Every year I update our situation on the Wahr front and do a little on-line recruiting based on the changing conditions.

This most recent update is based on the president’s usurpation of constitutional authority in his recent immigration rule change. It’s the latest in a steepening slide away from republican democracy since his reelection, so I have upgraded the traffic condition to Red-2, based entirely on what the Left is likely to do no matter what the Congress or the courts do in the coming months.

So pay no attention to the minutiae about immigration, but rather to the stark cold reality that the Left is moving boldly ahead with its plans as if the Congress, the courts, and the Constitution are but minor impediments

Many of you may think “What’s so bad about legalizing 5 million illegals?” and if that were the real issue, I would probably agree. Obama has simply taken us to a place the Congress would have eventually taken us next year, only consider what has been lost, possibly permanently, because he unilaterally acted in the way he has. This was not an accident or an oversight, but rather an intentional elevation of the definition of “flagrant foul” one more notch. It is a dare.

Bridges have been burned in this process, and I regret to report they are probably irreparable in the conventional sense of constitutional process. I give three grass roots reasons for this state of affairs, since these are the places we (the people) can directly have an effect.

First is the fact that more and more Americans  are in open revolt against the US Constitution. Most are in government and the public academy. Marxism is no longer something that hides in the bushes, but boldly walks the street in daylight, its preachers holding their “book” high proclaiming its power over our Book. They are in our faces, and it’s clear we are not sure what to do about it.

Second is the sad fact that this army has been joined by a large portion of under-30 adults who have no idea what the Constitution is anymore, or what it stands for, or what relation it has to any of those things they consider to be precious rights and freedoms. Their grounding in American history and civics, K-12, has all but disappeared. For instance, the whole purpose of how this amnesty giveaway was structured was so that the immigrant beneficiaries would be grateful to the political forces who granted them, and not to the constitutional blueprint that created it, thereby making them beholden only to the grantors, in this case Obama and the Democrat Party. The object is not to make them Americans, but to make them subsidiary Democrats.

And this army of know-nothings is being pressed out of our public schools at the rate of about 4 million a year. For the Left this is good news, for they own both the copyright on school curricula and the infrastructure that produce these ignorant babes, forcing caring parents to make hard choices either to run a 12-year gauntlet in these factories, or break the piggy bank in order to teach their children privately. Fewer than half of these 4 million will make it through without having become warped into the dumbed-down mindsets of statism and dependence.

This mill has been working at full steam for two-generations now, so first-generation graduates are now teaching the second generation, so expect these number to climb…

… unless something extraordinary is done.

In truth, all national politics is meaningless if this condition is allowed to continue.

Which brings us to the third sad realization, namely that the national political class, as currently constituted, will never, without intense pressure from below, try to repair this condition in any meaningful way, witness the probable political (versus legal) result from the president’s recent bypass of the Constitution re immigration. Even if he is over-turned by the court(s), without a lasting and stinging penalty for having tried it, it will likely be tried again. While the citizenry may view such an act as if it were a theft, a gross personal violation, the political class, almost all of them, see this act only in terms of political cost-benefit; i.e., comparing the price to pay for having tried it, versus the permanent gains for having gotten away with it, if for only a little while.

That first bridge now having been crossed, it will be tried again, in all likelihood by this president. So, of course it will get worse, and we know this because of the painless price paid for prior legal over-steps such as Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, and the VA quagmire. No one is ever indicted, goes to jail, or even loses their job.

At the national level there is very little we can do about this, but at the local level very much, indeed, which is why I bother with this. The people are in a position to apply that intense pressure I just mentioned, and quite frankly, not that many people are required. Think four (4) per university system, or four (4) per medium sized city of 250,000.

But such pressure at the local level could be outcome determinative, for at one time America was run, almost entirely, from the local level, national leaders being little more than sounding boards for the “national” local sentiment(s). And we seem to be the one place the Left isn’t looking for serious resistance, having successfully given off the appearance of a complaining, but reliably compliant, citizenry for over thirty years now. The Left sees us a predictable, except on election day, which they have generally mitigated by controlling the culture of the political class.

Common sense dictates that if America is to be saved, (and maybe it cannot, unless you believe God had a purpose in creating this republic in the first place, and that purpose has not yet been fulfilled) then we must agree that America will not, cannot, be saved by the ordinary political process of the citizenry going to the polls every two years. That is a naïve belief from another, more innocent time.

I won’t debate this here, but all the parties to our government: in the Congress: in the courts, in the bureaucracy, even the media, are behaving predictably and in accordance with their nature, i.e., their own self-interests, as organization man has been conditioned to behave since the 4th millennium BC. A compliant nature of the citizenry is part of that formula.

Only now the nature of these political institutions have been redefined the past 30-40 years, to a game field, and rulebook, that bear no resemblance to our Constitution or its purposes. A genuine sleight of hand by the Left. The people and the Constitution are literally separated from these game masters by a different universe.

So, short of some people putting a pitchfork to their backs, the political class will do nothing out of the ordinary to restore the original constitutional playing field or its rules. And of course, since the Left designed this game, they already know this to be the case.  It’s why they have become so cocky and double-down every time we catch them in a lie or misdeed. They believe they are immune from any real punishment of pain.

We can change all this in the most amusing sorts of ways.

So, instead of sticking your head in the oven and turn on the gas, there is also good news. If you’re up for it.

The Constitution was written for us, the common man, the 95%, the average American Joe and Jane, and not the political elites. It was written for the vast majority of people who have a primary self-interest in maintaining a certain set of freedoms and liberties, free of government restraints or state permission, so that they can “build and own their own House and pass it on to their heirs, and create reciprocal arrangements with their neighbors to protect that process.” (Moses Sands).

This is how it was for over 200 years, and there is no reason it can’t be that way again.

So understand, when we speak of the Constitution and it freedoms, we are really the only players with skin in the game. All the others are either on the other side, or lingering on the sidelines, to see which way the table tilts.

That’s the long and short of it, and always has been. So only we can reverse this situation. Politicians were put in there by the Founders to carry a target on their backs, always under the custodial eye of their voters. They can only be cuddly and adorable when they have almost nothing to do, almost no money to do it with, and are deathly afraid of their constituents. This is how it should be

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