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Famous Common People I Have Known, a book of Essays by Vassar Bushmills


I’ve just published a book of essays about the common man and the Constitution at for their Kindle readers.

You can see it here,  over 340 pages, over 40 short chapters, all pertaining to the Constitutional blueprint, and the debt we owe to the shoulders we all stand on. Price is 14.99. I hope that’s not too steep.

“The US Constitution was written for the benefit of the common man and woman, so they could pursue life and liberty without the permission of the state. They are the shoulders every American stands on, and are the fountain of American Exceptionalism. They are the ones who first begin the trek up the hill, passing off the Constitutional blueprint to the next generation and the next, until their children replace the elites who eventually pass into history. America has always renewed itself like Christianity. So, this book is a celebration of the common man and women and their shoulders.”

If you’d don’t have Kindle and would like an eBook instead, just contact me at and I’ll send you payment instructions and send it right out.

I would consider it a favor if you would also pass this information around, as I’m using the proceeds to buy a little time in order to finish a larger book, The Devil’s Political History of the United States, which needs both a publisher and a little money.




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