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Chemtrails and the Great EPA Conspiracy

                                                                               (Cover photo, Carol Greenberg)

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

But I do believe in conspiracies…

…especially the leftist conspiracy to take over America and undo the constitutional republic created here. It’s very real, and that’s the only conspiracy that really matters, isn’t it?

Actually, this leftist conspiracy consists of a patchwork of individual conspiracies woven into the fabric of our nation, and is largely knitted together by an alliance of government, the Academy and the entertainment and media industries, each with its own targeted sector of American life.

This crazy quilt targets education, pop culture, the corporate world and uses political power as its platform. Among these, representing  the “energy and environment sectors”, we have the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, founded in 1970.

This story is about “chemtrails” and how they prove an EPA conspiracy, for they say chemtrails don’t exist, while most certainly, they do. 

Chemtrails are those long lines of vapor-like emissions coming out of the backs of large jet aircraft, sometimes crisscrossing the sky, but usually, in a repetitive E-W or N-S direction. For fifteen years or more we have been told officially these are “contrails”, vapor trails coming from commercial airlines, only the two aren’t even close to being the same. But because no one is allowed to mention chemtrails in polite company, people pay little attention to them, believing they are just a part of ordinary commercial aviation.

But in the time it takes you to read this article and start looking into the skies again you will be able to see clear differences between the two, especially since fewer than one-in-20 of them are contrails. (I’ll explain why below.)

Chemtrails have been around for years, going back to the Carter years at least, and in all likelihood carried out for some benign government purpose the public would likely have been okay with had they just been told; probably weather related.

For all I know, chemtrails are still benign, only I don’t have to prove that now.

Just remember, government secrecy has nothing to do with evil intent. While it’s a breach of faith with the citizens, it is still in the nature of the beast to keep from public view the inner workings of anything government thinks or does. Why they do this can run the gamut from the “public can’t handle the truth” argument that controlled much of the conspiracy debate around the Kennedy assassination to a simple natural belief by bureaucracies that it’s none of the people-they-work-for’s business, i.e., need-to-know. It was because of this natural authoritarian nature of  bureaucracies that the Founders designed a system of government that provided the people the means to control and limit them, and which America largely did, into the early 20th Century.

I’ll add a third reason here; beyond the inherent nature of government to be secretive, modern Big government is so huge and complex almost no one knows what’s going on beyond their own little cubicle, and this may be the greatest secret of all they need to protect; that nobody really knows anything anymore.

Such labyrinths are natural breeding grounds for evil.

The problem with Big government bureaucracy, then, is that you don’t have to be in the service to the Dark Lord to be protective of your turf from prying public eyes, and in doing so, protective of others who are in His service (e.g., IRS and Lois Lerner, which is a textbook example of institutional behavior in the midst of dark criminal behavior under its nose). Job security is a major element of government secrecy.

Climate has been much in the news since EPA was formed in 1970 (the first Earth Day, April 22, 1972, was also VI Lenin’s 100 birthday celebration in the USSR, FYI). During the Clinton years America swerved from the “global cooling crisis” to the “global warming crisis” without a hiccup.  The operative words here are “without a hiccup” signifying how malleable the science community inside government and the academy had become, and how little attention the American people paid to the heaps of new regulations the people they did business with had to endure. 

(Chemtrail-and-climate issues are also international, or should I say, supernational, i.e, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with whom our government does a great deal of spiritual sharing. I have friends in Bulgaria who also notice chemtrails, and no one is answering their questions either. I doubt if anyone in the Bulgarian government knows either, for they are not being sprayed by Bulgarian aircraft.)

I’ve done minimal research as to when the public first began asking questions about chemtrails, but the Freedom of Information Act was passed in 1966 and here is a 2000 FOIA response by a Department of Energy PhD, which is about as forthcoming as the government ever seems to be. The DOE spokesman says the photos are of contrails, and he’s never seen chemtrails. By this time it was official government policy to say chemtrails didn’t exist and ALL the things we see are contrails. This policy is traceable back to this EPA policy statement  dated Sept 2000, which, I can say with certainty, is almost entirely of photos of chemtrails, not contrails. An official government switcheroo. But after 15 years, with the coming and going of thousands of  bureaucrats in government it’s not clear how many at EPA and other agency employees would simply accept this photo identification-library as fact. (It’s a law of bureaucracies going back centuries that succeeding generations of bureaucrats will accept even the most obvious of lies, once it has been repeated in the “agency manual” for several years.)

