employing both public protests and what I call a  “dark alley” strategy for dealing with individual miscreant Crown Agents. (I have some history in “dark alley” tactics. Just visit “Have Rolled Up Newspaper, Will Travel” for more information.) I’d like to update these into a manual of operations, as the circumstances have changed since 2009.

Treat the government agents as occupiers, and act accordingly. Publicly push the envelope, privately sneak down dark alleys. Certain rules of conduct and survival apply. But just burn it into your brain that you are the front lines, you are where the revolution is taking place, not exotic places like Washington DC.

For years I have been prodding people to turn away from DC politics altogether, because, simply put, you will find no rescue there. Whatever policy agreements you may have with a few congressmen aside, the Republican Congress have become full agents of the Crown. Surely you know this after the events of June. Just as it was in 1776, the People will never be represented in the halls of central government until the majority of them have been shown the door and new leadership installed. When it’s over about half that town will have no jobs…or we will have failed.

Once Washington understands we are no longer interested in reforming them, and only want them out (and possibly in jail, or maybe just two mules, a plow and 10 acres in South Dakota in lieu of their attractive retirement package), you will find most of them will try to negotiate the best surrender terms they can get. Thieves are rarely good fighters and rarely loyal to their partners-in-crime in a pinch.

We do not want to destroy government, only those institutions inside it who have made a bed in the People’s House and rthe the People’s chambers, and turned them into brothels.

But this time, we have to finish it. No half measures. The Left has proved they can endure another Reagan…if they must. But since Wilson, it has generally been one step forward and three steps back for the Constitution, so the pendulum theory Limbaugh likes to espouse really isn’t correct. Reagan represented two steps forward, and had the Left on the ropes, but he could never find the wherewithal to go after the bureaucracy, which is the key to the Left’s power. RR later regretted it, but I regretted it at the time, as those were my bureaucracy-busting days in industry. Government’s main cancer was untouched, as was the unholy relationship between the Congress and the bureaucracy. So, when Reagan stepped down, his victories were short-lived, and as predicted, it was three steps back by 1992. By 1996 Bill Clinton had laid claim to almost all his economic achievements.

Our mission is simple: Blight their path, wherever situated and let our leaders begin the re-constitution of America process all over again.

To do this we have to become the compleat refusenik. Invoke the “right of individual nullification” based on the illegitimacy of this King and his Agents.. Your states (some of them) may invoke nullification as well, making your jobs much easier, but it will be you who will spur their confidence.

But we need to avoid violence, yet not be afraid to break the law (e.g., killing rose bushes), especially considering that there will be serious violence in coming months, so we cannot allow anyone to take our names in vain. Avoid being associated with this sort of behavior. Pick your public targets carefully and only sneak down dark alleys with a  bottle of Scope or a can of rose bush poison, never a weapon. Those are for home protection only.

What has changed since June 26 is that you are no longer just a single solitary pissed-off citizen with a few email friends to commiserate with. Your days of being the aggrieved and victimized citizen are over. You will be part of a movement which will fight a thousand fights, and light a thousand fires, none of which will ever be recorded except by The Weekly Thunderstorm in your town.. But all of you together will bring to its knees the most arrogant group of public thieves, liars and mountebanks in human history. And you will save a nation and an ideal of freedom for other generations to guide themselves by. So on the annual feast of July 4th, you will rightfully share a toast with you comrades, and recite a few of Jefferson’s words, then throw back a cold Coors,…

….which is how the whole 4th of July thing began in the first place; a couple million citizens congratulating themselves on the nation they’d formed…all by themselves.

This isn’t a done deal, we could still lose. But by the numbers, we should win going away.

But I like our chances.


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