Dylann Roof; It Wasn’t Race, It Was Manufactured Hate

A couple of days ago a 21-year old kid walked into a church in South Carolina during Wednesday night prayer service, sat there for an hour or so, then shot and killed nine of them with a pistol his father had given him for his birthday. He’s since been apprehended and his awaiting trial will provide enough media to clear several acres of trees in Oregon.

And all that ink will be spent in exonerating the Left, who created this little monster in the first place.

You see, Dylann Roof escaped their seine net and went rogue.

Today his crime is universally being called a hate crime, although the DOJ has not yet officially designated it as such. And it truly is a hate crime…only it is not a race crime, at least in the sense that James Earl Ray’s shooting of Rev Martin Luther King  was a crime against race. It is a crime built on hate he had learned most of his life, long before any particular object of that hatred was ever known to him. He knew hatred well before he knew who to aim it at.

Just three-four years ago this kid’s opinions of black people would have, at worst, been ambivalent. He’s too young to have grown up in a racist environment, unless raised way back in the sticks. If he knew racism, organized racism, it would be the Skinhead variety, and only very recently. But that sunken, soulless gaze is classically OWS’er (Occupy Wall Street), which comes from years of enjoying the life of victimhood. He may have gotten his racism from the back alleys of skinhead-land but he got his capacity to hate from the good old American public school system and the internet.

Dylann Roof is not a product of the ancient racism that was sanctified with slavery, which in turn was thrown down, paid for with the sacrifice of 400,000 white lives, mostly volunteer farm boys from Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. These were things he had never been taught. Nor is he a product of the racist Jim Crow that followed, and which Dr King died to end. Again, he was never taught. He didn’t hear racist talk around the dinner table or in school. Not likely did he hear much about “love thy neighbor,” found only in Sunday school and churches these days. It was no accident that he chose a church. Anti-religion is the most popular hate-rage on the internet today.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton say that ol’ timey racism still exists, only no one can seem to find it in the old Confederacy. They say that racism is at the root of every white-on-black cop-killing in America, only they all seem to be found in blue cities (St Louis-Ferguson, New York, Cleveland and Baltimore). But that ol’ timey racism also indirectly funds, in the billions, with a “b”,  programs in every American university and city hall, only their main theme is never “love thy neighbor” – either.

It’s that money which produced Dylann Roof.

It’s only natural, considering the scope of the hate curricula now offered up in public institutions, from 4th grade and up, that a few students would always escape the Left’s seine net.  But let me explain this with a story from another place and time:

An Army military intelligence friend of mine visited a Soviet school classroom in the 1970s, as part of a field study. You already know in Catholic schools in America there are religion courses students must attend. There children are taught to love God and hate Evil…and maybe the occasional Protestant (at least in Ireland). The USSR had the same thing kind of “religious” curricula, only theirs were called Marxism, and it was taught K-12. Mandatory. And love had nothing to do with it. Children were never taught to love Marxism, only to hate the things it hated. This is a subtle difference, but understand it, for it is the basis of the Left’s teaching and recruitment.

One of the principal courses was “Evils of Capitalism”. Yes, “hating”. The teacher explained capitalism, as Marx defined it, as evil, exploitative, and an enslaver of the working man in the starkest and most dishonest terms…just like the Left still does today. Yawn. In the classroom, most of the students just quietly took notes, to get a grade and get out. But there were always four or five students up front who gobbled this garbage up, swallowing everything the teacher said. You know the type.

In fact, the Soviet instructor admitted that these 4-5 eager beavers were the real purpose of the course, for they wanted to identify these students so that they could be fast-tracked into more intensive Marxist studies…toward a career working for the state. The class was more for recruitment that indoctrination.

(By the way, this is precisely how modern American university programs are designed, to identify, then shuttle into advanced training those who will become useful to the Cause after they leave school. Even the Occupy Wall Street movement was set up with this sort of weeding out in mind. And it starts in grade school.)

But the bottom line of my Army friend’s story is that in every Marxist classes there were also a couple Fonzie-like characters sitting on the back row, who, like the me-too Marxists in the front rows, believed everything the teacher said about the evils of capitalism, only they thought exploitation was cool, and couldn’t wait to try it out.

The teacher even acknowledged these losers existed, only the State had no way to deal with them. They were discarded  and would eventually fade into the giant morass of humanity, only to reemerge 15 years later when the USSR would suddenly fall, forming the nexus of the criminal sector that now has control of a large part of the Russian economy.

Haters all, like American haters, they are indifferent to every societal and moral norm, including family. And can kill as unfeelingly as stepping on a bug.