Still, chemtrails are real, and easy to prove.

But proving them is only half of the conspiracy. That the government won’t admit it is the other half. It doesn’t matter what their reasons are; benign, malevolent, generational stupidity, or just an old fashioned refusal of any bureaucracy to be transparent. It doesn’t matter.

You can sort chemtrails from contrails by:

Type: Both contrails and chemtrails lay out a blanket of what appears to be vapor. Commercial aircraft emit contrails at cruising altitudes, (35000 feet or so), which quickly dissipate, while chemtrail aircraft are visibly much lower. Chemtrails, as you can see (below), stay in the sky long after the aircraft has passed from view and actually form what appear to be clouds. You can actually make out the aircraft more clearly and the trails are larger and longer.

If contrails, these photos, taken in the morning, represent more commercial aircraft than fly over our area in an entire day,

DSC06274DSC06275 DSC06288 DSC06286 (Location: central Virginia 20 miles south of Richmond. The first two were taken 13 December, mid-morning, 40 degrees, aircraft direction east-west. Notice how, unlike contrails which quickly disappear, the chemtrails billow out into elongated cloud formations the last for several hours.  The bottom two taken 31 Dec, just past daybreak, at a time of day of almost no commercial air traffic.)

Direction: I live 100 miles from the east coast, so there is no east-west commercial air traffic here. You can see national air traffic patterns here at Flight Aware’s Live Tracker. (Use it to compare your own sightings in your own area.) Our traffic in Virginia are north-south routes, say from New York to Atlanta, Charlotte or Miami. But many of our chemtrails are on an east-west track (shown), as these photos show, some days with cross-hatching. I’ve seen as many as three aircraft working almost side-by-side, which never exists in commercial aviation.

Also note that if the EPA definition of contrails were true, you would never have a clear-blue-sky day, as there are  commercial aircraft flying overhead all the time in most areas. This is the dog that didn’t bark that destroys the EPA claim.

Paper  Trail: There actually is a substantial (but disconnected) evidence trail that the government is at least hiring private carriers to deliver chemicals of one sort of another into various portions of American airspace, and that some of those chemicals on board are toxic, so toxic that some aviation crewmembers (from first-hand information) have had to wear protective HAZMAT gear while handling the cargo. The contracts I’ve seen call the cargo “things”. There are contracts galore which can be ferreted out in the same way Rich Weinstein sorted through hours of buried reports to reveal Jonathan Gruber’s true purposes (i.e., lots of legwork). Carol Greenberg (LadyImpactOhio) had uncovered a few.

Purposes: This is where I depart from conspiracy theorists. I’m content to stay with the conspiracy just proved, for it is the gateway to finding all the other answers to questions people have.

Other than that, I haven’t a clue as to their purpose. For all I know they are dropping pixie dust to make people happier and easier to get along with, only if you’ll look around, the opposite would more likely be the case. We live in an increasingly ill-tempered world. Maybe it’s leftie-dust, to make us all morose and bitter.

But some of what they are putting into the atmosphere isn’t just pixie dust, for all over the country there have been reports of unexplained sizeable bird and fish kills from unknown environmental causes. And I do have in my possession an actual report by an EPA-certified water-quality laboratory of snow taken under proper recovery protocols by LIO in the Midwest in the winter of 2013 which reported high concentrations of magnesium, sodium, zinc, abnormally high turbidity (cloudiness), and alkaline pH (4.9), not normal for snow, and Nitrate, making it unfit to consume, which, as you know, children are inclined to do when playing in the snow.

I’m just pointing this out, as I have no idea what this test means…except one thing:

The EPA would never allow anyone to put this sort of stuff into the air without their permission, or without having to pay a severe penalty for having done so without it.

Instead, the EPA won’t admit that those aircraft are even in the air…while my best guess just from a cursory look at the internet, and even accounting for a few goofballs, is that several hundred chemtrail missions are flown each day across the breadth of the suburban/semi-rural United States. I know people who have tried to track those aircraft down…via flight plans with FAA, what airfields they use, etc. only no one is saying.

