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The Composite GOP Candidate Becomes More Clear, Carly and Dr Ben

On the announcement of Dr Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina yesterday of their intentions to join the Republican presidential race, liberal pundits rushed to echo their talking points as to what jokes these candidates are, while conservatives rushed to tell us “they can’t win”.

Who can win, or should win, will be determined by what the majority of Republicans want in this next election and I resent any candidate being written off when they have so much to offer to add to the composite of what sort of candidate we need to win.

I have news for you…none of these candidates are prepared today for the deluge that will befall them should they be unlucky enough to win.


Just last week I wrote that we need a candidate to emerge that carries the best of each of the other candidates he or she defeated. To achieve this requires that many of the old ways of back-biting by campaigns and pundits alike need to cease. Only in this way can we adopt a common purpose going forward to defeat an insidious evil (actually two or three) stalking our land.

Both Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina bring to the campaign attributes, that while not entirely unique among most of the field, are sterling crowns on their heads.

As I mentioned in my “Common Purpose” article (above), Ben Carson is a political novice, but probably is most like Ben Franklin for the wisdom of his experiences and successes in life. He epitomizes the quintessential American exceptionalism that contrasts the two opposite political philosophies, totally debunking “the White Privilege” meme of the Left. (“White Privilege” and the Privilege “to be American”) .

But radio talk show host Glenn Beck has already written Carson off as “not ready”, only in a tone of mock snobbery as if to profess that he is ready enough to decide who is and is not ready to become president of the United States. What gall, I can assure you Abraham Lincoln was “not ready” for what befell him after 1860. But he was able to call from within himself characteristics that not even one person in politics knew would be required, in order to pull America through its darkest hour.

Thanks to Lincoln, we are better for-armed today, and although no one likes to talk about it, we can assume that what will confront the next Republican president will be a weight unlike anything since Lincoln, where the fate of the American Republic will teeter in the balance. These are the same intangibles we discussed  regarding the Founders.. strength of courage,.character, integrity, sense of common purpose, honor, and an ability to carry each around like 100-pound milestones, day and night.

Like Ben Carson Carly can claim, from the days when “Male Privilege”, not “White Privilege”, was subject to the same sort of trite leftist stereotyping. If she can show she bears those intangibles as well, she will do well to pay attention to Carson’s wisdom, just as Ben Carson and the other candidates will do well to take heed of her immense knowledge of “bureaucratism”, for its cancer-like spread, intended and unintended (witness the fall of Soviet Union…unintended bureaucratism) threatens to gobble us up…a disease which America simply cannot grow ourselves out from under, as some candidates infer. Job One will be to reduce the size of government significantly. She brings more knowledge to the table than all the others. We need her as part of the presidential composite.

Regadless of their numbers, and due to what they can bring to the composite, I think both are first tier candidates.

Oh, did I mention that Mike Huckabee is formally announcing his candidacy today?


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