Even 43% of “Don’t-Give-a-Damn’s” Don’t GIve a Damn About Democrats This Year

For reference, “Don’t-Give-a-Damns” is the name Bernie Chumm gave to America’s irreligious. When we were young, in the 1950s, in most communities they were no more than 10%-20%. Then  the Left grabbed them in the 70s, and turned them into the “anti-religious”, and the most oppressed class in America, and grew them to near majority status, now measuring close Still, almost half of them have decided they no longer like the people who created them.

For the longest time we have argued that if it weren’t for the “lost” (in the religious as well as the awareness sense), Democrats and the Left would be a perpetual minority in America. But in the past fifty years they have figured out how to produce in their laboratories (public schools) their own personal Army of the Lost.

Only now it seems even these lab-rats are turning on their masters

For all the wrong reasons, I agree, but I see an opportunity here, especially since only recently many Don’t Give a Damn African-Americans have joined working, religious African-Americans to turn on the Democrats (witness this remarkable diatribe from Chicago), alongside a growing number of unmarried women and students, who would rather have jobs than free birth control or free beer.

This title is taken from an older 2012 article, quoting a Gallup Poll then about Obama that reported that 57% of those polled who never or rarely went to church gave President Obama favorable ratings, while only 43% of regular church attendees did. I’m quite certain that Obama has fallen even further among church-goers since then, as have the Democrats. That charade is over, although it did work when needed in 2012. What is interesting is this rise of  alienation among those 57% Don’t Give a Damns who don’t go to church.

This new alienation is exploitable only if we realize that we cannot rely on  the political class to do anything more than change the tone, to stir the pot, and plow the row in front of us, for it is entirely up to us to replant a sturdier crop and produce a better yield.

Other than stay true to our cause, we did little to bring this change about. Our politicians even less. Obama and his party have simply over-reached, and while, given time, they will recalibrate, just as they are dong right now with Touchscreen Voter Flipping  machines in Illinois, Maryland and God-knows-where-else, there is a real window of opportunity here to plant rows and rows of new plants.

Next year it will depend on the pressure we the people put on the new batch of leaders we will send off to Washington to set this new tone. Actually, change it.. That’s all we can reasonably expect from Republicans anyway, to be mindful of the People and our interests, and for good measure carry around a photo of Eric Cantor in their wallet just to know what we can do…when we’re only half-mad. Fear works, so give it a chance. The Constitution recognizes only one legitimate dispenser of fear in America, and that is the people.

As I have mentioned many times in the past, we are the last generation to 1) still know the original blueprint to the Constitutional plan, and 2) still be part of a majority in America. Our children, no matter how well we’ve taught them, will always be part of a declining minority unless we make those changes in he next 20-30 years.

The heavy lifting is still up to us…in local school districts, especially, where the Dems are pumping out 60% of 4 million  don’t-give-a-damn’s a year, and once they figure out new ways to give those kids new stuff, they will be right back up on the main road high-balling down the highway at 85 mph.

We have to win blacks over, but we need to go into the black neighborhoods to do it. Those four ex-felons (above) from Chicago are right. It’s about jobs and opportunities. We don’ need to save black white-collar hides here. The least should be first here. White-collar black government and city wards are the problem, for they have become the gate keepers and toll-takers, through which every black child has had to pass, and in some small way, has to repay the favor. They are forever in their benefactors’ debt.  But most are left behind, for no more cynical reason than to make that 1-in-a-1000 ticket all the more tasty to the lottery winner who get it, and all the more grateful to the black capo who passed it out. Black government in America has been turned into little more than a corrupt pyramid scheme.

You will find the same is true for Latinos, college kids, and anyone in the feminist and gay spheres of influence, for that’s how the Great White Democrats control their tribes, by putting their handlers in blue suits and Volvo’s, with an allowance they can use to trickle down to keep their troops in line.

It’s all very feudal in the Democrat camp, but the vassals are stirring. In France, when the vassals rose up, the royals rushed in and snuffed them out without mercy. In England, not long afterwards, Anglo villeins tried the same thing, and while eventually put down, they had a plan and a structure, and were able to send  more than a few lordships to meet their maker first, forcing a new relationship between the English kings and their subjects.

On that basis largely, when God was looking around for his own lab rats to found a new kind of society and government, He chose that independent English stock to put on the first boats..

So it will be if we go into these slave camps to free the hostages. You will be blessed, as will the America of tomorrow.

If not, alongside our numerous sins of allowing these pagans to overrun our nation, we will have to pay a toll to the Creator for, having seen our errors, still having done nothing to rectify them. That is, after all, the far greater sin.

As a variation on a theme I’ve raised before, this is where the real battlefield of saving and restoring America is to be found. This is where we need to direct our money, and our efforts and our minds. Like politics, it’s all local.

By doing so, you don’t have to confront the federal government or capital city. You can simply by-pass them, ignore them, and eventually turn off their spigot.


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