Don’t get me wrong. Dylann Roof wasn’t the focus of school teachers in all likelihood. He was just one of the faceless millions who passed through their curriculum and quietly picked up on the victimhood and hate part, then drifted away. He wasn’t supposed to find his own way with the hate he’d been taught. If he was going to hate, they wanted him to be one of their haters. There was supposed to be a place for him. But somewhere up there in the Left’s Ministry of Design, where they hire brilliant cynics like Jonathan Gruber, they know there will always be kids who will learn to hate, then jump ship. They can stamp out every ounce of love, compassion and reason, every positive thought about any and everything that is not associated with self-gratification, but they cannot “rescue” all of them and channel them into productive leftwing hating. The system isn’t perfect. At these higher levels they know there will always be “lost souls” who will leave the reservation and pick out their own targets for hate. Ronin.

There are those who simply escape the seine net. And to be clear, the Left, even back to the days of Stalin or Mao, never fully considered the fall-out, the side effects, or unintended human consequences in their designs. When unintended bad things happen, as Stalin ruefully stated once, “It is a statistic.” Otherwise, the beat goes on as planned.

This is why they have clean-up crews. This is why Jackson and Sharpton are on the payroll, to rush in and exonerate the race business and the Left in any unexpected tragedy such as Charleston. We’re seeing this now in major media. Blaming guns, and racism. They know time will probably expose a leftist contribution to Dylann Roof’s state of mind that the Left would just as soon leave unexplored. So they try to get out ahead of it.

This happens more than you know, and starts out early, in elementary students, when kids are taught (and rewarded) to hate their parents’ religion and moralities. It’s not the school’s fault if this targeted teaching sometimes broadens into a wider hatred for the parents themselves, or for other students whose parental teachings were able to overcome the school’s ideas of good and bad. Most haters hate Christians because they have something they don’t have…love. As we’re seeing now, the Left simply doesn’t have anything to fill the moral vacuum they can create in children, many of whom, like Dylann Roof, go off seeking something to fill it. As rotten fruit goes, Dylann is as rotten an apple in the Left’s fruit basket as they could ever have created, only they never even knew he’d fallen from the tree.

Hate, not racial hatred, but stand-alone Hate, is fully abroad in our land today, because it’s opposite, love, is being stamped out. Why?  Because it is too closely associated with God, and God is too closely associated with judgment. The Left defines itself entirely by what it is against, so really cannot teach children to be “for” anything, for it offends so many core constituencies. They all hate God, but can’t really come up with a “spiritual” substitute. They can’t provide these drones with a single positive reason for living, or striving to succeed, or just being nice for nice sake.

Virtually every student that comes out of American public education is a ticking time bomb, just waiting for that bottle of Scope in the mailbox to set them off, and send them to the top of the Texas Tower in Austin with a rifle. (Anyone old enough to remember Charles Whitman, 1966, who killed 16?) The cause at that time was attributed to a family break-up and abuse of amphetamines. Drugs are still a part of the mix, but when kids today come to that life-defining crossroads, and find one road barricaded, they simply have no lifelines to hold them back.

Today the State is manufacturing these kids, and the best the Left can come up with are clean-up crews like Jackson and Sharpton. Clinton went to Colorado to pronounce absolution to the families that had become so self-involved they left their children, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, to find their own morality. It has gotten more complicated since; James Holmes (the Colorado theater hater, 2012), Adam Lanza (the Sandy Elementary school hater, 2012), were also haters of the same order as Dylann Roof. Even Seung Hui-Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter (2007) and Jared Lee Loughner (2011) the Tucson shooter were haters before they finally went round the bend. Both should have been institutionalized, but Dr Krauthammer has suggested this also for Dylann Roof, based on random comments he’d made to friends. But I would prefer not to make it too easy for state officials to come around and institutionalize me just because I told someone I’d like to pull Obama’s knickers down around his knees, or that a civil war would be nice right about now. Krauthammer misses it. Evil is abroad in the land, and today it goes by the name of Hate, and it can’t be sedated.

If you want to see the haters the Left sends out to the front lines, go to the internet and read the comments of the Left’s atheo-haters on religious issues (“You should be put away” and “I hope you die”) or the LGBT’s treatment of MemoriesPizza in Walkertown, IN. Vile, mean and hateful. You’ll see it’s us they want to see institutionalized, not the likes of Dylann Roof. We’re the wackos. Only a kook would believe in a spooky, judgmental God, or enter a monastery or take a vow of chastity. The internet hatred is the Left’s battleground, it’s métier, and yes, someday, if they can only get enough power, they will send us off to re-education camps. Then, what do bureaucrats do with Christians who refuse to recant…as most Christians always seem to do? They can’t let them go. They have to do something with them (us). That’s how statistics are born.

Speaking of ISIS, who has far out-paced us in understanding the internet’s reservoir of hate, and to manipulate it, that is where the modern Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris would be spending their internet time today…just to highlight what has changed between 1999 and 2015. Temperatures are rising.

The American Left has been successfully manufacturing hate in the laboratory for several years now, ever since it was able to seize control of public schools and the university. I’m not sure they ever considered what might happen to those who escaped their seine net and went ronin, but Dylann Roof is a prime example.


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