A note on the Government’s Theory of conspiracy theorists

It’s not in man’s nature to trust government. Any government. I’m sure 12th century serfs didn’t believe a word their feudal lords said anymore than we do Democrats. Conspiracy theories, going back to the assassination of Lincoln, have all been joined at the hip with a distrust of government. What separates America from the rest of the world is that Americans have always want(ed) to believe their government, in part because we created it, and it stayed out of our lives entirely the first 175 years of our history.

All this came to a halt in 1963-1964 with a pencil revision in the Warren Commission report. Attorney Mark Lane followed with a bestseller in 1966, Rush to Judgment, which is still relevant because it centered on things in the Warren Report that probably couldn’t be true, but which the Commission used as a basis for their findings anyway. But then, quick on Lane’s heels came platoons of theorists who alleged (often with no evidence) how JFK died, by whom, and why, turning JFK conspiracy theories into a Barnum and Bailey circus.

The Warren Report misled, even lied, and in all likelihood not one in ten Americans believes it today. But that’s only of the on-in-ten who ever heard of it, for JFK is only a few years away from obscurity, like James Garfield before him. Still, that report is the “official truth” as the government sees it today, and a hundred years from now it will be the only truth because it has withstood time. The government knows they have time on their side to make any lie the truth. All they have to possess is the requisite intent, and the ability to marginalize any dissent.  The government (at least on the left) knows how they can orchestrate the kookification of just about anyone who challenges them. Seeing how bureaucrats have been able to rewrite the factual events at Benghazi just two years ago, trumping the testimony of live participants, we know it’s far easier to pull off such a lie today than in 1964. EPA operates inside an information-control regime of fact vs official truth, and they control it by being able to turn every questioner of “government truths” into a object of criminal investigation (IRS) or a kook (chemtrails).

Today, you can’t stand on a soapbox with a fistful of 8 x 10 glossies of any government misdeed without being slashed to pieces by a thousand paper cuts from dozens of directions. Consider those who first nailed the IRS scandal, vilified by their own colleagues on the right, then when proved right, met with dead silence. Our own side helped in this endeavor.

About Chemtrail conspiracists

Chemtrails are real, by cracky, but in a day when being right won’t get you a cup of coffee, that’s small consolation. Chemtrails have been the object of conspiracy theories for years. Observed and studied by (sometimes) very learned men and women, the mere fact of their speculating  as to “why ” chemtrails are there immediately places them in the company of people who believe the Twin Towers was an inside job…even if they don’t sound like Truman Capote on the radio.

The mere asking of questions in a blog makes them targets, and the offering of possible answers certifies them as wackos. And in a day in which right and left enjoy the sport of mockery equally it’s not really that difficult to apply a tin-foil wrap around the head of just about anyone we’d like, in the words of Saul Alinksky, to “hold out to ridicule”. It’s a vanity even some of conservatism’s finest “professional” Christians can’t resist.

As I’ve already mentioned, perhaps chemtrail conspiracy theorists are chasing the wrong rabbit.

That the EPA won’t admit that chemtrails even exist is the real conspiracy, and the conspiracy theorists are missing it. That’s the only conspiracy that matters, the one I mentioned in the second sentence of this article. It’s the “One Conspiracy that guides them, and in the darkness binds them”.

From the same agency who will come to your house and issue a summons to appear in court if you so much as alter the rain runoff in your back yard, or make a new cow pond out on the back forty without a permit from EPA, BLM, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service….they say they have no knowledge of aircraft the size of football fields pouring “stuff” into the atmosphere. How dare they!

The chemtrails issue should now be a political question in front of Congress, going to the heart of government over-reach, incompetency, and authoritarian intent at EPA. Why try to prove that the government is seeding the skies in order to kill our cats, curve our spines or cause us to lose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, when all we have to prove is they are seeding the skies and refusing to admit it?

The correct question to ask isn’t “Why are you seeding?”, but “Why are you lying?” Once established, then just follow the evidence, and sweep away the old EPA of the past 25 years forever..








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